English (general group) Solved Past Paper 10th Class 2015 Karachi Board


Q.1 Choose the correct answer for each from the given options

(i) Choose the correct Indirect Narration:
Select the correctly Punctuated sentence:
most festivals in sindh as in the Punjab are of a religious
* Most festivals in Sindh as in the Punjab are of a religious nature.
* Most festivals in Sindh, as in the Punjab, are of a religious nature.
* Most festivals in Sindh as in the Punjab, are of a religious nature.
* Most festivals, in Sindh as the Punjab, are of a religious nature

(ii) Select the correct form of Verb:
She __ her home work regularly.
* did
* done
* does
* has done

(iii) Choose the correct word:
I dwell among the people;
In this line I is used for :
* The Poet
* People
* God
* Angel

(iv) The poem A Nation’s Strength” is written by:
* Louis I Newman
* Julia Carney
* M.H. Gates
* Ralph Waldo Emerson

(v) Choose the correct meaning of the following idiom: In black and white:
* In writing
* Verbally
* In colours
* Properly

(vi) Select the correct Direct Narration:
They said that they find not like meat;
* They said, “We did not like meat” .
* They said, ”We do not like meat,”
* They said, ‘We have not liked meat.”
* They said, ”They do not like meat”

(vii) Select the correct Indirect Narration:
He said to me. “Please lend me your book.”
* He asked me to lend him my book.
* He asked me that I lend him my book
* He order me to lend him my book
* He requested me to lend him my book,

(viii) Choose the correct Present Indefinite tense:
Aslam was singing a song.
* Aslam is singing a song.
* Aslam sang a song.
* Aslam sings a song.
* Aslam can sing a song.

(ix) Choose the correct Interrogative form:
The sweeper swept my room.
* Do the sweeper sweep my room?
* Did the sweeper sweep my room?
* Is the sweeper sweeping my room?
* Does the sweeper sweep my room?

(x) Select the correct Negative form: I have been Irving here since 1960.
* I have not been living here since 1960.
* I have not living here since 1960.
* I did not have been living here since 1960.
* I do not have been living here since 1960.

(xi) Select the correct Assertive form:
We did not go to Murree last summer.
* We go to Murree last summer.
* We have gone to Murree last summer.
* We went to Murree last summer.
* We had gone to Murree last summer.

(xii) Choose the correct Passive Voice:
I will invite them.
* They are invited by me.
* They would be invited by me.
* They will be invited by me.
* They have been invited by me.

(xiii) Select the correct Active Voice:
Taxes are paid by us regularly;
* We pay taxes regularly.
* We should pay taxes regularly
* We paid taxes regularly.
* We have paid taxes regularly.

(xiv) Choose the correct Preposition:
Trust __ God and hope for the best.
* in
* on
* to
* into

(xv) Choose the correct Article:
Money can not buy happiness
* a
* an
* the
* None of these


Q.2(a) Answer any EIGHT of the following questions in three to
four sentences each

(i)  What did the rich man do in the court after the settlement  of the case?

After the settlement of the case, the rich man not only for gave the beggar readily who tried to rob him But he also took out his purse and gave the beggar a handful of good coins. It pleased everybody in the court.

(ii) How does a teacher fulfill God’s Command?

An honest and good teacher fulfills God’s command by reading the words of God. The. teacher is one who knows how to read God’s words be it written on the human heart or in the holy book of Allah or be written in nature. A teacher reads a lot and seeks knowledge from every source thus fulfills God’s command expressed in the first word of revelation which says “Read”.

(iii) What did King Faisal do for the education of his people?

King Faisal did following efforts for the education of his people

(1) He introduced the education for the girls and women first time in Saudi Arabia.
(2) He opened many schools where education is free for all.
(3) He established several universities, where the students were not only given free education but also awarded stipends to need other needs as well

(iv) What is tent pegging

Tent-Pegging is a popular sport in the villages. In this sport, wooden-pegs are fixed in the ground. The riders have to pull them out with their lances as they ride by at a gallop. The successful riders marched round the field, their lances held up proudly

(v) Why do the bush dwellers of Nigeria use wood at night?

