English (general group) Solved Past Paper 10th Class 2013 Karachi Board


English pass MCQs 2013

English pass MCQs 2013

English pass MCQs 2013


Question Answer

Question Answer

Question Answer

Question Answer

What is the name of the machine working in the wheat field and what dose do it?

The name of machine working in the wheat field is combine. It is a huge machine in the Model Farm to reap the crops and to bind it In the form of bundles.

What is tent-pegging?

Tent-Pegging was a popular sport of the village. In this sport wooden- pegs were fixed in tlJe ground. The riders had to pull them out with their lances u they rode by at a gallop. The .uccessful riders marched round the field with their lances held up proudly. The people cheered them loudly where ever they went.

(x) What did King faisal do to develop his country?

King faisal tried hil best to develop hil country in economic, soda! and educational sectors. He opened many schools and universities. Under his rule, new factories and mills were set up in Saudi Arabia and industry made a great progress.

(xi) What message dose the poem the voice of God convey?

The poem “The Voice of God” conveys a mesuge that God is present everywhere. H! is aU seeing and hearing and there is no need to go away from life In March of God. We learn a message from the poem that love and service to mankind i.the only way of acquiring the blesaing of God.

Question Answer

Question Answer

(v) What pleasure dose the poet get from the railway journey?
The railway journey gives a lot of pleasures to the poet. He gets pleasure from viewing bridges, houses, hedges and ditches. He enjoys a lot from the sights of meadows. horses, castle. hilll and plains. He getl pleasure by viewing the peOple like a chUd, a tramp and a man on a moving cart. He also receives pleasures from the beautiful scenes of a windmill and a river.

(vi) Why should we speak  gently to other?
The gentleness in speaking has great Importance In communication. We should always. speak gently to other. because It Is the only source of winning the heart. of others. We can gain the Jove of a little child are provided comfort to broken heanl of old people. It II also a source of obtaining eternal peace and joy.


Importance of Democracy

A poetical Imbue and a form of government in which all the individuals of state share directly or Indirectly in the politlal affairs of state is called Democracy. There are two kind. of Democracy which are Direct Democracy and Indirect Democracy. In Direct Democracy, all citizens of state participate directly while in Indirect Democracy the common public of a 5t;lte choose rheir ” representatives and these representatives from the government of
the state.

Education is essential for the success of democracy because education provides political and social awareness. Only educated people can elect the right representatives. Illiterate people cannot understand political problems. It is essential lot the success of democracy that all political parties act according to the lame principle and they must be certain for the development of country. The establishment of intellectual citizenship in the state Is also necessary for the success of democracy because only conscious citizen can choose better representatives for the radon and country.

Democracy is considered as the best form of government throughout the world. In democracy every adult man and woman has the right to vote without any discrimination, color. race and religion; There are free and fair elections in democracy. The method of elections is such that people may cast their vote according to their win and they do not have fear of anybody. nw. fundamental principle of democracy is that the majority baa the right to form the government. In democracy, the opposition· party is against the government which apprises the public of the defects of the policy of gov internment. In democracy, citizens enjoy h*berry. They cannot be arrested or punished without any reason. They have full liberty of writing and speech.There is the rule of law in democracy. All are equal in the eyes of low and the judiciary le the custodian of law

In democracy, every individual of the state enjoy every kind of economic, political and social liberty. The government In I – democracy is elected by the public so it takes care of public interests. In democracy, public directly share. the government
affairs and watch the actions of their representatives. In democracy, laws are made according to the will of the people and people happily obey these laws. Thus democracy is such form of government which has great importance

My Favorite Game

Games and ports play their role in the life of everyone. Different people take interest in different games according to their mental trends. The pinyons of the game of one’s own Illness not only provide pleasure but sols healthier achievement of mind and body. Of a the sames, I like tennis the best. Tennis is the king of all the games, and all the fashionable people like to play it. It is my favorite game and I usually play it.

 I have my reasons for liking tennis more than any other same. First of all tennis is not so violent lib hockey, cricket and football. I prefer tennis to any other same is that tennis is not so risky a8 hockey, football or eerier, A ball in hockey may strike your Reno and leave it broken for whole life. A hand kick at football milt dislocate your leg or joint. In cricket the ball may strib your head and. break it. or Hun your nose or teeth. But no such fear or trouble you in tennis. It is such a safe game that a child can play without breaking limb or muscle.

