ENGLISH Past Paper 2nd year 2013 (Regular) Karachi Board

1. Choose the correct answer for each from the given options:

(i) A thing of beauty is a joy forever. This line is taken from the poem.
* The Solitary Reaper
* Ulysses
* Endymion
* An Essay on Man

(ii) To dethrone King Elpherg, Black Michael hired the services of the gang of:
* Three
* Four
* Five

(iii) The basic point of the poem ‘The Man of Life Upright’ is a/an:
* luxurious life
* honest life.
* Dishonest life.
* aimless life

(iv) Samson was taken captive, through the treachery of his wife, by the —– •
* Chinese.
* Tibetans
* Philistines
* Burmese

(v) ‘I saw her singing at her work’. Here ‘I’ means —-
* Shakespeare.
* Wordsworth
* Milton
* Coleridge

(vi) According to ‘Ulysses’, old age bath yet his honour and his —–.
* carelessness.
* foolishness
* pity
* toil

(vii) The Prisoner of Zenda is written by:
* Tolstoy
* Sir Anthony Hope
* Jack London
* Charles Dickens

(viii) Out of the six hirelings of Black Michael, the three Ruritanians are Lauengrarn Krafstein and —-
* Rupert of Hentzau
* Bersonin
* De Gautet

(ix) ‘My liege’ means:
* My luggage
* My lorry
* My love
My lord

(x) The old and new portions of the castle at Zenda were connected by a:
* moat.
* drawbridge
* Jacob’s ladder
* pipe

(xi) The thing that gave the gentleman a courage to live was the Korean girl’s:.
* friendly brown eyes
* pretty face
* smile
* long black plaits

(xii) According to Shakespeare, at the last stage of life, man is:
* in a state of oblivion
* thin and weak
* powerful and heavy
* witty and small

(xiii) Einstein was awarded the Nobel prize for:
* Physics.
* Statistics
* Mathematics.
* Astronomy

(xiv) Rupert of Hentzau was mad after:
* Flavia
* Helga
* Rose

(xv) James Thurber is one of the foremost:
* novelists.
* critics
* playwrights
* humorists

(xvi) ‘How well you talk, really I feel quite drowsy. It is just like being in church’. The speaker is:
* the Miller
* the Miller’s’ son
* the Miller’s wife
* Hans

(xvii) According to Bertrand Russell, Europe was sunk in:
* barbarism.
* capitalism
* socialism
* communism

(xviii) Ulysses by Lord Alfred Tennyson is a/an:
* epic
* ballad
* blank verse
* sonnet

(xix) According to Albert Einstein, the ideals which lighted him in his way have been Truth, Goodness and:
* Beauty
* Reality
* Honesty
* Modesty

(xx) Bertram Bertrand is a poet and a/an:
* spy
* diplomat
* Journalist
* agent


NOTE:Answer 10 questions from this section.

2.(i) Describe the scene of the -railway waiting .room in ‘Twenty Minutes with Mrs. Oakentubb’.

ANSWER: Mrs. Oakentubb arrives by train at a country railway station. It is very cold and raining heavily. A porter
carries her suitcase to the waiting room and turn the gas light full. Then he lights the gas fire, so that she could warm herself. From here, she was going to catch a train, which was due to arrive in twenty minutes, to take her to Stain Thorpe, her home town.

(ii) What is Einstein’s attitude towards leadership?

ANSWER: According to Einstein, the attitude to leadership should be that people are compelled for selecting any leader. They must be in the position of choosing their leader. This attitude is politically called democracy.
Moreover, according to his opinion, an autocratic system of coercion soon degenerates and never selects correct leadership.

(iii) Hightlight the message conveyed in the poem, ‘Say not the Struggle Naught Availeth’.

ANSWER: Please see Q.2 (vi) of 2014 Private

(iv) Describe ‘Morganatic Marriage’ with particular reference to ‘The Prisoner of Zenda’.

ANSWER: A morganatic marriage is a type of marriage which can be contracted in certain countries, usually between people of unequal social rank, which prevents the passage of the husband’s title and privileges to the wife and any children born of the marriage. It is also known as the ‘left handed marriage’ because in the wedding ceremony the groom holds the bride’s right hand with his left hand instead of his right. Madam de Mauban was a widow, rich, handsome, and, according to repute, ambitious. It was quite possible that she, as George put it, was flying as high as a personage who was everything he could be, short of enjoying strictly royal rank: for the duke was the son of the late King of Ruritania by’ a second & morganatic marriage, & half-brother to the new king.

