English (general group) Solved Past Paper 10th Class 2014 Karachi Board


Q.1 Choose the correct answer for each from the given options

(i) Choose the correct Indirect Narration:
Nadia said to him. “I did not ask you the way.”
(a) Nadia said to him that she did not ask him the way.
(b) Nadia told him that she has not asked him the way.
(c) Nadia asked him that 1had not asked him the way.
(d) Nadia told him that she had not asked him the way.

(ii) Pick out the correct Article:
It is such ———–(‘•me day.
(a) the (b) an
(c) a
(d) None of these

(iii) Select the correct Preposition:
Let us go ———–the garden.
(a) in
(b) into
(c) on
(d) None of these

(iv) Choose the correctly punctuated sentence:
mujahid said i met tahir ashra and noman
(a) Mujahid said I met Tahir. Ashraf and Noman.
(b) Mujahid said, “I met Tahir, Ashraf and Noma”- ”
(c) Mujahid said, “I met tahir, Ashraf and noman.”
(d) mujahid said, Himet tahir, ashraf and noman.”

(v) Select the correct word:
“I dwell among the people”
In this line the word “I”is used for:
(a) the poet
(b) an angel
(c) God
(d) None of these

(vi) Choose the correct word:
Robert Louis Stevenson was poet.
(a) an English
(b) an American
(c) a Scottish
(d) None of these

(vii) Select the correct Meaning of this idiom:
By fits and starts
(a) Continuously
(b) Punctuality
(c) Not regularly
(d) None of these

(viii) Choose the correct Present Indefinite Tense:
He has been getting up early in the morning.
(a) He got up early in the morning.
(b) He gets up early in the morning.
(c) He was getting up early in the morning.
(d) He is getting up early in the morning:

(ix) Select the correct form of Verb:
Each of us to go abroad:
(a) Want
(b) Wants
(c) Have
(d) Have Wanted

(x) . Choose the correctly re-arranged sentence:
the boys a lunch delicious gave Mr. Hassan
(a) The boys gave delicious a lunch Mr. Hassan.
(b) Mr. Hassan gave the boys a delicious lunch.
(c) Mr. Hassan the boys gave a delicious lunch.
(d) A delicious lunch gave Mr. Hassan to boys.

(xi) Select the correct Interrogative form:
I saw a man standing beside a tree.
(a) Do I see a man standing beside a tree?
(b) Does I saw a man standing beside a tree?
(c) Did I see a man standing beside a tree?
(d) Did I saw a man standing beside a tree?

(xii) Choose the correct Negative form:
It will have been raining since morning.
(a) It will not have been raining since morning.
(b) It will  not been raining since morning.
(c) It will have been not raining since morning.
(d) It not will have been raining since morning.

(xiii) Select the correct Active Voice:
A song is being sung by her.
(a) She was singing a song.
(b) She is singing a song.
(c) She has singing a song.
(d) She will be singing a song.

(xiv) Choose the correct Passive Voice:
He has kept pigeons.
(a) Pigeons were kept by him.
(b) Pigeons had been kept by him.
(c) Pigeons has been kept by him.
(d) Pigeons,” has been kept by him.

(xv) Select the correct Direct Narration;
Raza asked me if I could give him. a pen.
(a) Raza said to me, “Can you’ give me a pen?”
(b) Raza said to me, “Can I give you a pen?”
(c) Raza said to me, “Could yoh give him a pen?”
(d) Raza said to me, “You can give me a pen?”

Section “B” Short Question Answer

(i) Why did the beggar refuse to get down the horse?
The beggar was a very clever man. He made a plan of snatching the horse from the rich man. He requested the ,rich man for giving hi-ona ride upto the city gate, the beggar refused to get down the horse and claimed that he was the real owner of the horse.

(ii) Which things are causing damage to the fresh water and marine life? What should we do for its remedy?

