ENGLISH Past Paper 2nd year 2011 (Regular) Karachi Board


1. Choose the correct answer for each from the given options:

(i) An Essay on Man’ is a poem which is deeply:
* Religious
* Political
* Social
* Tragic

(ii) The Solitary Reaper’ is written by:
* William Shakespeare
* P.B. Shelly
* William Wordsworth
* John Keats

(iii) The word ‘Dupes’ means:
* Hope
* Forgetfulness
* Deceit
* Remembrance

(iv) A Thing of Beauty is a joy forever’ is the opening line of the poem:
* Solitary Reaper
* Endymion
* An Essay on Man
* Ulysses

(v) The political ideal of Einstein is:
* Dictatorship
* Communism
* Socialism
* Democracy

(vi) In the poem, “Ulysses” addressed his:
* Brothers
* Sons
* Mariners
* Uncles.

(vii) The capital city of Ruritania is:
* Zenda
* Tyrol
* Strelsau
* Dresden.

(viii) There was a close resemblance between Rassendyll &:
* Colonel Sapt
* Fritz
* Johan
* Rudolf Elphberg

(ix) In the summer house for his defence Rassendyll used a:
* Chair
* Tea-Table
* Sword
* Pistol

(x) Black Michael was killed by:
* Colonel Sapt
* Rupert
* Rassendyll
* Mauban

(xi) For the sake of the country, Princess Flavia sacrifices her:
* Love
* Wealth
* Parents
* Life

(xii) Mauban wrote a letter to Rassendyll on the order of:
* Rupert
* Flavia
* Black Michael
* Fritz

(xiii) The renowned philosopher, Schopenhauer was a/an:
* Chinese
* Russian
* German
* American

(xiv) An honorary degree was conferred upon Liaquat Ali Khan by:
* Oxford University
* Cambridge University
* Kansas University.
* Karachi University

(xv) On hearing the news of the broken dam, people left their work and ran towards the:
* West
* North
* South
* East

(xvi) Asma said to Asim, ‘Will you help me?’ (tick the correct narration):
* Asma asked Asim if he will help her
* Asma asked Asim she would help him.
* Asma asked Asim if he help her.
* Asma asked Asim if he would help her.

(xvii) Mrs Judy Oakentubb was driving criminally fast because she was:
* shocked
* drunk
* sick
* sleepy

(xviii) According to Bertand Rusell one of the important things for survival in the modem world is:
* Communism
* Imperialism
* Industrialism
* Mannerism

(xix) In the sixth stage in the poem ‘The Seven Ages of Man a person becomes:
* Healthy
* Victorious
* Powerful
* Weak

(xx) Samson had been taken captive by the treachery of his:
* Wife
* sister
* brother
* father.


NOTE: Answer any 10 questions.

2.(i) Why did the gentleman kill Mrs. Oakentubb?

ANSWER: Revenge is the motive of the man, in murdering Mrs. Oakentubb. According to him, Mrs. Oakentubb murdered his wife and daughter, as she saw them before the accident and casually applied the brakes. Also, she was driving very fast, to win a bet of £:5/=. So while, ever taking a bus, on a blind bends, she was going to run into a lorry. She was going to run into a lorry. She turned her car on to the pavement and kills his wife and daughter and saved her life. The man calls this, murder.

(ii) Why does Bertrand Russell consider it useless to resist industrialization?.

ANSWER: Please see Q. 2(v) of 2013 Private

(iii) What are Bertrand Russell’s desires and hopes for the Asian countries?

ANSWER: Please see Q.2 (i) of 2014 Regular

(iv) Describe the sixth stage of man’s life with reference to the poem The Seven Ages of Man.

ANSWER: The sixth stage wherein man appears to be a clown looking old man on this state of life wearing slippers, loose pants with grasses placed carelessly on the tip of his nose and a small bag hanging into his side containing his stockings of his youth which have now become too wide for his shrunk legs. His big manly voice has changed into a thin childlike voice producing the sound of pipes and whistles in it.

(v) The blindness of the future is a blessing of God or a curse? Explain with reference to the poem ‘An Essay on Man’.

ANSWER: The poem ‘An Essay of Man’ justifies Pope’s opinion that ignorance from the future and hope are two great blessings of God, focusing the following:
(i) If man knew his future, it would absolutely become unbearable and impossible for him to complete his destined
cycle of life according to God’s wishes. Pope supports this thought by giving the example of a playful contented lamb, which is unaware or its fate of being sacrificed shortly by its master.
(ii) The poem expresses the thought that even though God does not let man know his future blessings but has certainly blessed him with the hope of being blessed in the future in accordance with his good deeds, which is yet another precious gift of God.

(vi) Describe how Ulysses inspires his sailors to embark on a new adventure.

ANSWER: Please see Q. 2(vi) of 2011 Private

(vii) Madam de Mauban played a magnificent role in the novel ‘The Prisoner of Zenda. Comment.

ANSWER: Madam de Mauban appears as a visitor and guest of Black Michael. Her desire to be the future queen increases sensation in the novel. By nature, she is noble and as .such stands at the positive side of the plot. She is unfortunately entangled with a group of wicked persons. The sewicked persons tactfully involve Madam de Mauban in their evil designs. She, however, remain sympathetic towards Rassendyll. She sends him letters and informs him of the plot of the enemy. It is due to her effort that Rassendyll escape from Summer House. Thus her character holds much importance in the development of plot of novel.

(viii) Was justice done to the family of Mr. James Jones? Explain.

ANSWER: Please see Qh2(x) of 2012 Regular

(ix) What are the three examples that the poet gives in ‘Say Naught the Struggle not Availeth’?

ANSWER: The first beautiful example, the poet gives that sometimes it so happens in the battlefield that a section of the army takes advantage of the smoke from the guns and wins the battle by chasing the fliers of the enemy. The second example is that is that of the weary waves of the sea that strike against the shore uselessly and they do not seem to be successful in gaining even an inch on the dry land in spite of the hard efforts. But with time they are successful in creating creaks and inlets in the land through which water of the sea some flooding in quite silently.
In the third example the poet says that when the day dawns, the light comes from all the directions. The sun takes so much time to climb up the horizon, but if one looks towards the west, the land is bright.

(x) Do you consider Rudolf Elphberg the best king of Ruritania? Justify your answer with reasons.

ANSWER: Rudolf Elphberg, being the heir to the throne of Ruritania has the right to be King, though he lacks the qualities of a King. He is easy going, careless and lacks in leadership qualities. He loves wine woman and song and takes his kingship rather lightly.

(xi) What real meaning of freedom for the common man does Liaquat Ali Khan state ?

ANSWER: Please see Q. 2(i) of 2013 Private

(xii) What does Einstein appear to regard as the most precious element in human experience? Elucidate.

ANSWER: According to Einstein the loveliest thing that a man can experience, is the mysterious (secret). True art and science is the result of man’s desire and effort to explore the mysteries of nature. It is the experience of mystery, missed with fear that created religion. Knowledge of the existence of the supernatural, something which man cannot understand or penetrate, is the most precious element in human experience.

(xiii) Which act of selfishness of the Miller caused Hans to lose his life?

ANSWER: Please.see Q. 2(vi) of 2013 Private

(xiv) ‘Say I am Christian or say I am Jealous.
My God! shall I see him marry her?’ Discuss the above statement with reference to the novel ‘The Prisoner of Zenda.

ANSWER: Black Michael is the step brother of King Elphberg. He is not the legal heir to the throne because he is the son of the King’s second. and morganatic marriage. He becomes utterly blind for power. He wants at any cost to usurp the sovereignty from his brother. Being a selfish man, he shows his love towards Flavia just to get the throne. To fulfill his desires, he makes a plot to get the throne. So he expressed his feelings the aforesaid statement and challenging how anyone could be able to marry Flavia.

(xv) Match the idioms of Column’ A’ with their meanings in Column ‘8’. Use any Two of these in your sentences.

Column ‘A’
To fall flat
At a stone’s throw
To lead a dog’s life.

Column ‘B’
A very short distance
An unhappy living
To fail completely


1. To fall flat ———To fail completely:
All my advices fell flat on him and he ruined himself with his own hands.

2. At a stone’s throw __m_ A very short distance:
We go to our college on foot because it is at a stone’s throw.

3. To lead a dog’s life —- An unhappy living:
After losing his job he lead a dog’s life.


NOTE: Answer all questions.

3. Write a character sketch of Black Michael

ANSWER: Black Michael:
Please see Q. 4 of 2012 Regular

OR How did the people react when they heard the rumour of the broken dam? Discuss

ANSWER: In a state of panic a man behaves like a mad man. Some follow the other in action without due consideration the entire crowd seems to be out of senses. None cares for the others and none feels it necessary to have some exchange of thoughts with the author.

4. Write an essay on One of the following:
(i) Merits and Demerits of Internet.
(ii) Terrorism.
(iii) The Cricket World Cup 2011.


(i) Merits and demerits of Internet:

Please see Q.3 (iii) of 2014 Private

(ii) Terrorism:

What is terrorism? What does it involve? Who does it involve? In my mind, terrorism is, “evil, horror, and violence. It is the cruelty of killing mass numbers of people for illogical reasons.” The Encyclopedia of Britannica describes terrorism as, “the systematic use of terror or unpredictable violence against governments, public, or individuals, to attain a political objective.” The FBI further describes it as either being, “domestic or international terrorism; domestic terrorism being the illegal or threatened use of violence within the United-states or without foreign direction in furtherance of political or social objectives; and international terrorism being violent acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United-States, or any state.” Clear, precise, and factual; yes. But emotionally correct, no.

Terrorism has struck all. through history and around the world. Even in ancient Roman times, emperors such as Tiberius and Caligula dealt with terrorism by using banishment, and execution towards those who opposed their rule. Later in the 1860’s a terrorist group called the Ku Klux Klan was formed by Southerners to terrify former slaves and prevent them from voting or run for office. In the 19th century, Western Europeans, Russians, and Americans adopted terrorism, and believed that the best way to get what they wanted was to assassinate people holding high positions of power.

In the 20th century, terrorism went through some great changes. The use of new technology such as automatic weapons and electrically bursting explosives encouraged terrorists to act violently and provided them with an easier way of attacking. At the time, attacks were mainly from groups trying to undermine or overthrow existing political institutions However, today terrorism exists with different causes and purposes in mind. It has been used in anti-colonial conflicts such as in Ireland, Britain, Algeria and France. It is used when settling conflicts between different groups in possession of homeland such as Palestine & Israel. It is also used in religious disagreements in the case of the Catholics & Protestants in Northern Ireland and in internal conflicts between revolutionary forces and established governments, for example: Malaysia, Argentina, Iran, and Nicaragua.

Terrorism went from numerous attacks in the 20th century, to less frequent but more destructive assaults in the 21st century. The threat of terrorism has now become more deadly. But the Americans soldiers, the freedom fighters as some people call them are fighting back with no mercy. As Herr expresses in his book, “the battle grew into the bloodiest of the spring”, “4,000 _had been killed… it was another American victory.” Over the past couple years; terrorists have developed new tactics. such as portable bombs, suicide operatives, and weapons of mass destruction. These have been known to result in hundreds, not to say thousands of people being injured or killed. Some people even become terrorist, or are forced into terrorizing for reasons that they do . not even know. As Michael Herr mentions, “Every day people were dying because of some small detail that they couldn’t be bothered to observe.” Take September 11 2001 into consideration, when two airplanes were hijacked and crashed into the World Trade Center and another into the pentagon. In just two hours, families were torn apart, courage was tested, and the world was shaken forever. The hijackers had probably believed that they were dying on that plane for their country, but sadly did not know the true and exact reason for their presence, or their life for that matter. At the Democratic National Convention, Hillary Clinton said, “I visited Ground Zero right after we were attacked. I felt like I was standing at the Gates of Hell. I hope no American ever has to witness a sight like that again.

(iii) The cricket World cup 2011

The 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup was the tenth Cricket World Cup. It was played in India, Srilanka, and (for the first time) Bangladesh. Pakistan was also scheduled to be a co-host, but after the 2009 attack on the Srilanka national cricket team in Lahore, the International Cricket Council (ICC) cancelled that, and the headquarters of the organizing committee, originally in Lahore, was transferred to Mumbai. Pakistan was to have held 14 matches, including one semifinal. Eight of the games (including’ the semi-final) were awarded to India, four to Srilanka, and two to Bangladesh. Late in 2007, the four host nations agreed on a revised format for the 2011 World Cup, identical to that of the 1996 World Cup, except that there would be 14 teams instead of 12. The first round of the tournament would consist of two groups of seven teams. Each team in a group would play all the others once, and the top four from each group would qualify for the quarter-finals. This ensured that every team would play at least six matches.

All the matches were One Day Internationals, and all were played over 50 overs. Fourteen national cricket teams took part, including ten full members and four associate members of the ICC. The opening ceremony was held on 17 February 2011 at Bangabandhu National Stadium, Dhaka, and the tournament was played between 19 February and 2 April. The first match was played by the Indian and Bangladeshi teams at the Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium in Mirpur, Dhaka. The final was between India and Sri Lanka at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai

India won the tournament, defeating Sri Lanka by 6 wickets in the final in Mumbai, thus becoming the first country to win the Cricket World Cup final on home soil. India’s Yuvraj Singh was declared the man of the tournament..

5. Read the given passage and answer the questions that follow.

It is the height of the selfishness of men, who fully appreciate in their own case the advantage of a good education to deny these advantages to women. There is no valid argument by which the exclusion of women from the privileges of education can be defended. It is argued that women have their domestic duties to perform and that if they were educated, they would bury themselves in their books, and have little time for attending to the management of their household. On the contrary, education involves knowledge of the means by which health may be improved, and which enable a mother to consult such modem books that will tell her how to rear up her children into healthy men and women and skillfully help them when a disease attacks her household.
(i) Are men justified in denying education to women?
(ii) What argument do men put forward to justify their stand?
(iii) What is the attitude of the author regarding the education of women?
(iv) Give a suitable heading to the above passage.


(i) No, they are not justified in denying education to women. This show the height of their selfishness.
(ii) There is no valid argument to support the exclusion of women from education. It is said that they have their domestic duties to perform and that if they were educated, they would have little time for attending to the management of there household.
(iii) According to the author, education involve knowledge of the means by which health may be improved, and which enable a mother to consul such modern books that will tell her how to rear and fully help them when a disease attacks her household.
(iv) A suitable heading to the above passage is “Importance of Female Education”.

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