I feel it is a game superior to all the others. Moreover, I desire more pleasure and satisfaction from playing tennis from any’ other game. I cannot understand why other people like hockey and football better than tennis. They must be thoughtless. Tennis le a list game which not only relieves you but also brininess joy and filial you with the faction. It is such an enjoyable same that no one can resist the temptation of playing it. I can play football and hockey beside tennis, and a little cricket and voUey ball; but none so cassias tennis. It i. the game I like to play the . most because It is my favorite same

A visit to a Historical Place 

During the last lawnmower holiday, we made a programmer to ‘visit a historical place. All the friend. agreed to visit Moe-Jo-Dora ~ k was also decided to tab an enjoyment &om the journey by train. Moe-Jo-Dora is situated at a distance of seventeen miles from Lankan and on the right bank of the river Indus. Moen-Jo-Daro means “The Mound of the Dead”. It was discovered in 1924 by Sir John Marshall. The civilization which flourished there is known as “Indus Valley Civilization”. It flourished tome five hundred years ago and is one of the olden civilization in the world

We reserved our seats in train and traveled and got enjoyed a lot by our journey by train. We reached LarIcan. and . – .tayed at a hotel. Next clay we went to visit Moen-Ja-Duo early In the morning. The weather was ple.unt. A huge crowed wu gathered there including foreigners. From it ruin It appeared that Moen-Jo-Daro wae well-planned dty.·The people lived In buUdin,. which were plain but very dignified. The big houle’ bad two or more 1IOreyS. Baked bricb were used for the construction of houee  The house. were providecl with paved floor bath  and walla. The moat important building of Moen-Ja-Duo  the “Great Bath”. The .treeta of the city were wide and straight with an elaborate sy.tem of drainage. Proper arrangement. were sleo made _pin.t floods. All there go to prove that the people of Indus Valley led a highly advanced life

We also visited the museum Moen-Ja-Duo where maay interesting object. discovered from Moen-Ja-Duo have been kept. These include eal jeweler. toy weapon  painted pottery etc, The bese find of Moen-Ja-Dam is the head of a buU which was user  aeal. We .peat the whole clay there looking the ruins of this pat historical place

We enjoyed ·a lot from our vital of Moen-Ja-Daro. We also took many photograph . We returned from the yi!Wit of Moen-Ja-Daro after .tying night in a.he hotel on the second clay. We oac:e apin enjoyably the interesting journey by train. It was a daemonic vise

The Examination Hall.
A.B.C. Area. NSQ Road.
Dated: April 12. 1013

Daily current News
Main Office. C.DA. Road.

Subject: Shortage of Water Supply
Respected Sir

I want to draw your attention towards the shortage of drinking water supply in our locality. The people are suffering from anxiety. Sometimes the residents of the area have to awake the whole night for obtaining water. The drinking we u other requirements are not fulfilled properly, thus the people have suffered a lot from the shortage of water supply.

On behalf of other residents in my locality, I requeit the higher authorities of Water Board to look into this matter anei take steps for proper water supply in the area.
With beat Regulus

YOUR Sincerely,

Write ad application to the Headmaster / headmaster of your school requesting him/ her to allow your class to go on an excursion

The HeadmuterlHeadmlltress,
A.B.C. Secondary School D. North Area,
Subject: Request for the Arrangement of an Excursion
Respected Sir/Madam,

Most respectfully, I want to inform you that all the student of tenth class are very anxious to enjoy excursion and picnic at sea-side. They have arranged a programmer for enjoying a picnic at Hawks-Bay Karachi. Our class teacher and subject teachers have also been agreed with our programmer

Kindly give us a permission to go for an excursion at sea-side according to our programmer. All the students have also taken permission from their parents. All the students of my class will be thankful to you

Your Obediently

translate urdo to english

translate urdo to english

translate urdu to english

Make a summary of the following passage



Summary of the passage

The early riser gets many benefits from the habit. He take. exercise and .tarta to work with proper attention. He enjoy a sound sleep and rises early on next morning so he not only remains healthy but also performs well to his work

Q.6 Read the following passage and answer the question given at the end

passage and Question answer

passage and Question answer

(iv) select a suitable title for the passage

Title of the passage

“Allama Iqbal, a Great Poet and Philosopher”

Write a short note on any one of the following

The Holy Prophet (S.A.W)

The Holy Prophet Hunt Muhammad (S.A.W) Is the last prophet of God. He loved in doinl work for himself and for others with his own hands. He repalrecl bls shoes, menc:Ied and washed his clothes arid swept his room. When the moeque at Maclina wa. beins build, he carried mud and buUdlnl material. Durlns the other battle of IChaocIaq, be joined his companions in dlpi the trench outside Madlna. The life ~ the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) is a model for aUthe Muslims

The Chopal

The Puajabl farmer. work hard la their field. the whole day.la the ~ninl they sit together at a place called the “Chopal”. Usually they sit talkin, happily together just for the pleasure of being together. They also discuss their daily problems, aeek advice and settle IOme of their disputes without goins to the courts. Sometimes younger people at the chopal sinl “Mahya” orthe ever popular “Heer”.

The Parcel Game

The “Parcel Game” ls an emtinl and very interesting Item for providing fun and laughter to the guest. in a pany. In this game, a piece of toffee is put in a small cattoa which is wrapped with many layers of coloured paper. Each layer concealed a slip of paper which bears one of such conunands “sing alOng”, “crow like a cock”, “bleat Uke a loat”, “bray like a donkey”. The parcel is paased from guest to another. Each remove. one layer of the wrappins and gets the puaishmeac written on the paper. The one who gets the parcel in the last wioa the ~, the piece of toffee

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