ENGLISH Past Paper 2nd year 2011 (Private) Karachi Board


(i) Cosmopolitanism’ means:
* Chauvinism
* Internationalism
* Freedom
* Selfishness

(ii) The Miller refused to give Hans his:
* Wheel-barrow
* Sack of flour
* Plank of wood
* Lantern

(iii) Einstein considered ‘property, outward success and Luxury as a thing which is:
* Contemptible
* Strange
* Fantastic
* Fascinating

(iv) Asia contains half of the population of the word and very distinct civilizations which are at least:
* Two
* Five
* three
* Four

(v) Heaven doesn’t always make the right men king’! is said by:
* Fritz
* Colonel Sapt
* De Mauban
* Princess Flavia

(vi) The poem ‘Music when Soft Voices Die’ is written by:
* Alfred Tennyson
* John Keats
* Thomas Campion
* Percy Bysshe Shelley

(vii) In the poem ‘Lines from an Essay on Man’, this is considered as a great teacher:
* Book of Fate
* God
* Death
* Heaven

(viii) ‘Upright’ man considers Earth as his:
* Heavenly thing
* property
* Home
* Inn

(ix) She said to, ‘Are you a student’? (choose the correct indirect speech)
* She requested me that I was a student
* She ordered me whether I was a student
* She said to me that I am a student
* She asked me if I was a student

(x) In Seven Ages of Man, Justice is this stage of man’s life.
* 3rd
* 4th
* 5th
* 6th

(xi) ‘Twenty Minutes with Mrs. Judy Oakentubb’ is a story of
* Revenge
* Murder
* Humour
* Cruelty

(xii) Black Michael was killed by:
* Johann
* Rupert
* Rudolf Rassendyll
* Bersonin

(xiii) According to the Miller, real friends should have everything in:
* Garden
* Separation
* Common
* Purse

(xiv) Samson Agonists was taken captive by the:
* Israelis
* Philistines
* Russians
* Americans

(xv) Keats is of the view that there is an ‘inhuman death of:
* Strange People
* Lovely tale
* Noble natures
* Sweet dreams

(xvi) After the fall of the Roman Empire, the leadership in power and culture passed to the:
* West
* Germans
* East
* Chinese

(xvii) All the panic in ‘The Day the Dam Broke occurred on this side of Ohio town:
* East
* West
* South
* North

(xviii) A free people must first maintain their own:
* Chauvinism
* Ignorance
* Freedom
* Egoism

(xix) In the poem ‘The Solitary Reaper’, William Wordsworth compared the singing of the girl with that of a Ian:
* Eagle
* Nightingale
* Sparrow
* Hawk

(xx) Mrs. Jones works at the house of:
* Mr. Marlowe
* Mr. Barthwick
* Mr. Snow
*Mr. James Jones


NOTE: Answer any 10 questions.

2.(i) Explain the importance of the label on Mrs Judy Oakentubb’s suitcase.

ANSWER: Mrs. Oakentubb hides the label under the flap because she did not want the man to see it, as it had her name & address. Also because the look on the man’s face was fierce & cruel, she had become afraid of him. That’s why she hides the label under the flap.

(ii) What in the author’a opinion, should Asian countries accept from the West and what they should reject?

ANSWER: The Asian people should get all the know-how to setup industries and they should, learn all the mechanical details from west. They should show tolerance and have democratic equality like the west. They should not put science to destructive used and should not prepare for war.
However the author suggested that the Let Eastern countries (China & Russia) not repeat the same kind of oppressive policies as the Western colonialists had perpetrated on this colonial subject.

(iii) Briefly describe, in your own words, the character of Campion’s upright man.

ANSWER: Please see Q. 2(vi) of 2013 Regular

(iv) Ignorance of the future and hope are two great blessings. Explain with reference to the poem, ‘An Essay on Man’.

ANSWER: Indeed, ignorance of the future is a blessing of God. Man’s knowledge is limited only to the present. He is (lot aware of the future. Therefore, God forbid if man has to face a disaster or any other bad news in the future, he passes his life normally, till that moment, when he actually faces the disaster. This is indeed a great blessing of God. Imagine, if it were otherwise. One would die of anxiety and worry, if one was aware of the future calamities in advance. This is why God has hidden the future from man. In the poem, the poet gives the example of the lam, who likes its master’s hand for taking good care of it, not knowing that with the same hand the master would laughter it. Every creature is blind as far as the future is concerned.
And this is an act of kindness on the part of God. What would be man’s condition, if it were not so. The poet has also compared man’s life to a bubble of water. Man’s life span is short and when it would end only God knows. Man is ignorant of his future. This indeed, is a blessing of God.

(v) What picture has John Galsworthy presented in ‘The Act III of the Silver Box’?