(v) Who was Samson and how was he captured by the Philistines?

ANSWER: Please see Q.2 (v) of 2014 Regular

(vi) What are the qualities of an upright man described by Thomas Campion?

ANSWER: The main features of upright men are that he is honorable and trustworthy. His heart is free from all kinds of guilt He is not vain or proud. He lives a simple life. He does not desire wealth or property. His wealth is his good deeds. The poet compares the world to an inn. The upright man knows that his stay in the mortal world is temporary. This adhoc living resembles a holy visit which is called a age. The consciousness of temporary life keeps man always off the track from misdeeds 8- vices. He is respected in this world, while he will be rewarded by God, in the world hereafter.

(vii) What are the two gifts given to man by God as described by Alexander Pope in his poem ‘Lines from an Essay on Man’.

ANSWER: In this poem, which is an extract from a longer poem of the same name, Pope talks about two blessings of God. He tells us that it is a great blessing of God that we have been kept ignorant of our future. If we knew what was going to happen to the next day, life would become a great curse for us. The other blessing is hope that always springs in one’s heart and gives man courage to live on.

(viii) Describe the last stage of a man’s life as per view of William Shakespeare in his poem, ‘The Seven Ages of Man’.

ANSWER: The poet calls the last stage of man’s life as “second childishness” because of his semblance to the first stage. In this stage man becomes dependent upon others for his every need; he often falls sick and needs to be taken care of. He has no teeth and no taste. His eye-sight that had started weakening in the sixth stage becomes terrible weak, and he is unable to see what goes on in the world around him; he is unable to understand the common happenings of everyday life. He becomes forgetful; His being has no significance for anyone and is often forgotten in the everyday activities of fife. He, who had moved the earth and heaven in his youth, quality slips into oblivion.

(ix) Why is it insular for European historians to term the centuries after the fall of the Roman Empire ‘The Dark Ages’?

ANSWER: Please see Q.2 (ii) of 2014 Private

(x) How long did the panic in the lesson’ The Day the Dam Broke’ last and how was order restored?

ANSWER: The Panic lasted for about 2 hours in ali Order was restored by the militiamen riding in Lorries announcing over megaphone that the dam has not broken.

(xi) What is t~e role of Mr. Barthwick in the play ‘The Silver Box’.

ANSWER: Jack Barthwick, Son of John Barthwick played a role of M. P. (Member Parliament), who investigates the matter.

(xii) Who is the ‘Fair Weather Friend’, Hans or Miller? State with reasons.

ANSWER: We suspect the Miller to be insincere to Hans when he says to his wife that there is no good in his going to see Hans, as long as the snow lasts. He further tells her that, people should not be bothered by visitors when they are in trouble. They should be left alone. This shows that he is not a good friend.

(xiii) Why is the Seventh (last) stage, the most pitiable part of man’s life?

ANSWER: Please see Q. 2(viii) of 2013 Regular

(xiv) Change the narration:
Ali said to his younger brother, ‘Do not disturb me while I am studying.’ I said to my friend, ‘Do not rely on others.’

ANSWER: Ali told his younger brother that doesn’t disturb him during his study.
I said to him that does not rely on others.

(xv) Use any five of the following idioms in sentences of your own:
To call off; for good; a bird’s eye view; a “red letter day; to look down upon; to break the ice; to cry over spilt milk; to pull one’s leg; bone of contention; to rain cats and dogs.

(1) To call off: (to cancel an event)
Because of rain, they called off the baseball game.

(2) For good: (to cancel an-event)
After receiving meat at the vegetarian restaurant stopped going there for good.

(3) A bird’s eye view: (a view from a very high place which allows you to see a large area)
We had a bird’s eye view of the old town from the top of the city walls.

(4) A red letter day: (an important or significant day)
Today was a red-letter day in our history.

(5) To look down upon: (to consider someone or something as not important)
“A lot of people look down on us because we’re homeless,” she says.

(6) To break the ice: (to attempt to become friends with someone)
A nice smile does a lot to break the ice.

(7) To cry over spilt milk: (to be unhappy about what cannot be undone)
He is always crying over spilled milk.

(8) To pull One’s leg: (to kid, fool, or trick someone)

Don’t believe him. He’s just pulling your leg.

(9) Bone of contention: (the subject or point of an argument)

The question of a fence between the houses has become quite a bone of contention.

(10) To rain cats and dogs: (to be raining in great amounts)

It was raining cats and dogs by the time I got home.