The chemical industries usually throw their wastes chemical products into rivers and sea. These chemical wastes are harmful for both fresh water and marine life. Similarly the oil is discharge from the ships and boats into the water. These chemical wastes and oil produce water pollution and these are causing damage to the fresh water and marine life. It is necessary to control water pollution for the protection of fresh water and marine life.

(iii) Why do the Muslims of the world have love and respect for King faisal?

King Faisal lived like a soldier and died a martyr with his death, not only Saudi Arabia but the whole Muslim world has lost a sincere and bold leader. He was the religious leader of the Muslims and the guardian of two holy places of Makkah-al-Mukaramah and Madina-tul-Munnawara due to his efforts for the Muslims of the world, all the Muslims of the world have love and respect for the King Faisal.

(iv) What reason did Akhtar give his uncle for being cross?

Akhtar told his uncle that they were having the social service weak at the school. All the students had to work in the school like servants and gardens. He had to dust the cupboard and disks in his classroom which he did not like. He was also feeling cross at this

(v) What made the dogs run in the dog race?

The dog race was also a show for the entertainment at the village fair. The dogs chased a rabbit. They were running for the rabbit and were anxious to catch it. but it reached the mark.

(vi) How is the roof of a farmer’s hut made of in a Nigerian Village?

A farmer’s hut in a Nigerian village shows a very simple construction. The roof of a farmer’s hut is made of a thick layer of straw, grass, reeds or palm leaves.

(vii) Who was very simple and trusting, Azam Or Moazzam? and why’?

Moazzam was very simple and trusting. He always trusted his elder brother. He was an ‘Obedient boy he never thought that his brother could deceive him. When Azam divided the whole property verbally and took all benefits, he could not realiz-e the cleverness of his elder brother instead he thought it was a fair division

(viii) What does the hit for mending the puncture contain?
A kit for mending the puncture should be kept during-a bicycle ride. The kit for mending the puncture contains a wrench, a piece of old cycle tube, a pair of small scissors, sand paper, a colour pencil and sticky solution.

(ix) What is CIaopal?Why do the villagers get together in it?
Chopal is the meeting place of Punjabi farmers. Usually they sit here in the evening talking happily together just for pleasure. They also discuss their daily problems, seek advice and settle some of their disputes without going to the courts. Sometime younger people at the chopal sing “Mabya” or the ever popular “Heer”,

(x) How many skills are needed to make a summary?
Describe any two.
Five skills are needed to make a summary. Two of them are following:
(1) The first skill is used to make a summary is generalization. Generalization means the selection of a general word or a phrase for a long list of words. For example oranges; bananas, apples, grapes, pears, peaches. All these words
can come under the simple general word ‘fruit’.
(2) The second skill is neaded for making a summary is the ability to select the facts with concern the main ideas in the passages and reject details having little or no importance

Q.2(b) Answer any FOUR of the following questions. In three or
four sentences each:
(i) Which poem Louis I. Newman wrote? What do you know about hi. life and poetry? .
The poem has been written by Louis I.Newman is “The Voice of God”. Louis I.Newman was an American poet. He was born in the province Rohde Island in 1893. He received his early education in Rhode Island, and then he studied at Brown University of Columbia. He received his doctrate degree then appointed as a lecturer at Columbia University. He was a religious man, so he wrote his poetry on religious subjects. .

(ii) Who wrote the poem “A Nation’s Strength”? How is the strong man an asset for his nation?
The poem “A Nadon’s Strength” has been written by Ralp Waldo Emerson. Strong man is an asset for his nation because all strong men are hard working. They work hard day and night without getting tired. They accept challenges and do their best to achieve their desired goals.

(iii) Why did the Spider keep trying? what did king learn  from it?
The spider was trying to reach back in it cob eb. The spider made nine attempts but failed, he succeeded to reach its cobweb after making the tenth attempt. King Bruce learnt a lesson of course

(iv) Name the poetess of the poem “Casabianca”?Why doe. the
poeUss call Casabianca, “A Gall4nt Child”? –
The name of the poetess of the poem “Casabianca” is Felicia Dorothea Hemans. The poetess called Casablanca “the gallant child” because he stood like a rock on the deck of the ship. He was fearless of the flames of the spreading five enemy’s shelling and his dispair in the moments of death and danger. When his body blown into the flames of the fire and he was defeated by the death but his spirit was not overpowered.