ANSWER: The message of this play is that these doesn’t exist an honest system of’ justice in Great Britain. Those responsible to do justice are always under the influence of upper class of society. Only the poor are punished for a crime while the rich having committed a big or small crime are considered to be above the law. Galsworthy has as such well criticized the undemocratic system of justice in England.

(vi) Describe briefly how Ulysses inspires his sailors to start the last voyage of his life.

ANSWER: In his address in the mariners, Ulysses reminds them how they bravely fought against their enemies in the past and never faltered. The hearts are of the same quality and they share the spirit of bravery and heroism. Though time and fate has taken its toil but it has not succeeded in affecting their spirit. Their spirit is still young an”! they can still do some work of noble note’. Old age does not mean an end to struggle; only death can put a stop to ones efforts. So as long as they are alive they must strive and fight against the odds and not give in to the enemy.

(vii) Briefly state the reasons given by Liaquat Ali for the Muslims desire not to continue living in undivided India.

ANSWER: As the end of British rule drew near, the one hundred million Muslims became aware that they would have to live their new life, under the Hindus as the permanent political minority. Long experience and history had .taught them that under a dominating majority of three to one, freedom from the British rule would mean for Muslims, not freedom but simply a change of masters.

(viii) How did Thurber’s mother cope with the situation in The Day the Dam Broke?

ANSWER: The author’s mother did not panic. Being a mature and a caring mother, she behaved in a most sensible way. She first of all, turned out all the fires of the stove, and took about a dozen eggs and two loaves of bread, with children on the run, this would come in useful, to provide nourishment to them, when hungry. She planned to take shelter on the roof top of the Memorial Hall, but she was dragged along with the crowd, towards the east.

(ix) Give a brief description of the loyalty and wisdom of Colonel Sapt.

ANSWER: At all places he defends the King and the throne. At the Summer House he goes with Rassendyll in the capital and at every strategic point he shadows the King as a body guard.
He draws the master plan to defeat the Black Michael and with the help of Rassendyll and Fritz attacks the castle Where King Rudolf, is made a captive. Accordingly at the return of King he arranges final meeting of Rassendyll with Princess. Further he arranges the escape of Rassendyll from Ruritania. He as such proves himself to be expert in planning.
In short, he has played the most important role, in saving the throne from the hands of Black Michael.

(x) Say not the Struggle Naught Availeth is a poem which reflects hope. Comment.

ANSWER: Please see Q. 2(iii) of 2013 Regular

(xi) What is Einstein’s attitude to leadership.

ANSWER: Please see Q. 2(ii) of 2013 Regular

(xii) Explain these lines in your own words:
‘The music in my heart I bore
Long after it was heard no more’

ANSWER: This couplet is a mirror of Wordsworth’s philosophy of poetry. “Emotions recollected in tranquility”. The lines mean that, since the poet could not understand the words of the reaper’s song, he preserved the tune of the song in this heart, as he was deeply fascinated by the sweet voice of the reaper. Long afterwards, when the song could not be heard any more, he could still enjoy it, just by thinking about it.

(xiii) Why does Madam de Mauban not cooperate with Black Michael against Rudolf Rassendyll?

ANSWER: Please see Q.-2(ix) of 2012 Private

(xiv) Use any Five of the following idioms in sentences:
to burry the hatchet; to be a wet blanket; to keep it dark; to face the music; to smell a rat; by leaps and bounds; to look into; to give in.

1. To burry the hatchet (to end the enemy):
It is always better: not to take revenge and burry the hatchet with pleasure and honor.

2. To be a wet blanket (a person who takes the fun out of a situation or activity):
Jawwad always behaves like a wet blanket.

3.to keep it dark (to hide something with others):
He keeps everything in the dark and tells us nothing.

4.To face the music (to admit punishment):
He was not ashamed of what he did, and was fully prepared to face the music.

5. To smell a rat (sense that some thing is not right):
I smell a rat in this project; therefore, I refused to make any agreement with him.

6. By leaps & bounds (Rapidly or in fast progress):
When Mustafa Kamal was city Nazim of Karachi city, had made progress by leaps and bounds.

7. To look into ( to consider):
Please look into the matter and submit complete report.

8. To give in ( to accept defeat):
We should not give in due to unfavorable circumstances.

(xv) Change following into indirect speech:
The traveler said, ‘Can you tell me the way to the nearest inn? ‘Yes’, said the peasant. ‘Do you want one in which you can spend the night?’ ‘No’ replied the traveler, ‘I only want a meal’.

ANSWER: The traveler asked if he could tell him the way to the nearest inn. Yes, said the peasant if he wanted one in which he could spend the night. No, replied traveler, he only wanted a meal.


