ENGLISH Past Paper 2nd year 2014 (Private) Karachi Board

1. Choose the correct answer for each from the given options:

(i) The poem Ulysses has been composed by:
* Keats
* Tennyson
* Milton
* Campion

(ii) The Devoted Friend is based upon comically one sided:
* statement
* drama
* Novel
* friendship

(iii) After the fall of the Roman Empire, the leadership in power and culture passed to the:
* East
* west
* German
* China

(iv) The ‘World As I See it’ is written by:
* Oscarwide
* Albert Einstein
* Bertrand Russell
* Frank Arthur

(v) An endless fountain of immortal drink,
pouring unto us from heaven’s brink,
These lines have been taken from the poem:
* Ulesses
* Endymion
* Music when soft voice Die
* The Solitary Reaper

(vi) Sounding Furrows means:
* noisy waves
* noiseless waves
* speedy waves
* high waves

(vii) The man imprisoned in Zenda was:
* Max Holf
* Rupert of Hentzau
* Rudolf Elphberg
* Rudolf Rassendyll

(viii) Mrs. Jones works at the house of:
* Mr. Snow
* Mr. Marlowe
* Mr. Jones
* Mr. Barthwick

(ix) The most sinister application of Scientific Technique is in regard to:
* domestic appliances
* medicines
* electronic goods
* weapons of war

(x) The coronation ceremony of King Rudolf Elphberg takes place in:
* Strelsau
* Dresden
* Tyrol
* Zenda

(xi) Hope springs eternal in human breast
Man never is, but always to be blest:
These lines have been taken from the poem:
* An Essay on Man
* Ulysses
* Samson Agonistes
* Man of Life Upright

(xii) Lady Burlesdon was the sister-in-law of:
* Rudolf Rassendyll
* Burlesdon
* Rudolf Elphberg
* Joseph

(xiii) Shakespeare has described second childishness in the:
* last stage
* second stage
* Third stage
* fourth stage

(xiv) ‘Samson Agonistes’ is a poetic:
* novel
* story
* drama
* essay

(xv) An Elegy is a poem which shows the emotion of:
* joy
* courage
* anger
* sadness

(xvi) The Prisoner of Zenda is-rightly called a:
* drama
* romance
* short story
* melodrama

(xvii) The Pakistani poet, G. Allana, has written the poem:
* The Lost Star
* Samson Agonistes
* The Solitary Reaper
* Endymion

(xviii) The scientific technique was considered by Bertrand Russell as the main weapon of the new western:
* democracy
* imperialism
* autocracy
* feudalism

(xix) Dr. Mallory locked like a famous English poet:
* Robert Browning
* Tennyson
* Shelley
* Wordsworth

(xx) Pakistan is a new state; or to be more exact, a new:
* power
* Country
* republic
* democracy


NOTE: Answer 10 questions from this section.

2.(i) Who is the villain of the novel ‘The Prisoner of Zenda’ & why?


Black Michael is the villain of the novel entitled The Prisoner of Zenda written by Anthony Hope. He is stepbrother of King Elphberg. He is schemer and evil by nature. Black Michael is a selfish man. He loves Princess Flavia just to get the throne. He is a hypocrite and makes a false show of love towards Madam-de-Mauban. Black Michael becomes utterly blind for power. At any rate he wants to seize the throne from his brother. His lust for power corrupts him and brings his decline. Black Michael always deceives his close companions. That is why he is killed by one of his own followers. Thus, the villain of the novel receives a tragic end.

(ii) Which period was called the ‘Dark Age’ by Bertrand Russell and why?


Although the term “The Dark Ages” is generally applied to the early medieval period of Western European history, specifically, it refers to the time (476-800) when there was no Holy Roman Emperor, or the time (500-1500) when
there were frequent warfare and a virtual disappearance of urban life. In either case, it was only the Christened Europe which was going through a period of intellectual darkness and barbarity. The Muslim world, as well as Spain, and the Chinese Empire were both culturally brilliant and geographically extensive. Thus, Bertrand Russell in the chapter ‘Reflections of the Re-awakening East’ says that it is the narrow outlook’ of the Europeans to term this period “The Dark Ages”.

(iii) What was the ‘Mob Mentality’ presented by James Thurber in the story ‘The Day the Dam Broke’?


The residents of western side in the Columbus city were as safe as kittens under a cook stove. In spite of it, the safety did not reduce in the least the fine disappointment and strange desperation which seized upon the’ residents of the East side suddenly when the cry of the crowds spread like a grass fire that the’ dam had broken. The city of Columbus that day the dam had broken. Business was going on briskly as usual in High Street, the main centre of trade. Suddenly people left their work and they started running towards East to save their lives. Within ten minutes everybody on High Street, from the Union Depot to the Courthouse was running. Two thousand people were abruptly in full flight. ‘Go East’ was that arose. Men and women, old and young were all running away from the West side to the East side, and thought that the East side was away from the Ohio River. Everybody was crying “Go East” because the East side was out of danger.

(iv) What is the message of the play ‘Act III of the Silver Box


British court decision exposes the corrupt British system, which was partial. Mr. Barthwick and Mr. Jones commit the same crime in drunken state, but the rich person, Mr. Barthwick, who is the son of Member of Parliament, is set free. He is dissolute and constant drinker .On the contrary Mr. Jones, who is respected and sensible, is sentenced to jail, because he is poor, and therefore he has low status in society. Thus it is proved that British Courts were not impartial at all.

(v) Make a comparison between the characters of the ‘Miller and Hans’?


Little Hans led a very happy life during the spring, the summer, and the autumn. But he used to ace a great deal of trouble in the winter, when he had no fruit or flowers to carry to the market. Sometimes poor Hans had to go to bed without any supper but his friend the Miller did not pay him a visit now. This shows that the Miller was a very selfish man and simply be fooled poor Hans. The miller’s claim to have been Hans best friend is vivid sign of hypocrisy. It was his great loss only. in terms of getting the work done free of cost. And he appears not be sincere in giving Hans his wheel-borrow, and therefore he delays a great deal. He confesses in the end of the story that wheel-borrow is not in good condition, but he does -not give it to Hans. He further wrongly interprets the act of helping others generously.

(vi) What is the effect of struggle in our personal life as described by Arthur Hugh Clough in his poem ‘Say not the Struggle Naught Availeth’?


This poem teaches the moral lesson of inflicting courage, ceaseless struggle and sunny optimism of hope and aspiration. The poet through various images conveys a great message that without struggle, man cannot accomplish anything really great in this world. Struggle is the key to success in human life. It is rightly said:”AlI honour to those who try.”

(vii) What does the poet mean by this line ‘Oh Blindness to the future! Kindly given’ in the poem ‘An Essay on Man’?


Alexander Pope in his poem “Essay on Man” elaborates this point that God has kept the future hidden from all living beings. Only present in known to us. But this is not’ equal. Human beings know more that animals but less then angels. If man had knowledge about the feature he would not have suffered willingly in this world. A lamb licks the hands of killer because of ignorance about the feature. In fact uncertainly about future is a great blessing of God. If man aspires to rise, he must be humble and fearful.

(viii) What is the attitude of Albert Einstein to property, outward success and luxury?


Einstein hates property, outward success and luxury as the objectives of life. In his opinion, people who look upon
ease and happiness as ends in themselves, debase humanity. The ideals which inspired the author are Truth, Goodness and Beauty (Nature).

(ix) What is the attitude of Albert Einstein to property, outward success and luxury?


The poem contains an amusing and classical description on human nature and behavior which reflects Shakespeare’s deep awareness of human psychology. The master-minded poet, William Shakespeare compares the World and the stage. According to him, the world is like a stage ‘Where everyone comes for a brief journey, lives, passes his life and ultimately dies. In the same fashion, an actor appears on the stage for a limited period of time, completes his role and finally exits as soon as his role is ended. The poet says that the world is like a stage, men and_women are like actors and living in the world resembles acting on the stage.

(x) What do you know about Samson’s supernatural powers.


Samson Agonistes was a great warrior and believer in the ancient times. God had granted him amazing and superhuman physical strength. With the help of that power, he always defeated his deadly enemies, the Philistines who were disbeliever. He pulled down the roof of the hall upon the heads of his enemies. He tells us that after saying these words Samson applied his force to the pillars that supported the roof of the hall. The pillars trembled just as mountains do against the fury of winds and waters. He shook them in opposite directions, till the roof came down with a thundering noise. Thus, all those lords, captains and priests who sat under the roof watching the-show, were crushed to death. Of course, Samson too died, but in this way he took a revenge on his enemies.

OR Comment on the summer house incident in the novel ‘The Prisoner of Zenda’.


Madame de Mauban wrote a letter, signed “A” to Rassendyll. She asked him to come alone at midnight to the summerhouse in Strelsau. She told him that Michael had made him write that letter. Three Strong men of Michael would be there in twenty minutes to kill him. Soon Michael’s men reached there and came close to the door. They had their revolvers ready to kill Rassendyll. They offered him fifty thousand pounds if he left the country. He said he would leave. But just then he took up a little iron table keeping its top before him, He asked Michael’s men to pull the door and open it. As soon as they opened it, he ran out. They fired at him, but the shots only hit the table. They also ran after him. But Rassendyll threw the table on their heads. He and they fell down on the ground. Rassendyll got up and wounded one to the three men with his pistol. Then he ran to a ladder about which de Mauban had told him. He climbed up this ladder and got out of the summerhouse over the wall. Thus, Rassendyll saved himself with the small iron table. The above incident is the most exciting in the novel. It is also the moment of greatest suspense.

(xi) Why did Rupert kill his own master?


Rupert of Hentzau is more devilish than Black Michael. Rupert of Hentzau proved to be a snake in the grass that deceived his master to whom he has sworn to be faithful. When Rassendyll made into’ the castle of Zenda, Rupert was calling names to Michael and was looking forward to attack him. He was disloyal to his master. He said about Michael:
“Black Michael will fall, like the dog he is.”
He also developed a lust for power and authority, and in a sense much more intense than the Black Michael. When he has stabbed him to death, he proudly announced to the residents of castle:
“Down with your weapons there! I’m your master now.”

(xii) Why does Bertrand Russell consider it useless to resist industrialization?


Bertrand Russell considers industrialization an essential condition of survival in the modern times. It was a source of power for England in the 19th century, and it is a source of power for America and Russian in the present day. Industrialism prevails wherever there is- sufficient civilization to make it possible. Therefore, it is useless to resist industrialism. Bertrand Russell quotes two examples of such ineffective protests. Firstly, he mentions Carlyle’s book Past and Present, which eloquently expresses such angry protests on account of ruthlessness of industrialization and destruction of beauty. The second example, Russell gives, is that of Gandhi whose immense influence on his countrymen remained equally ineffective to restore the spinning-wheel.

(xiii) What motive does the man have for murdering Mrs. Oakentubb?


The real motive of man for murdering Mrs. Oakentubb was to take revenge. In his words it is not only revenge but to execute justice. Mrs. Oakentubb, a wicked woman had crushed the wife and the daughter of the gentleman in a so called motor accident due to her ruthless driving. She used her influence and money in the court of law and was awarded a slight punishment. The man wanted to murder her to take revenge and execute justice.

(xiv) Use any five of the following idioms in sentences:
to come across; to call a spade a spade; to give in; to be in hot waters; null and void; to turn the tables; to smell a rat; at a snail’s pace.


to come across:
I come across my old friend lost evening.

to call a spade a spade:
We need out fear so long we should call a spade a spade to cruel persons.

to give in:
His business partner is so simple that he always acts upon his suggestion and gives in against his orders.

to be in hot waters:
The organization has been in hot water because 0.its defective policies.

null and void:
These rules have been declared null and void, so you cannot quote them in the court.

to turn the tables:
The politician turned the table when he was in the grip of the press.

to smell a rat:
He smells a rat and takes some pre-safety action.

at a snail’s pace:
Lazy people always do their work at a snail’s pace.

(xv) Change into indirect speech:
‘I am very sorry’, answered the Miller, ‘but it is my new lantern and it would be a great loss to me if anything happened to it’.


Miller answered that he was very sorry but it was his new lantern and it would be a great loss to him if anything had happened to it..


NOTE: Answer all questions from this section.

3. Write an essay on any One of the following:


(i) Importance of Commerce Education:

The study of interchange of merchandise on a large scale between the nations of the world is called commerce. All the subjects related with commerce education are helpful in trade and industries development. It deals with the study of economy, wealth, building and progress of a country.

Commerce as subject has great importance in the modern world. It gives knowledge about trade and business. It has a wide range of information related with the following fields which are back bones of the practical improvements of life, trade and materialistic progress.

Economics, Banking and finance, Principle of economics, Business and trade, Business statistics and mathematics, Commercial geography and Book keeping and accounting.

The study of commerce helps in flourishing trade. It is helpful in understanding the management, rules and principles . of business. Commerce as a subject is very helpful to understand the usefulness of resources and income. Commerce education .prepares young generation for the betterment and progress of a country. Commerce as a subject provides great information for the betterment of trade, systems of economy, circulation of wealth and the principles of difficult wealth institutions. The study of commerce gives knowledge about social organization, public dealing and marketing.

The study of commerce is total practical study of the state and the society. It Is useful to understand the geographical conditions and the natural resources which produce wealth in the world. The study of commerce gives knowledge about management production and marketing. Therefore a lot of career opportunities for the students of commerce because they are able to manage a system, keep records of every activity and well aware of the method of public interest and marketing. The student of commerce can work as accountants, manager’s suppliers and marketing representatives.

Pakistan is up growing country. It is badly needed to progress industries and trade I Pakistan, So that more wealth
could be accumulated for the progress of the country. Commerce education will.provide great help to reach the maximum advantages; therefore, the best commerce education is necessary for Pakistan. The government of Pakistan is trying to improve the facilities of commerce education. Private institutions are also providing commerce education in Pakistan. In sha Allah Pakistan will get its prominent position in the world through modern education and its productive resources will become strong soon in the future. The importance of commerce education in Pakistan can help in improving the conditions of trade and business in Pakistan. The best commerce education can produce a sense of using private and public finance in the proper way, by the proper use of commerce education Pakistan can improve its economy and management.

(ii) Effects of Target Killing’ on Society:

Karachi the largest metropolis of Pakistan and the backbone of country’s economy is in the state of terror since last few months. Ethnic and Sectarian violence is at peak and no one is able to control this uncertain and violent situation.

On almost every day 10 to 12 lives get targeted, more than dozens of vehicles have been burnt till yet. The parties in coalition doing nothing only giving useless statement and playing the blame game. In fact the situation seems like they are even not aware what actually happening in Karachi and who is responsible for making the situation worst. MQM, ANP, PPP and now the religious parties are also claiming that their activists are being targeted. If these political parties are not involved in what ever happening in Karachi so question is that who is doing all this? Who is targeting the people belongs to political and religious parties and of different sects? From where the large number of arms are coming?

Karachiites are confused that what actually happening in this city. Is this the sectarian violence, political clash or ethnic war? Whatever it is the thing is that people are being targeted, properties are burnt on fire. This all situation have created fear among the citizen of the city. Rumors are speculating for knowing the real cause of killing. Foreign involvement is there or political parties are involved in creating uncertain scenario in city.

What ever the real cause is now its time that government should take strict action” against target killing incidence. I am extremely sure that our government is fully aware that who is involved in disturbing the routine life of Karachi.
Pakistan economy is already suffering from ongoing war on terrorism foreign investment is almost finished and if the to situation of Karachi remains the same than economy will badly affected and collapsed. After all Karachi plays a vital role in Pakistan’s economy. It’s not the time for giving statement; it’s time for an action. All these people involved in creating this violent situation should be punished. If this situation will not be control now so it will lead to ethnic violence. Kyrgyzstan is example is just in front of us. So save Karachi from entering in worst ethnic and sectarian violence otherwise it will be uncontrollable.

(iii) Uses and Abuses of Internet:

The large system of connected computers around the world which people use to communicate with each other is
called as internet or Net. If the connection of internet is spread through cables then it is known as cable net.

Internet or cable net is an international network connecting other networks of computers from companies, universities and other institutions in order to quick exchange of information. We are living in the age of computers and computers are being used everywhere and in every field of life. The development of computer programming and computer technology has given us the cheap and quick method of exchanging the information and communications. This method . is called internet. The advantages and uses of internet can be described as following:

It gives information about every field. You may get information according to your need through internet. You may take advantage from encyclopedia and dictionaries with the help of internet. It gives a co-ordination with the whole world and its interests. It helps to exchange the views with the person of same mental attitudes. Internet brings the world closer. Currents happening incidents can be discovered by the internet. Every kind of new related with politics, fashion, science, history, personalities can be discovered by the use of internet. Internet is the latest means of communication. It has numerous advantages if it is used rightly for constructive purpose.

Internet has many charms, with the help of internet we get a wide range of information and it can help us to communicate with many people throughout the world. Internet is also producing false trends especially among the students which easily become a victim of its colorful and charming aspects. Some abuses of internet are following:

The students, young boys and girls waste their precious hours on sitting internet without taking any positive constructive benefit. Most of the people use internet only to satisfy their inner desire. Stealing of money through credit .cards is very common by the use of internet. Some extreme minded people get digest money from the credit cards of others. The students waste their time on chatting which each other usually is very useless. Several hours on internet without any purpose produce wrong effects on the health of the users.

The government is trying to take such steps in which the only positive use of internet could be possible. However it is totally depends upon the trends and education of people, if they are aware of their profit and loss, they will use the internet with their justification.

4. Write a character sketch of Black Michael. OR Col. Sapt OR Madam de Mauban.


Please see Q.4 of 2014 Regular

Madam de Mauban:
Please see Q.4 of 2014 Regular


Colonel Sapt is one of the most significant and momentous characters of the novel entitled The Prisoner of Zenda, written by Anthony Hope. Being the most loyal servant of the kind, Colonel Sapt was the man behind the impersonating of King Elphberg by Rudolf Rassendyll. It was due to his guidance that Rassendyll could successfully play the role of king Elphberg. Colonel Sapt has played the character of an honest person who has sincere wishes to save the throne for the real king of Ruritania. A single glance over the mentioned qualities will bring to light the noble character of Colonel Sapt

Colonel Sapt is a brave man whose gallantry keeps him motivated for taking personal risks. He shows great velour on all events. He is also very loyal to the king and serves the throne with dedication and faith. Being a sovereign authority, he has enough experience in the art of governing people. His only objective in life is to reinstate King Elphberg. For this achievement, he uses all the persons including Countess Flavia as pieces of chessboard. Sapt’s courage and determination is enlightened when he said to Rassendyll: “If we’re detected, I’ll send Black Michael down below before I go myself.”

Colonel Sapt is a wise man. His superb prudence made him sensible enough not takes reckless steps. He uses his mind and intelligence on the battlefield of life. It was merely due to his witticism Rassendyll identification was not revealed. Although the Colonel does not accept advises others, his gorgeous mentality enables him to crush all the obstacles that come in the path of his Due to these qualities, he exalted himself in the eyes of the king and Rassendyll. His wisdom is enlightened when he said:” … If you do not go I swear to you Black Michael will sit tonight on the throne, and the king in prison or his grave.”

Colonel Sapt is not only a good advisor, but. also a sincere friend of Rassendyll. He became Rassendyll friend as
soon as they both met. Colonel Sapt served his friend on every difficult stage. A good example of sincere friendship is seen at the Summer House, when Rassendyll was dangerous situation -among the enemies.

Colonel Sapt appears to be a confirmed bachelor having low opinion about women. He never trust ladies, but believes that women spoil everything. Even the princess does not come in exception to hatred for the opposite gender. When Madam de- Mauban invites Rassendyll to the Summer House, he said: “I do not believe my enemy and you s-hall not go.”

Colonel Sapt is a well-disciplined man. He has some firm rules, which are strictly followed by him this discipline and devotion leads the colonel to serve the king and his country. When Rassendyll went to Marshall for some help without consulting him, Sapt angrily said:
“Sapt likes to be consulted before hand, not informed afterwards.”

Colonel Sapt is a colonel in the Ruritania Army. He is the oldest of all the hot-blooded army men. The colonel is a
devoted servant of the king. His loyalty is for the cause of monarchy and not for a particular person. He has a highly productive mind, which enables him to act daringly to restore the throne. He succeeded in liberating who was the actual inheritor to the throne.

The character performed by Colonel Sapt is worth reading. His wisdom, loyalty, courage and good principles fascinate readers.

5. Read the following passage and answer the questions below:
‘My purpose is to suggest a cure for the ordinary day-to-day unhappiness from which most people in civilized countries suffer, and which is all the more unbearable because, having no obvious external cause, it appears inescapable. I believe this unhappiness to be very largely due to mistaken views of the world, mistaken ethics, mistaken habits of life, leading to destruction of that natural zest and appetite for possible things upon which all happiness, whether of men or animals ultimately depends. These are matters which lie within the power of the individual, and I propose to suggest the changes by which his happiness, given average good fortune, may be achieved’.
(i) Give the above passage a suitable title.
(ii) Which is the problem most people in the civilized countries suffer from?
(iii) What we the causes of unhappiness?
(iv) What does the writer propose to suggest?
(v) Why does unhappiness appear inescapable?


(i) Everyday Problems Faced by Civilized Countries
(ii) The problem most people in the civilized countries suffer from is ordinary day-to-day unhappiness
(iii) Causes of unhappiness are mistaken views of the world, mistaken ethics, mistaken habits of life, leading to destruction of that natural zest and appetite for possible things.
(iv) The writer proposes to suggest the changes by which his happiness, given average good fortune, may be achieved.’
(v) Unhappiness appears inescapable because of having no obvious external cause.

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