(v) What role does “The Uses of Adversity” play in our daily life?
Adversity means a difficult and unlucky situation or event . in life. Adversity is a misfortune but its effects are very powerful. It teaches and trains a person how to behave in difficulties. There are so many difficulties, problems and ups and downs in our daily life. Adversity teaches us to face these problems with courage and wisdom. It makes us perfect and practical in our life.

(vi) How can the Man win and get success in his life?
Positive thinking becomes a source of strength. It makes a person courageous and he keeps his struggle continue Inspire of hardships. Only that person gets a success who keeps a firm belief on his capabilities and struggle without being discouraged .

Section “C” Detailed Question Answer

Q.3 Write an essay of about 100-120 words on any one of the following topics

My Favorite Leader
For answer see. Section “C” Q.3 Essay no. (I) in Solved. Paper English – 2011.

A Disappointing Cricket Match T/20 – 2014

Cricket is an interesting and exciting game. It gives pleasure both to players and viewers. I witnessed an interesting and exciting but a rather disappointing T- Twenty World Cup 2014 cricket match. The match was played between Pakistan and India at Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium, Bangladesh.

The match was very exciting and there was huge crowd at Stadium. The players of Pakistan Cricket teani and Indian cricket team were in high .splrit of nationalism and self power of playing. It was a fine day, the captains of both team tossed. Although Pakistan team could not win the toss but Indian team decided to field first.

The two batsmen who went in first from Pakistani team were quite good players. One was famous for his good hitting while the other was very careful. But the opening could not stand for long and failed to build a good partnership. The bowling of Indian team was very good. Only Umar Akmal playd a fine inning and made 33 ‘runs and Pakistan gave the target of 131 runs in 20 overs.

The Indian players started batting after Pakistan inning. The famous Indian players S. Dhawan and Virat Kohli build a very good partnerhship and scored 30 and 36 runs simultaneouly. The audience was cheering and clapping at the batting performance of Indian players and Pakistan team had completely lost the grip on
game and ulrimately lost the match by 7 wicket with 9 balls remaining.

It was a rather disappointing defeat for Pakistani team and nation. The match was absolutely a disappointement.

(iii) Peace The Road to Prosperity 

The state of freedom war or violence is called Peace. It is the state which can make the world like a heaven “Peace is Constructive’vIt opens the opportunities for getting progress. Trade and commerce flourish when peace is established within a State. Peace preserves for the new ways for obtaining progress. Peace brings prosperity for a nation. Peace creates love and friendship among people.

People long for peace and raise their hands in prayers for establishing and achieving peace throughout the world. Peace is
indispensable for human progress. All the mighty inventions of science and the creations of arts are the victories of peace. Peace gives us the message of universal brotherhood and friendship. Hummanity cannot survive without peace. Peace when established within a, state, it eliminates all the roots of evils and brings happiness and prosperity therefore it is said that peace is the road to prosperity.

Islam is a religion of peace. It gives us clear ideas and the best reforming laws about social and political systems. It is the basic purpose of Islam to produce an everlasting peace throughout the world.,Peace is the way of obtaining such as environment and society in which all the individuals not only receive their rights but they also perform their duties property. In a peaceful atmosphere, the government also remains powerful in making  policies for the welfare of people. Thus the establishment of peace is the fundamental need of all because it is the ‘way of getting progress and prosperity.

(iv) A Visit To The Zoo

The animals, birds and wild beasts are kept in a zoo for the amusement of public. A small zoo is located in Karachi which is known as Karachi zoological garden. There is a great rush of visitors from morning to evening. I visited the zoo with my family in the afternoon during a holiday. After taking the tickets, we entered the zoo from the Western side. On “the right hand there were the cages of tigers, lions, leopards and wolves. They were strolling in their cages. After seeing them we moved to the left
side where the monkeys were eating and jumping into their cages. A pair of fat bears was kept in a concave wall.