NOTE: Answer all questions from this section.
All questions carry equal marks. (30)
3. Princess Flavia is a reflection of virtue and goodness. Discuss.

ANSWER: Princess Flavia: Please see Q. 4(or) of 2013 Regular

OR Write a character sketch of Rudolf Rassendyll.
Rudolf Rassendyll:
Please see Q. 4(or) of 2013 Private

4. Write a short essay on anyone of the following topics.

The cricket World Cup semi final 2011
Please see Q.3 (ii) of 2014 Regular

Peace and Happiness as a goal of life:

Happiness is the goal of all people and all wish to live happy life. But what does happy life mean? The idea of happy life differs from man to man. Some people think that happiness lies in luxurious living. So, they spend a lot money over it.

Some people think that happiness lies in amassing money. So, they. keep a large amount of money in the saving bank and never spend a pie of it even for their bare necessities. Some people think, happiness lies in possession of gold. So, they keep a large mass of gold in their possession. Some people think happiness lies in worldly life. Some people think happiness lies in renunciation of worldly attachment, but my idea of happy life is not as theirs. My idea of happy life is follows.

My idea of happy life:
I think, happiness lies in living a plain life within one’s own means. If you follow the dictum ‘cut you coat according your cloth’ and live within your own means, you will not need to trouble your head to get a loan of money or to pay back loan. Besides, you will not be a parasite or a dependent on others and your free mind will bring you immense happiness.

Happiness lies not only in the life of plain living but also in the life of high thinking. So, a saying goes on ‘plain living and high thinking’. If you live a life of high thinking the trifling worldly troubles will not disturb your mind. With your high mindedness and broad heartedness you will be able to excuse your small complaints and thereby you will be free from a lot of troubles. High-mindedness depends on plain living. If you do not be plain in your living you will fall in constant want and you will become a self-seeker which will lead to low mindedness and meanness. So, in order to live a happy life, you should follow the dictum ‘Plain living and high-thinking’.

Health of body and peace of mind are necessary for living a happy life. You can get health of body and peace of mind by following the principles of hygiene and ethics. Idleness is the greatest enemy of happy life. So, you should cast off your idleness if any and do some useful and productive work. Adjustment, understanding, co-operation and tolerance are necessary for leading a happy life. So, also love, affection, sympathy and fellow feelings are necessary on your part for making your life happy.

Now, I point out a very important thing for keeping happy life. That is you cannot live happily if your neighbors are unhappy and sad. You cannot enjoy your full meal if neighbors of your lies in starved condition. Conversely, if you find that your neighbors are happy, happiness will automatically come to your mind. So, my idea of happy life is that one should conduct in such a way and live in such a manner that his neighbors will not suffer in any way on one’s account. You should not hurt them either in mind or in person or in property. Besides, you should sincerely try to alleviate their sorrow. Here lies the true sustenance of one’s happy life. So, you should try to make others happy in order to live happy life for yourself. These are the sum total of my idea of happy life.

My idea of happy life is not like an unattainable utopia. My idea of happy life is quite practicable.

Load Shedding of Electricity in Karachi:

Frequent power breakdown or load shedding is not the global phenomenon. It is a part of some third world countries. The state of power failure in. Pakistan is terrible acute. Whenever the wrath of the KESC falls the pattern of life comes to a halt. In our domestic life, when the cloths are placed in machine for washing, all of a sudden the work stops. While operating computer, Ctrl and a keys are used off and on. The people either at home, business sector, offices or education institutions, are always in dread of sudden power breakdown. Now a day, KESC takes mercy on people. It declares time frame for load shedding on three to 4 times in a day on regular basis. The short circuit and other faults are additional gifts of the KESC.

During 365 days of a year, people hardly have a single day of normal power supply. In winter, power supply is tampered, During rainfall it is affected for some reasons. In the hot summer days, the power supply is rare. The people burn into the furnace of sunstroke and warming. Their desire for power supply is not for their own comfort, they want to get their work done which remained undone. Power breakdown is turned to be a hell in following manners:
1. Water supply is stopped.
2. Neatness and various household chores are affected.
3. Learning process of students is hampered.
4. Patients suffering minor or serious ailments suffer a lot.
5. Operation theaters don’t rely on KESC anymore.
6. Markets faces virtual shutter down.
7. Classes. Meetings, conferences, prayers and numerous other gathering face various interruptions. Various painful things are irritating to a thumping majority of people.

1. Most roads and streets plunge into darkness most of the time.
2. Street lights are virtually meant for VIPs and the privileged class.
3. Street light mostly illumine gatherings of political groups, marriage ceremonies and Rabi-ul- Awwal celebrations.
4. Theft of electricity (Kunda System) in the industrial and business sector is on the increase. All such leakage brings loss of a large amount of money that is recovered from the common man.
5. The lack of proper vigilance and control of the KESC has bought about unjust social system.

Pakistan has witnessing intensely dismal state of things for the last twenty five years. Different government came into the office. Different individuals, personalities and forces ran the government. All spoke with deep concern for this syndrome, but no one took concrete steps. The major factor behind this power shortage is the lack of water reservoirs. All the central governments spoke for the construction of dams, specially the mega project Kalabagh Dam has been discussed for the last two decades. It was opposed by most of the political parties. It appears that neither the central government nor the politicians are sincere regarding this issue. In fact, the need for construction of dam is considerably increased. At the moments various projects, of such nature are heeded to meet such a tangle. WAPDA and KESC have no other alternative excepts “rely on water reservoirs for power projection. The politicians are desired to stop making an encashment people’s grievances. Construction of single dam may trouble a province or two but a mega project of numerous dams may solve the problem of the shortage of electricity which is more important than of the other major issues.

Rising inflation

Inflation means a sustained rise in prices. Inflation can be Creeping, walking or trotting, running, hyper or gallop, demand pull, cost push, mixed, markup or stagflation according to velocity and nature. Inflation is caused by some demand side factors (Increase in nominal money supply, Increase in disposable income, Expansion of Credit, Deficit Financing Policy, Black money spending, Repayment of Public Debts, Expansion of the Private Sector, Increasing Public Expenditures) and some Supply side factors (Shortage of factors of production or inputs, Industrial Disputes, Natural Calamities, Artificial Scarcities, Increase in exports (excess exports), Global factors, Neglecting the production of consumer goods, Application of law of diminishing returns)

Inflation effects the different sectors of the economy (Effects on the distribution of income and wealth, Effects on production, Effects on the Government, Effects on the Balance of Payment, Effects on Monetary Policy, Effects on Social Sector, Effects on Political environment) and different classes of the people (Debtors & Creditors, Salaried Class, Wages earners, Fixed income group, Investors and shareholders, Businessmen, Agriculturists)

Inflation can be controlled by Monetary Measures (Credit Control, Demonetization of the currency, Issue of new currency), Fiscal Measures (Curtailment in unnecessary expenditures, Increase in rate of taxes, Increase in volume of savings, Anti inflationary budgetary policy, Increasing public debt policy) and Non-Monetary and Non Fiscal Measures (Increase in volume of production, Price control and rationing policy).

Consumer Price Index (CPI) is the main measure of price changes at the retail level. It measures changes in the cost of buying a representative fixed basket of goods and services and generally indicates inflation rate in the country. The Consumer price index was computed for the first time with 1948-49 as a base for industrial workers in the cities of Lahore, Karachi and Sialkot only. Continuous efforts have been made, since then, to make CPI more representatives by improving and expanding its scope and coverage in terms of items, category of employees, cities and markets. Accordingly, the CPI series were computed with 1959-60, 1969-70,1975-76,

1980-81 and 1990-91 as base years. At present, the CPI is being computed with 2000-01 as base year. And according to the studies of CPI, the inflation rate during the fiscal year 2000- 2001 was 4.41, during the fiscal year 2001-2002 it dropped down to 3.54, further dropped to 3.10 during the fiscal year 2002-2003, rose again to 4.57 during 2003-2004, increased drastically to 9.28 during-2004-2005 and then dropped to 7.92 during 2005-2006. And by the mid of October 2006, the CPI is reported to be 8.43.

5. Read the following passage and answer the questions given below:
Advertising can be a service to the customer This is true when advertisements give reliable information about the goods advertised. Such information is needed if the customer is to “.lake sensible choice when he buys. It is useful in the way that it lots him know of the kind of goods in the shops. Printed advertisements do this job best. Customers can collect them and compare them. It is much harder to do this with T.V. or radio. Some advertisements are not very useful to the customers. Instead of helping him to satisfy his real needs, they set out to create a need. The people who produce them understand our weaknesses. They mislead customers by using part of the truth to suggest something false. So we should be on guard, it is our money they are after.
(i) What is an advertisement?
(ii) Why is print~d media much better than T.V. or radio?
(iii) How do some advertisement succeed in creating a need
(iv) Suggest a suitable title to the above passage?


(1) An advertisement is a service to the customer which is true when advertisements give reliable information about the goods advised.
(2) Printed media is much better than T.V. or radio because printed advertisement can provide best service to the customer. Customers can collect different printed matter and can compare them easily while this much harder to do this with T.V or radio.
(3) Some advertisements succeed in creating a need because people, who ‘produce them, mislead customer’s part of the truth to suggest something false.
(4) A suitable title to the is the “Use of Advertisement”.

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