ENGLISH Past Paper 2nd year 2014 (Regular) Karachi Board

1. Choose the correct answer for each from the given options:

i. The line “Who see with equal eye, as God of all” has been taken from:
* Ulysses
* Endymion
* An Essay on Man
* The Solitary Reaper

ii. “Act-III of the Silver Box” is a criticism of:
* the poor class
* the rich class
* the English legal system.
* The English culture

iii. Due to jealousy of Princess Flavia, Black Michael was betrayed by:
* De Gautet
* de Mauban
* Bersonin
* Lauengram

iv. Achilles, the Greek hero, was shot in the heel with:
* a knife
* a sword
* a dagger
* an arrow

v. In the novel, “The Prisoner of Zenda”, Jacob’s ladder was actually a:
* tower
* drawbridge
* ladder
* pipe

vi. Keats is of the view that there is an inhuman dearth of:
* lovely tales
* educated people
* sweet dreams
* noble nature

vii. The old and new portions of the castle of Zenda were connected by a:
* moat
* drawbridge
* Jacob’s ladder
* pipe

viii. “Hebrides” mentioned in “The Solitary reaper” are:
* island
* deserts
* oceans
* mountains

ix. A “Ballad” is a:
* dance
* dialogue
* drama
* song

x. The line “And sings a solitary song” consist of a/an:
* metaphor
* simile
* alliteration
* personification

xi. Ruritania is an imaginary country in:
* Russia
* Switzerland
* Central Europe
* Belgium

xii. Marshal Strakencz was the:
* Commander in Chief
* Chief aide-de-camp of the king
* Chief of Ruritanian police
* Chancellor

xiii. Mrs. Oakentubb’s husband was a successful:
* teacher
* artist
* doctor
* businessman

xiv. Marie Celste was a:
* ship
* ferry
* boat
* yacht

xv. Albert Einstein believed in:
* socialism
* communism
* democracy
* autocracy

xvi. The book, “Past and present” has been written by:
* Russell
* Carlyle
* Ruskin
* Fielding

xvii. Madam Mauban wrote a letter at the command of Michael to:
* Rudolf Rassendyll
* King Rudolf
* Sapt
* Fritz

xviii. Black Michael was the Duke of:
* Zenda
* Strelsau
* Tyrol
* Dresdon

xix. The word monotheist means believer in:
* One God
* many Gods
* idols
* nihilism

xx. The secret of the strength of Samson had been revealed by his:
* Sister-in-law
* mother-in-law
* wife
* friend


NOTE: Answer 10 questions from this section.

2.(i) What reason does Bertrand Russell give for his opinion that the nation of Asia will not find it hard to keep their independence?


Russell gives the reason of militaristic mechanization and two polar worlds in order to support his arguments that
independence will not be very difficult to preserve for underdeveloped countries. Before the fall of United Soviet Socialist Republic (Russia) the world was divided into two super powers American and Russia. They both were rivals to each other and groping the other countries in their pole.
The undeveloped countries especially of Asia and Africa had to be member of one hostile pole in order to preserve their freedom and gain modern weapons. The two super powers used to provide militaristic & economical support conditionally But now time has changed and there is only world super power America, which is still following the same policy.

(ii) What is the theme of the poem “Music when soft Voice Die”.


The poem tells us that even after we stop listening to good music, this soft music lingers on in our memories for long time to come. Another example that he gives is of flowers like violets, telling us that even after flowers die away, their sweet scent lingers with us for a long time to come.
Giving yet another example, the poet tells us that even after a rose withers away its petals, are scattered on the bed of loved ones in order to make the room sweet scented. In the last, he empresses the central idea asserting that everything and everyone that we love can never be forgotten by us even though they are not with us any longer. Therefore, the poet declares that even though his beloved is no longer with him, yet her loving though shall live in his memory and even though the poet will not be able to actively show the love for her, yet in a silent, quite manner, he shall continue to love her as long as he lives.

(iii) What are the different shapes or forms pf beauty that give joy according to John Keats?


The sun, the moon and trees which provide shady boon, daffodils (flowers) with the green world they grow in, the flowing cool clear rills, the mid-forest brake with sprinkling of .musk-rose blooms, the splendor of the mighty dead kings and the lovely stories are most inspiring things of beauty that Keats mentioned in the poem.

(iv) Who was the prisoner of Zenda? Why was a imprisoned?


In the novel The Prisoner of Zenda, there are two prisoners; one is physically in bondage, while another One is in prison of soul. During the course of the novel, any critical reader can analysis the confinement of Rudolf Rassendyll. The Rudolf Rassendyll, who was the visitor in Ruritania, suddenly got trapped ethically.
On insist of Colonel Sapt, he decided to impersonate the king and killed himself from inside. After impersonation, he was not free in soul and in his love. Whatever he did during the course of the novel, was only for the state of Ruritania or King. He had intense feeling for Flavia, but he sacrificed his love for the people of Ruritania.

(v) How did Samson destroy the Philistine leaders?


The Philistines arranged a grand feast in a temple. The huge gathering included gentry from all parts of the country. The prisoner, Samson, was brought to display his immense strength. He was made blind. After performing for some time, he feel exhausted and wished to be taken between the pillars for rest. He placed his arms on the pillars. The foundation of great temple rested onto these two pillars. Samson exerted all his force onto these massy pillars. The whole roof collapsed with a loud rumble and explosion. All the people assembled there were buried alive. Samson was also buried with them, but remained alive among the hearts of his people.

(vi) What was Black Michael’s plan in case any attempt was made to rescue the king?


The king was imprisoned in a small room in the old part of the Castle of Zenda. The prison had only one window close to the surface of the moat. The only entrance to this room was from an inner room. Three of Michael’s six men were always on guard there. It was decided that if somebody attacked them, one of them was to run in and kill the king. A large pipe had been built from the window of the prison to the surface outside. The king’s body would be weighted and then thrown through the pipe into the water. The bridge was drawn back at night. In this way any access to the prison was impossible. Had Michael and his man not fought each other, the king would not have been saved.

(vii) What led the Constable to arrest and charge James as well?


The police acted promptly and arrested Jones along with his innocent wife who was employed as a charwoman in the house of Mr. Barth wick Jones became violent and resisted the police when they arrested his wife who did not commit any crime. The police took her into custody because they suspended that she might have stolen the silver box or helped her husband in entering the house of Mr. Barthwick Owing to the scoundrel Mrs. Jones lost her job and had to vacate the house in which she lived with her three children.

(viii) What moral does the poem “Ulysses” teach?


All the sailors with Ulysses have grown old, yet they have a fearless and ambitious spirit. Ulysses inspires his old sailors to do some notable work before inevitable death. He addresses them in impassioned eloquence and infuses into them a new fresh and young spirit of bravery and chivalry for thwarting all the difficulties back in order to discover new world. Ulysses says to his sailors “to strive, to seek, to find and not to yield”.

(ix) What events led Rudolf Rassendyll to act as the king of Ruritania?


Rassendyll had come to Ruritania from England to attend the coronation of King Rudolf. He met the king by chance in the forest of Zenda He was surprised to find that the king resembled him much. At dinner, the king took the. drugged wine, sent to him by his half-brother, Michael. He becomes unconscious. In the morning, Rassendyll, Sapt a d Fritz found the king to be completely unconscious. It was the day of his coronation. The coronation was going to take place in Strelsau, the capital of Ruritania. To save the throne Sapt suggested that Rassendyll should impersonate the king at the coronation. Rassendyll should shave off his beard and wear the king’s dress. Then he should go to the capital. Everyone accepted Sapt’s suggestion. Thus Rassendyll impersonated the king to save the throne of Ruritania from Michael. Michael was defeated in his plan.

(x) What is the significance of the fifth stage of man’s life in the poem “The seven Ages of Man”?


When the fifth stage of a man’s life begins he is called a .justice. Due to energy full foods he becomes very healthy. His personality is very effective and stern. He has his format beard and he always speaks to other with good examples. He is considered a wise person so his advices are always followed. In this way he completes this stage of life and shift into the sixth stage.

(xi) Why and how did Antoinette de Mauban help Rudolf Rassendyll?


She was also a foreign visitor, who had come on the invitation of Black Michael and his six persons. When she came to know of their plans to kill Rudolf Rassendyll, she became very’ much worried. She wanted to help because she had met him on her journey to Ruritania when they were traveling in a same train.

For this purpose, she took some risks. At the Summerhouse she warned Rassendyll to be on his guard. She also wrote letters to princess Flavia and Rassendyll about this. She had a soft corner for Rassendyll and wanted to save him from the clutches of Michael and his six and their pi She took practical steps.

(xii) What is real freedom according to Liaquat Ali Khan?


Liaquat Ali Khan explains the meaning of freedom. In olden times freedom meant freedom only from .foreign domination. He says that freedom means freedom only from foreign domination, is an outworn idea. The modern concept of freedom totally differs from the old.concept of freedom He . emphasized that it is not only government that should be free but the people should also be free.
That freedom means freedom only from foreign domination, is an outworn idea. It is not merely the government that should be free but the people themselves who should be free; and no Freedom has any real value for the common man or woman unless it also means freedom from want, freedom from disease, freedom from ignorance.

(xiii) Why did Dr. Mallory think that the flood waters were about to engulf him in the lesson “The Day the Dam Broke”?


Dr. Mallory believed that the flood water had overtaken the people. So he was running to save his life. There was actually a boy running behind 01″. Mallory on roller skates and Dr. Mallory in utter confusion mistook the swishing of the skates for the sound of rushing water. So he thought that the flood waters were about to engulf him, he ran as fast as he could. He collapsed when he reached the Columbus school for Girls, they boy on the skates swirled past him and Dr. Mallory realized for the first time what he had been running form. Looking back up the street he could see no signs of water, but nevertheless, after resting a few minutes, lie jogged on east again.

(xiv) Change into indirect speech:
(i) He said, ‘I shall go there tomorrow.’
(ii) She said, ‘What is the time?’


(i) He told that he would go there the next day.
(ii) She asked what the time was.

(xv) Use any five idioms in your sentences so that their meanings become clear:

to take down; to bring up; to bring to light ; to make out ; by leaps and bound ; a burning questions; to speak volumes; at the eleventh hour.

to take down:
He takes down each and every point of the lecture .”

to bring up:
As his parents had died so he was brought up by his uncle.

to bring to light:
The runs of Moen-jo-daro bring it to light that the people of that time were well civilized & cultured.

to make out:
Our country will make out of its political problems.

by leaps and bounds:
If we work hard sincerely, our country will develop by leaps and bounds.

a burning questions:
Now-a-days the burning question is to maintain peaceful atmosphere in the country.

to speak volumes:
The evidence is speaking volumes of his crime.

at the eleventh hour:
At the eleventh hour it was decided to put off the meeting because of bad situation of law and order in the city.


NOTE: Answer all questions from this section.

3. Write an essay on One of the following:


(i) Importance of Social Media:

During the first talk with the boss about the importance of social media, it is important to be clear about the specific
goals one hopes to accomplish with social media. While most people know that social media is a great aspect of modern business, there are some incorrect assumptions about the world of social media. While most people talk about the possibility of making it big on YouTube or Facebook, the truth of the matter is that the most effective YouTube solution for a business could be the production of great videos for each separate product or service offered. However, this is. not enough, and every company which has embarked on the quest for effective social media knows this. Instead of simply sticking videos up, the goal of the endeavor must be understood and followed through on.

The most obvious reason that a ,company needs to set up a social media presence is that the company will need to raise the awareness of its brand among potential customers. With a strong set of videos, customers will be able to see exactly what the brand offers. Secondly, the benefits of social media are for companies to establish best .practices in terms of how to develop the framework for product and service improvements. With such famous examples as Amazon customer reviews, companies can instantly find out what its customers think about the products and services the company offers.

Another good reason to incorporate social media for a company is the fact that once the media has been put up for a significant amount .of time, the success of this campaign can be monitored. YouTube shows the number of total views, the number of Likes, the number of Dislikes, and also comments directly underneath the video itself. In Facebook, a whole slew of information can be found about the success or failure of the product, service, or brand.

In addition to these, customer service levels will also increase since the relationship between customer and company will become more intimate. Real-time is the key word to describe this relationship.

There are also great ways through social media to improve the level of leadership through thought processes. Paired with the previous reasons, this approach is a great way to complete the campaign.

The final way in which to utilize a campaign is by using the social media platform to find new talent which can take the company to the next level.

Listening is an integral part of using social media sites to receive benefits from them. When a customer voices his or her own opinion about a potential purchase, need, or want, a company which can provide a solution to this should be listening. While most people will find it offensive if a company tries to sell directly to them via social media, the sale can still be made based on data picked up from social media sites.

With a minimum investment, companies can enter the social media realm effectively, offering useful information about the products and services of the company. Also, valuable information can be reaped by those who initiate social media campaigns. This means that companies can learn large amounts of valuable information about their image, brand, and products, just from setting up professional accounts with all the major social media sites. For a business which is selling to customers, there are a few social media sites that are essential. They include the following: Facebook , YouTube, Twitter and Amazon. With these sites locked down, the brand image of the company’s products and services will be improved drastically.

(ii) An Interesting Cricket match:

Cricket is a popular .game all over the world and in South Asia, it is seem with more interest when it is played between India and Pakistan.

Last days Indian team visited Pakistan to promote friendship between two countries.

In series of best of five, each team won two matches. The final was due to decide the winner. Final match was one of the best-played games in cricket world. It started with a toss, which was won by Pakistan. They decided to bat first The openers Shahid Afridi and Asim Kamal came in the ground with great applause by viewers. Shahid Afridi as usual played a windy game. He was very much confident because of his previous centuries. He played sixes and fours but was gone for 46 runs. Inzimam came in after Afridi was out. He supported the team with a good score, after Asim Kamal was out, Inzimam and Youhana pulled the score to 150 runs. Whole team was out for 270 runs. Indian bowlers played very well. India as usual with its openers started full blown, but first wicket fell very early, though it did not make any difference, as Sachin was in to play his windy game. He played very well and made a century. He was at last caught behind on 132 runs. It was marvelous rest of the batsman gave their full participation and in the last over they completed the score. Though Pakistani bowlers tried their best but Indian batsman took the cup. Both teams showed great deal of sportsmanship.

(iii) Facebook and studies:

Social networking has been a common use on the Internet in today’s generation. One of these popular social networking sites is Face book which has over millions of members connecting with friends every day. The popularity of Face bookers in Pakistan has been increasing so much that soon it will reach 43 billion members in 2012 (kompas.com on first February 2012). However, in society there are pro and contra viewpoints concerning using face book in the daily life. Based on this issue we would explain more about. the advantages and disadvantages that people might get from Face book so that you could decide whether or not you want to use Face book. We have two common advantages that we might get from Face book such as easy communication and effective advertisement while about the disadvantages we have decreasing the direct communication and wasting your time.

First of all, Face book has two major advantages. The first advantage of using Face. book is that it eases our communication. For example when people want to communicate with their friends or family abroad, they no longer need to post mails which need a lot of time and money. Face book provides several features such as chatting, personal messaging, and photo sharing which enable us to share information with other Face bookers easily. Just by clicking on the ‘post’ button in Face book, we can send pictures, videos, or simple sweet greetings for the people we love who are miles away from us. With the existence of Face book, distance no longer, becomes obstacle for our communication. Face book seems like constricting the globe. Another advantage of using Face book is that it becomes an efficient place to advertise our products. Efficient here are in the form of money; time and energy. ‘For example, we can use Face book to advertise our products or events for free, while in the other media like newspaper, radio, or television, we have to pay a certain amount of money. Even, if we want to advertise our product in Jawa Post, we have to pay Rs.200.000 for only a two-line advertisement. Furthermore, we do not need much time to spread out our advertisements. We just need to sit in the front of the computer, upload the advertisement and share it via Face book by only clicking “share” button. In a few minutes, our product will spread all over the world and as a consequence, everyone will know and read our advertisement in their Face book accounts. Moreover, by using Face book, we should not do the conventional way of spreading the advertisement where we have to stand for a long time on the crowd giving the advertisements to the consumers. Instead of doing that tiring way, we only need to sit, get connected to Face book and share the advertisements. Therefore, we definitely save a vast amount of energy.

Besides the advantages as described in the previous section, Face book also has two common disadvantages. The first disadvantage of using Face book is that it decreases the direct communication between yourselves and other people, Communicating by using Face book, it means that you do not do face to face communication with your friends and only using computers to do it. Indeed by using Face book, you can exchange information and make conversation with your friends. However, you will lose one essential aspect of communication which is non-verbal communication. It includes eye contact, gesture, voice tone and touching. Actually, non-verbal communication is so important because it will help to convey the emotion and feelings strongly. To illustrate, when your friend is sad and crying, you can calm her/him down by patting he-r/his shoulder. If you use Facebook to communicate, you cannot show your support and sympathy straightforwardly. The second disadvantage of using Face book is that it wastes our time. Once people connect with their friends on Face book, they will tend to chat with them for hours and be curious to know what they are doing and feeling by looking at their friends’ constantly updated status.· Moreover, Face book also provides many kinds of online games such as Poker and Civility. Usually people prefer to play online games on Face book while waiting for the newest status’ of friends. When they get new notifications, they will minimize the game, look at the new notification, and then continue the game. -It happens on and on. As the result, people will not realize that they have spent many hours only for connecting to face book. Actually, with the amount of time, you can do your duty or other things which are useful such as doing homework or reading books. To sum up, there are two points of view about Facebook: agree and disagree. The people who agree with the using of Facebook find it useful to ease communication and provide effective advertisements. However, people who disagree with the using of Face book think that it is decreasing direct communication and wasting time activity. Therefore, it is your choice to agree or disagree of the using of Face book.

OR Need of Muslim Unity:

Muslim of the whole world are passing through a very critical and hard period nowadays. The need for Muslim unity now is greater than at any other time. After the the trade tower blast on ninth September the Muslim are suspicious in the eyes of the western countries. Every Muslim in the west is now critically watched as if he is a terrorist. The Muslim countries were facing sanction, restriction and difficulties and the hand of western super powers, now.

This is a time for Muslim of the whole world to get united with each other. Unity is strength. This unity will have great fruit in the future. It will help the Muslim countries to make progress in different field. There will be strong. It will also strengthen their different needs. They will stand as strong nation before, the world. And the western,powers will consider the Muslim and Muslim countries will respect and regard. It is high time that all the leader of the Muslim countries should sit together and think about this important matter. Otherwise one by one Muslim country will become a target of aggressive by America. The need is that Muslim countries should solve their differences and help each other in the progress. Then they can stand at their own, not at the mercy of the west. Off course unity is strength.

4. Write a character sketch of Princess Flavia OR Black Michael. OR What role is played by Madam de Mauban in the novel “The Prisoner of Zenda”



Princess Flavia is a character from the novel entitled The Prisoner of Zenda, written by Anthony Hope. She is the only female character who is not directly involved in the . conspiracies, which pass through the entire atmosphere of the novel. She is the cousin and fiancee of King Rudolf Elphberg and is the immediate inheritor to the throne. She bears a bewitching personality and fascinates the readers by the elegant attitude.

Princess Flavia is a young, captivating and decent lady. She possesses a character full of virtues and commands great respect and admiration among the people of Ruritania. They wish to see her as the future queen of the country. She is a noble and kind-hearted woman.

Princess Flavia is a wise woman. Her wisdom keeps her aware of the evil desires of Black Michael, who is not a good man. She very intelligently keeps herself away from all sorts of intrigues. She is a sensible person who has the courage to face the realities of life.

Princess Flavia is a lady with elements of love in her heart These elements increase the fascination and temptation in her character. She sincerely and quite confidently admits her inclination towards Rassendyll, being impressed by his personality. She was bold enough to propose Rassendyll but her sensibility restricted her to perform any action below dignity. She gave heart and ·soul to Rudolf Rassendyll considering him to be the real king. She never mourns her decision even after coming to know that he is a pretender. She confessed that Rudolf Rassendyll was acceptable to him even if he was a beggar.

The princess was a sincere and devoted lady, always worried about the security of Rassendyll. She advised him time and again to be cautious of the wicked plans of Duke Michael. ‘When Black Michael was successful in injuring Rassendyll, she at once reached Zenda to look after him. This action reflects her sense of responsibility and devotion towards the man whom she loved from the depths of her heart She said to_Rassendyll:

Princess Flavia is a responsible lady. She is very loyal to her country and knows the difference between love and duty. She sets an example of the greatest sacrifice by giving up her love at the altar of duty. This aspect of her character shows that she is not the slave of her passions.

In order to maintain peace in Ruritania and not to disgrace the royal family, