Com. Geography (general group) Solved Past Paper 10th Class 2013 Karachi Board

Section “A” Multiple Choice Question (M.C.Qs)

Solved M.C.Qs 2013 Com. geography

Solved M.C.Qs 2013 Com. geography

Solved M.C.Qs 2013 Com. geography

Section “B” Short Question Answer



The names of five highest peaks of Pakistan with mountains are following.
(i) The Karakoram range; Gaudwin Austin (K-2)
(ii) The Great Himalaya. : Nanga Parbat
(iii) The Hindukah : Tirch Mir
(Iv) The Sulaiman Range: Takht-e-Sulaiman
(v) The Kohoe-SaEedRange: Sikeram

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(1) The opportunities of better employment are available in urban areas, so the people from rural areas of Pakistan are migrating towards them.
(2) In urban areas better facilities of medical and education are available, so people llve here in large number making them densely populated.
(3)In urban areas of Pakistan transport facilities are available at cheap fares than rural areas.
(4)People living in urban areas enjoy better facillties of electricity, water and markets, so they prefer to live In urban areas.
(5)People In urban areas take benefit. from entertainment through easy approach, so they live In great number In· urban areas and making them densely populated.

Q.11 Describe Geographical condition for the production of cotton.

The geographical conditions for the production of cotton are following.

(1) Cotton is a plant of temperate region but it can also be grown in sub-tropical region.
(2) It requires high temperature at the time of cultivation. 80°F to lOO°F temperature remains better {or Its culdvation. At the lime of pickinf( 60″f’ temperature remains sufficient.
(3) 20 in c he sj o 40 inches rainfall is required for the cultivation of cotton.
(4) Excess amount of water is harmful for cotton plant. Only three to four times water irrigation per day Is sufficient for the growth of cotton.
(5) The alluvial soil ill more suitable for the growth of cotton. The so ils having mixture of clay and sand give better results,

Q.12 Name five industrial cities of Pakistan Name  its  famous industries?

Five Industrial cities and their famous industries are following.

(i) Karachi; Cotton Textile Industry
(ii) Sialkot ; The Industry of Sports Goods
(iiI) Wazirabad ; Cutlery industry
(iv) Chiniot; The industry of furniture and wood products
(v) Multan ; The industry of wooden textiles

Q.13 Write down five facilities enjoyed by the fishing industry of Pakistan ?

Five facilities enjoyed by the fishing industries of Pakistan are following.
(i) Fish markets and fish harbours have been established at various places .
(ii) Loans are being provided to fishermen on easy terms and conditions to buy big boats.
(iii) Nets of fine quality are being provided to fishermen. Weather stations have also been built to inform them.
(iv) Training institutes and technological laboratories have been built to improve fish industry In Pakistan.
(v)Various steps have been taken for the betterment and welfare of fishermen.

Q.14 Write down the names of five deserts of Pakistan?

The names of five deserts of Pakistan are following.
(i) Thar desert
(ii) Thai desert
(iii) Nara desert
(iv) ChoUstan desert
(v) Kharam desert

Q.15 Name five important cities of the province of sindh?

The names of five important cities of Pakistan are following.
(i) Karachi
(ii) Hyderabad
(iii) Sukkur
(iv) Larkana
(v) Nawabshah

Q.16 write down the five lakee of pakistan.

The names of five lakes of Pakistan are following.

(i) Manchar Lake
(ii) Kenjhar lake
(iii) Halejee Lake
(iv) Lake Hamon Maahkhel
(v) lake Saif·ul·Maluk

Section “C” Detailed Question Answer 

Q.17 Draw the outlie map of pakistan and insert the following:
(i) Karachi, Lahore Peshawar and Quetta
(ii) Tile Khyber pass, soi, cholistan and Thar deser
(iii) Cotton Producing Areas

Outline Of The Map.

For answer see Q.17 in solved paper commercial geography 2012

Q.18 Define commercial geography and  illustrate how its study help in knowing the development of commerce in a country.

Commercial Geography and Its Importance

For answer see Q.19 in Solved Paper Commercial Geography-2011

Q.19 How does the geographical environment effect the foreign trade of pakistan ? Explain in detail?

foreign trade of pakistan:

Trade is the basIs of all kinds of employment In the world, that is why people. are, round the clock, busy in buying and seWnS things. Natural resources playa vital role in the production of· goods but they differ In kind, quality and quantity from place to place and region to region of a country. Thus the production of different countries also different in kinds, quality and quantity. Each and every country makes efforts to produce goods in bulk at a cheaper cost. Cotton in Sindh and Punjab is produced in abundance at a reasonable cost but if it is tried to produce in Baluchistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, it will cost more and yield leaa quantity, due to un favourable conditions. Thus trade la necessary to remove the differences of unbalanced production of goods and services between regions and countries. Pakistan manages its foreign trade in the fonn of Imports and experts but foreign trade of Pakistan faces the differences of the geographical environment.