NOTE: Answer all questions from this section.

3. Write an essay on any One of the following:


(i) Expectations for Future Pakistan:

Pakistan came into being in 1947 with great efforts of Muslims who wanted a separate homeland for themselves where they live independently and develop themselves as one of the great nation for that purpose they gave a lot of sacrifices. From 1947 Pakistan make progress in many sectors and many major developments occurred in different fields Some of the major developments are occurred in Pakistan are Nuclear developments, Constitutional developments, Educational developments, Technological developments, Agricultural developments and many other developments in various sectors.

We are seeing a bright future of Pakistan because the major part of population consisted of youth who now want change in the political system and also they are interesting to change the educational System they are interested in using the technology for getting maximum Theoretical and practical knowledge.

On the other hand media is playing a vital role in countering terrorism, showing educational standards in different part of the country pointing out the different corruption activities happening in different sectors of Pakistan. The Government is. one who controls each of the activities taking place in public and private sectors though it failed over the recent past in bringing stability in the economy and controlling the terrorism.

But now showing some positive signs as they made a gas agreement with Iran, handing over the Gwadar port to china and shaping up peace dialogues with the extremist for bringing peace in the country are some of the basic steps of the government to bring stability in the country and making economic developments. But they need to do much more than this and fast.

Our country is rich in natural resources like oil, gas, water, coal and many other natural resources. We have to use
these natural resources if we want the future of Pakistan more and brighter. We can generate electricity by using our natural resources and by running new projects. In recent Hydal power project is completed which generate electricity by using wind energy.

Our political leaders should consider these facts and try to make the future of Pakistan shining. Currently Pakistan is facing two major problems like unemployment and terrorism. We have to eradicate these problems if we want progress in Pakistan. The sense of insecurity among the people of Pakistan should be eliminated.

We should promote tourism in Pakistan. Corruption is a major cause due to which the progress is being made very slow. If the state of Pakistan will work with honesty then no one can stop Pakistan from doing development and progress. I can see a bright future of Pakistan which is only possible with the help of honest leaders which can take Pakistan to the peaks.

(ii) Use and misuse of Mobile Phones

Mobile or cell phones have revolutionized our lives since many years. In past, people had to wait for days or even
weeks to get reply to their letters. Then with time and technological advancements things started getting easier with the invention of telephone and then finally it got a lot easier with the introduction of cell phones. Cell phones provide us the opportunity to converse, figure out and access content. Mobile phones have redefined connectivity & communication. But high-end mobile phones have also turned out to be handy devices for anti-social elements. It all depends on how you use this smart and handy gadget. Mobile phones have their uses and misuses.

Uses of Mobile Phones:
The ability to talk without wires and all across the world is one of the major uses of cell phones. Cell phones have
surfaced as the main communication gadget for millions of countryside, distant and undersized areas in many developing countries where it is quite hard to build widespread fixed-line as well as other land line phone infrastructures. One can use cell phones in any disastrous situation and emergencies to get help. Some of the mobile phones have special features like maps etc. If you are new somewhere and have lost your way you can get help using your cell phone. There are numbers of applications like calculator, torch, calendar etc. in almost every cell phone. One can get help from these applications whenever needed. You can call or chat with your friends. or family members for hours with the introduction of a number of worthy packages and Wi-Fi -based messengers for you to avail. Thus by spending less money you can talk and have chit chat for longer time periods. These packages and apps are worthy enough as compared to wired or land line phone charges.

Misuses of Mobile Phones:
On one side if cell phones are the best sources to get instant help in the hour of need, there are some drawbacks of this gadget. It is a fact that parents allow their kids to use mobile phones at an early age. But it is only to make sure about their safety and security which is needed since we live in an unsecured society. However, unfortunately many times it has been observed that these children do not make use of it in a proper manner. They spend hours talking to their friends, not for good purposes but to gossip and thus waste their time. They prefer indoor games like those in the mobiles rather than’ the outdoor games. This can impact negatively on their mind ‘and physical fitness. The law made by the governments of many countries was much appreciated by a large number of people according to which it is restricted to the children to buy a SIM card until they reach to their eighteen. Majority of’ parents are thankful to their government for taking this effective step.

Some of the common misuses of mobile phones are cameras loaded in majority of mobile phones. These cameras can be used to take pictures of women and innocent children; these pictures are then usually morphed, maneuvered and circulated on the Internet and can be used for any negative purpose. Testing can also be used to misuse or track people. Cell phones have been known to be used by corrupt elements. Burglars and criminals can’ plan out number bad activities using mobile phones.