The enclosures of dears, stags, wild cows, horses and zebras were present on the north side. A large number of people were gathered for watching them. After taking a rest on the garden, we took a light refreshment. I enjoyed the elephant ride and gave some money to the elephant which it took by its trunk. We also watched the ponds of ducks, peacocks, herons, different coloured parrots and other birds. We enjoyed a lot from our visit to the zoo and returned back happily towards home in the evening.

Q..4 Write an application to the Head master Head mistress of your school requesting him/her to provide more computer sets for the students’ practice.

The Headmaster/Headmistress,
A.B.C. Secondary School,
C.R.T. Road, Karachi

Subject: Request For the Arrangement of More Computer Sets
Respected Sir/Madam

On behalf of the student of my class. I am writing to you for making a small request from me and other students of computer section. In the school computer laboratory few computer sets are available when all the students come here to.do their computer practical, they face difficulties in doing their work hut also to make practice

I therefore request you for the arrangement of more computer sets in our computer laboratory, so that every students would be able to make practice for his computer work. All the students will be thankful to you on this act of kindness.

Yours Obediently,

Letter to Editor

The Editor,
The Daily Dawn,
Main Office KBR Building,
1.1.Chundrigar Road. Karachi.

Respected Sir

I am an ordinary citizen of Islamic Republic of Pakistan and I want to draw your attention about continually lawlessness in Karachi. Karachi has become a victim of horror and terrorism for the last few months. The citizens of Karachi are living of life as well as ealth and property remains to be existing in the city

The terrorists wander openly with their weapons. They ,uSually rob innocent people at public places. Bomb blasts in the 1 city have become common. Nobody can become a symbol of terror. Unknown killers kill somebody at every other day in the city. The police and other law enforcing agencies seem to be helpless for disclosing these killers.

I hope that the provincial government, the Chief Minister of Sindh, Governor of Sindh, Local bodies, responsible officers of the police and other law enforcing agencies wi! feel their responsiblity and try to take an imediate action in order to eliminate this lawlessness in Karachi city.

Yours Sincerely,

Translate the following Sentences into English

Translate the following Sentences into English

Write a short note on any ONE of the following

Fresh Water and Marine Fishing

Fresh water fishing is done in Pakistan in rivers. Fresh water fish is generally caught by the fisherman from rivers, streams, canals, lakes and ponds. The fisherman catch fresh water fish with the help of nets of various sizes. Sometimes they work individually in their small boats but sometimes these fishermen need no boats at all. The fresh water fish collected in this way are sold locally as well sent to the nearby towns.

Marine fishing is done in Pakistan in the Arabian S& along the coast. It is beneficial industry in Pakistan. The fishermen work collectively for marine fishing. They go together for catching fish in the deep waters of the sea in their large boats with machinery needed tons of fish. Their boats’ have proper arrangements for spring the fish so that they are not spoilt before reaching the market

The Companions or the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H.)

All the companions of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) were like him. They always followed the teachings and the footsteps of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him). All the companions of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) liked to work themselves and for others by their own hands. Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique (R.A.) always tried to follow the footsteps of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him). He not only did his own work but also fetched water for widows and neighbours who were very old and had no one to work for them. Hazrat Umar (R.A.) knew his responsibilitity on his shoulders a large sack of flour for that needy family because he loved in doing work for others. Hazrat Ali (R.A.) once laboured in the garden of a jew because he believed in the dignity of work. He used his wages in charity to help the needy and the poor

Balochi Wedding Ceremonies

The ceremonies of a Balochi wedding are performed in Balochistan amidst songs and laughter. Men and women dance happily with the lively beat of drums. In a Balochi wedding the groom feasts his own and the bride’s guests. The food is brought along with the Baraat

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