The Effects of Geographical Environment on the Foreign Trade of Pakistan

The effects of geographical environment on the foreign trade of Pakistan can be described as following.

(i) Foreign trade of Pakistan faces many legal formalities. and restriction on the part of movement of labour and Alta. The laborers cannot move to a foreign count of without prior appointment passport, visa and sufficient foreign exchange. In the same way the capital cannot move to II foreign country without making necessary legal formalities.
(ii) In foreign trade, the production of commodities is related to the geographical requirement of the foreign countries. This process noe increases the cost of production but also produces sewt’re competition In international markets.
(iii) The forces of Andaman and supply do not operate freely in foreign trade sse of the differences in exchange rates, Different currency syllt~ms prevail in different countries. The payment in _eign trade involves the convention of one currency into amount. The fluctuation of the rate of exchange makes it difficult (or Pakistan to compete in international market.
(iv) The policies of the government related to foreign trade of Pakistan according to the geographical requirement. In this way sometimes a particular commodity cannot be imported without the prior permission of the government. The existence of imp on duties also hamper foreign trade of Pakistan.
(v} Different countries act when their own separate mercantile laws. Due to difference among mercantile laws of different countries, the foreign trade of Pakistan is hampered.

give an account of fishing industry of Pakistan laboratory .Describe the setps taken by the government to develop this country.

Fishing Industries Of Pakistan:

For answer see Q..21, Note (1) in Solved Paper Commercial Geography – 2012

Q.21 Write a note on any ONE of the following:

Seaports Goods Industry

The industry of sports good is also taken as an important cottage and small industry. The raw material required for the production of sports goods is available In abUD~ance In certain’ parts of Pakistan. Soft timber and leather I.required to make sports goods. Sports goods are produced at Sialkot and Lahore. These goods are also a source of earnlnl foreign exchange Hockey, Cricket bat and ball. foot ball and rackets made in Pakistan are very popular In foreign countries. Slalkot is a big center of sports ,good Industry while Lahore is the second center of sports goods industry. 1000 unit. of middle level have been established which are manufacturlns sport. sood while 200 Industrial units In Lahore are bulY In manur.cturins .ports goods. This industry Is counted as an Important In Pakl.tan and it Is an Important source of earnlns foreisn exchange. Wood. leather nylon wire, rubber and glue are u.ed AI raw material for the manufacturing of sports good. which I. available in abundance in Pakistan. Ten rheusand people are associated to this Industry. The government haa taken many steps for the development, of thl. Industry. Modern machines have been provided to this Industry. Loans have also been provided to this industry and ateps have been taken for Internal and external transponation of sports goods. 4’16 of the total exports of Pakistan is obtained from sports goods Industry and a foreign exchange of one arab 44 cores Is earned from this Industry

Cottage Industries 

Such industry which is established on limited area of land and with short amount of capital is called Cottage Industry. Different varieties of consumer good. are prepared by cottage industries in Pakistan. Important cottage industrial of Pakistan are following.

carpet Industry

Carpet Industry is counted all the mo.t important cottage industry. Raw material for carpet making is available in Pakistan. Beautiful carpe~ are prepared in Pakistan, these are popular in foreign countries

Cotton Handlooms

This industry Includes handlooms whose network i.spread in Punjab and Slndh. The number of handrooma is in thousands: These provide a big source of local employment.

Leather tanning

Leather manufacturing is an important cottage Industry of Pakistan. Verities of shoes, suitcases r vases, hand bag, and other leather item. are manufactured at Karachi, Hyderabad in Sindh. Lahore. Kasur, Sialkot. Gujranwala, Shalkumupura and Multan are in Punjab. Peshawar in and Swat in Khyber Pakhtoon Khwa. A large number of people are engaged in this industry

Sports Goods

The industry of sports goods is also taken as an important cottage industry. The raw material required for the production of sports goods Is available in abundance in certain parts of Pakistan. Sports goods are produced in Sialkot and Lahore.


Different kinds of spoons and knives for eating food are called Cutlery. In Paldstan different kinds of cutlery are produced at Wazlrabad. Sialkot and Gujranwala. These are a source of earning big foreign exchange for the country

Imports And Exports Of Pakistan

For answer see Q..20 Note no. (ii) In Solved Paper Commercial Geography – 2011

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