Thus cell phones if on one side are a blessing then on the other side they can create disasters in our lives and society. It is always advisable to make use of mobile phones for positive and useful purposes and not for negative activities. Also, keep a close look at for what purposes your children are using mobile phones to save them getting involved in any negative activity.

(iii) Face book Mania:

Please see Q.3 (iii) of 2014 Regular

4. Highlight the main features & event of the Coronation Ceremony in The Prisoner of Zenda


The king of the fictional country of Ruritania is drugged on the eve of his coronation and thus. unable to attend the
ceremony. Political forces are such that in order for the king to retain his crown his coronation must go forward. An English gentleman on holiday, who fortuitously resembles the monarch, is persuaded to act as his political decoy in an attempt to save the situation. The villainous Rupert of Hentzau gave his name to the sequel-published in 1898, which is included in some editions of this novel. The books were extremely popular and inspired a new genre of Ruritania romance, including the Grubstake novels by George Barr McCutcheon. On the eve of the coronation of King Rudolf of Ruritania, his brother, Prince Michael, has him drugged. In a desperate attempt not to give Michael the excuse to claim the throne, Colonel Sapt and Fritz von Tarlenheim, attendants of the King, persuade his identical cousin Rudolf Rassandyll, an English visitor, to impersonate the King at the coronation.

The unconscious king is abducted and imprisoned in a castle in the small town of Zenda. There are complications, plots, and counter-plots, among them the schemes of Michael’s mistress, Antoinette de Mauban, and those of his dashing but villainous ‘henchman Count Rupert of Hentzau.

Rassandyll falls in love with Princess Flavia, the King’s betrothed, but cannot tell her the truth. He determines to rescue the king and leads an attempt to enter the castle of Zenda. The King is rescued and is restored to his throne, but the lovers, in duty bound, must part forever.

OR Write a character sketch of Princes Flavia

ANSWER: Please see Q.4 (i) of 2014 Regular

OR Who deserves to be the rightful King of Ruritania, Elphberg or Rassendyll? State with reasons.
As regards legality is concerned, Rudolf Rassandyll does not deserve to be the King. He is an Englishman, a foreigner. Thus he does not classify, to be the King of Ruritania. However, he does possess inborn qualities of leadership which weigh heavily in his favour. While Rudolf Elphberg, being the heir to the throne of Ruritania has the right to be King, though he lacks the qualities of a King.

He is easy going, careless and lacks in leadership qualities. He loves wine woman and song and takes his kingship rather lightly, while Rudolf Rassandyll is bold and courageous. He has the ability to fade critical situations and take the right decisions, at the right time. He is enterprising and that is why, he accepts the responsibility and steps into – the shoes of King Rudolf Elphberg and becomes the imposter King, which role he plays admirable.

As Sapt points out,
“You are the finest Elphberg, of them all”
This is a great feather in the cap of Rudolf Rassandyll. Indeed, compared to Rudolf Rassandyll, King Rudolf Elphberg is very passive throughout the novel. His doesn’t make any effort to escape from the prison. Towards the end of the novel, with tears in his eyes, he thanks Rudolf Rassandyll for coming to his rescue. His conduct is most unbecoming for a King. In my view, he does not deserve to be King.

5. Read the following passage and answer the questions given below:
Those who have a passion for climbing high, are often looked upon with astonishment. Why are men willing to suffer cold and hardship, and to take risk on “mountains’ This astonishment is caused probably by the difference between mountaineering and other forms of activity to which men give their leisure. Mountaineering is a sport not a game. There are no man made rules, as there are for such games as hockey, cricket, football. There are different kinds of rules which, of course, would be dangerous to ignore, but it is this freedom which makes mountaineering attractive to many people. Those who climb mountains are free to use their own methods.

(i) What is the difference between sport and game?
(ii) Why are mountain climbers looked upon with astonishment?
(iii) What makes mountaineering attractive to many people?
(iv) Give a suitable title to the above passage.


(i) A sport is a physical activity carried out under an agreed set of rules with the aim of recreational purposes for either enjoyment or competition whereas a game is a recreational activity involving one or more players and is defined by the goal aimed at by the players under a set of rules.

(ii) Those that have a passion for climbing high and difficult mountains are often looked upon with astonishment.

(iii) The mountain itself may look more attractive from a far than from close up, but the views on clear days and the
experience of climbing through the early morning hours among hundreds of equally minded hikers from across the world, are very rewarding.

(iv) Climbing Mount

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