The bush-dwellers and children returned back to their home, mother asked the children to fulfill their responsibilities. She asked Ajma’l to polish his own and Najma’s shoes and asked Najma to iron the clothes. Mother herself went to the kitchen for cooking

(vi) What did mother ask the children to do whaen they ltad reached back home?

When mother and children returned back to their home, mother asked the children to fulfill their responsibilities. She asked Ajmal to polish his own and Najma’s shoes and  asked Najma to iron the clothes. Mother herself went to the kitchen for cooking

(vii) Why did Azam give up cheating Moazzam?

An old man of the village advised Moazzam to act in a particular way. When Azam was milking the cow, Moazzam started to hit the cow. When Azam began to pick up the dates, Moazzam started to cut the trunk with an axe and made the blanket wet during night. Azam was a clever boy he guessed at once that someone had advised his brother. He realized that he could not further deceive his younger brother. So, he gave”up cheating Moazzam and promised to give him an equal share in everything

(viii) Where is Torkhani? What did the students see there?

To rkhani is the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan when the students reached there, they saw, a chain was stretched across the road and the flag of Pakistan was flying on the hill. They were welcomed by the soldiers guarding the frontier.

(ix) What does the kit for mending a puncture contain?

The kit for mending the puncture contains a wrench, a piece of old cycle tube, a pair of small scissors, sand paper, a colour pencil and sticking solution.

(x) What is an Urs and how is it celebrated?

Urs is congregation of the devotees to offer homage to the departed soul. It is generally celebrated over the shrines of saints and sufis. Devotional songs are sung to their memories.

Q.2(b) Answer any FOUR of the following questions. In three or
four sentences eachs

(i) Who wrote the poem “From a Railway Carriage”? What pleasure does the railway journey give to the poet?

The poem “From a Railway Carriage” has been written by Robert Louis Stevenson. The railway journey gives a lot of pleasures to the poet. He gets pleasure from viewing bridges, houses, hedges and ditches. He enjoys a lot of sights of meadows, horses, cattle, hills and plains. He gets by viewing he people like a child, a tramp and a man moving on a cart. He also receives pleasure from the beautiful scenes of a windmill and a river.

(ii) What is the main idea of tile poem “A Nation’s Strength

The poem “A Nation’s Strenth” gives a main idea that wealth does not make a nation strong and great. The strength of a nation can be achieved by the sacrifices and hardwork of brave and honest people.

(iii) Why does die poet say mat the prayer for ~others on the earth mingles with the said in heaven?

Mothers make this world heaven on the earth. The credit of all great achievements goes to mothers, therefore theh poet says that the prayer that is said for mothers on the earth mingles with the praers that is said in -heaven. The angels and the saints in heaven also participate in the prayer for the mothers.

(iv) Which poeni Eliza Cook wrote? Wlaat does she teach the reader through thi« Poem?

The poem “The King Bruce and the Spider” has been written by Eliza Cook. She teaches to the reader through her poem that struggle never goe,s w- aste, one should never be discouraged by the failures and always should keep on trying untill the achievement of a success

(v) What does me line, “These hands must folded be”,means?

In the third stanza of the poem ‘The Beautiful Hands”, the poetess sorrowfully thinks of the time when her mother would be dead and burried in the grave with folded hands in her grave. This line describes that after death one is burried in the grave with folded hands on chest

(vi) Do you agree with the poet that a good time is coming?

We do not agree with the poet that a good time is coming. The poet composed this poem during the age of wars among the nations, the wars came to an end but selfishness is the nature of man. Man is becoming selfish and greedy day by day. In this situation, the bright future predicted by the poet is merely a beautiful dream.


Q.3 Write an essay of 120 to 150 words on anyone of tire following topics

Ans:(i) Need and Importance of Muslim Unity

Unity gives a power to a nation because all citizens of a nation are united and they have common purpose, so they always use their capabilities for the progress of the country. National unity is a means of prosperity for a nation. Every individual of a nation should realize the importance of national unity. As wrlty is strength and disunity is weakness. In the first and second great wars, German in spite of its great might could not smash the British because the English people were united

Our Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SA.W.) said in his last sermon that all Muslims are brothers to one another and the Muslims all over the world constitute a brotherhood. The Muslim
countries in the world have large resources and if they want to use their resources among themselves, they will no need of taking aids from Non-Muslim countries because they always remain ready to degrade and criticize he Muslims. It is the time when the Muslims are being degraded as terrorists by Non-Muslims. It is the time when the Muslims of all countries should unite and the Muslim countries should make their’ own economic policies and they should implement the system of government based upon pure Islamic ways. By making this international Muslim Unity, the Muslims will be able to constitute their strength in the world.

(ii) The Role Of Electronic Meclia

The means of communication are divided into two parts which are print media and electronic media. The trend of reading is decreasing now-a-days. Though print media is also playing its role as usual but the influence of electronic inedia is far morc / than that Cable T.V. networks, satellite transmission and local television networks are working for communication with radio transmission. The viewers and listeners not only receive entertainment but a lot of information through electronic media

The freedom of electronic media is producing many changes in our society. Some changes are good but the most changes are producing bad effects on our society. Indian and other foreign channels are being shown openly. The programmes which are broadcasted through majority of channels arc commonly related to fashion, glamour and sex. Therefore, the moral values in our society are loosing their importance and fashion and dance culture is improving. It seems that electronic media is playing its role just for the satisfaction of psychological sex desires of teenagers. Young boys and girls are totally becoming affected by the bad effects of electronic media

It is the time when electronic media can playa significant role for the education of people. It can provide knowledge about moral values, science, history and religion. It can play its role to educate the people about their responsibilities, rights and duties as good citizens of a state. It is necessary that electronic media should use its freedom in discovering the truth and reality of the facts about life.

(iii) Patriotism

Patriotism is a feeling of love for one’s country. It is a desire to serve it in all conditions. This love is so deep-rooted that a man can easily sacrifice his life and all for the land of his birth.This love is not like the one that a man has for another. The love of one’s own country is unchangeable. It is one and the same throughout his life

Patriotism is a great force.It brings the people of a country closer. It makes them have common aims. It makes them feel that they have to live and die together. Patriotism saves man from a life of bandage and disgrace. It was for this patriotic feelings that Alexander, Napoleon and Hitler failed to conquer the whole world and make all the people their slaves. The patriotic of the people were too strong for them.

Patriotism is a quality of high virtue. A man has no love for his country, who has no spirit of patriotism, is a man without soul. Patriotism does not mean that one should- be loyal to one’s country and do whatever he pleases for his selfish ends.A patriot sacrifices all his personal interest for the welfare of his country. Patriotism include every effort for the welfare of people and name and glory of land. A narrow concept of patriotism is dangerous. We should not think that our country is superior to others and has a right to dominate them. A number of wars have been the .result of such an a~titude. A healthy sense of patriotism will never permit the people todo for others what they do not want to be done to themselves. Nationalism is nor patriotism. Many political leaders excite the people just to have cheap popularity. Under the cover of nationalism they lead the nation in wrong direction. So we should be careful about the healthy growth of feeling

(iv) An Evening at the Seasicle

Sea view at Karachi is a famous picnic point. People usually come here for a picnic during night. I had a strong desire to look a sunset at Sea view. I discussed with some friends and made a programme of picnic at Seaside. Sea view is at a distance of eight kilometres from our residence. We all decided to go by a taxi. We set out for the Seaside merrily and cheerfully. We had decided to enjoy an overnight picnic by the’ sea, therefore we reached at Sea view ill the evening

There was a large crowd at Sea view. All we enjoying their best. We wandered on the sea shore. We also bathed in water for about an hour. We played various games while we were in water. After making a lot of entertainment with the waves of the sea, we stood again the sea shore. It was the time of sun set. The sun was going down slowly behind the waves of the sea. It touched the horizon and vanished. The gradual manner of sinking of the sun far away behind the waves of the Arabian Sea was full of grandeur and splend our

It was a very pleasant experience of an overnight picnic by the sea. The noise of the sea waves during the night was seeming very strange. We also enjoyed rowing in a boat during night. The moon was shining in the sky beautifully and throwing its light on the waves of the sea. After making a lot of entertainment with the waves of the sea, we went to a Fast Food Restaurant and took a wonderful dinner there. We did full justice to it without caring our stomach. After spending several hours of night at Sea view, we returned home. All of us were very happy with our picnic at Seaside.

Q.4 Write an application to the Headmaster/Headmistress of your school. requesting him/her to provide better security at school,

Ans: Application

The Headmaster/Headmistress,
A.B.C. Secondary School,

Subject:Request for the Provision of Better Security
Respected Sir/Madam,

With great respect I want to inform you on behalf of all the students of my class as well as students in the school that the students are feeling in danger after the terrorism incident in the Army Public School at Peshawar. Some events of giving threats have also been occurred at various places in Karachi. The parents also remain worried about the security of their children at school.

I, therefore, request that special steps should be taken for the implementation of a good system of security at the school, so the students make their studies without feeling any fear. I hope you will soon take steps in this respect

With best regards

Yours Obediently,


Write a letter to your father telling him about what you would do after passing SSC Examination.

The Examination Hall,
A.B.C., Area, Karachi
07 April, 2015

Dear Father
After paying my salam, I hope that everything will be alright at home. I am writing to you to tell that my S.S.C. Examinations are being held next week. I must decide what I do after my examination.

As you know dear dad, I am not interested in Medical and Engineering. I want to be a lawyer, therefore after my examination, I want to work in an office of a lawyer for some months before getting admission in a college

I hope you would support me. I assure you that I would not despair you. Please pay my compliments to dear mother.
With best regards

Yours Affectionately,

Translate the following sentences into English

Translate the following sentences into English

(OR) Make a summary of the following passage:

A ‘mother renders best services for her c1lildren witli out any expectation for a reward or return. She expects and wants no reward for her services and sacrifices. A mother is no doubt: the noblest creature on tile earth. An ideal mother has all the qualities of an ideal human being. Sincerity, faithfulness, Sense of service and sense of duty are the most salient features of a mother

Ans: Summary

Mother always serves and sacrifices for her children. She never wants a reward. The status of mother is great in society because she has noble qualities of human dignity

Q.6 Read the following passage and answer the questions given at its end:
A man may usually be known by the books he reads as well as by the company he keeps, for there is a companion ship of books as well as of men; and we should live in the best company whether it be of books or of men. A good book may be among me best friends. It is the same today as it always was and it will never change. It is the most patient of companions. If does not turn its back upon us hi times of adversity or distress. It always receives us with same kindness amusing and instructing us and comforting and consoling us in old age.

(i) How can a man be known?
Ans: A man is known by the books he reads as well as by the company he keeps.
(ii) What sort of company is good for a man?
Ans: The company of good books and friends is considered good for a man.
(iii) What is the quality of a good book?
Ans: It is the quality of a good book that it can be taken as a’ good friend.
(iv) How does a good book serve us in youth and in old age?
Ans: A good book gives us knowledge, kindness, amusement and instructions in youth and in old age.
(v) write me noun forms of the verbs ‘know’ and ‘receive’.



(OR)Write a short note on any One of the following topics:

Ans:(i) A Village Fair

A village fair is a source of doing business. Temporary shops are usually set up in an open ground outside the village. All types of goods from handkerchief to the farming tools are sold at these shops. The villagers usually buy different things at the occassion of annual fair in the village. Several games, sports and feats of art and strength are also presented to entertain people. Children get a lot of pleasure by playing and enjoying with swings and merry-go-rounds. Monkey man, acrobats, jugglers and conjurers also show their performance to entertain people in a village fair. A village fair not only gives a medium for doing business but it is also a source of acquiring a lot of fun.

(ii) The Sindhi Embroidery

The Sindhi embroidery is admired allover Pakistan as well as in foreign countries. The dresses of both men and women are colourfully embroidered in silk thread. Even for their usually wear, most women wear dresses embroidered heavily in threads, beads and mirror. Mirror work is also done on purses and cushions in Sindh

(iii) Casablanca

Casabianca was the son of the Captain of a Warship in the British Navy. His father posted hint on duty on the deck of the ship. He also ordered his son not to leave that place till further order. His father was killed and the ship caught fire. He was unconscious of the death of his father. He called his father to get permission for leaving the deck. He got no reply from his father, so he stood on the burning deck and sacrificed his life for his father’s command, this shows that he was an obedient son .

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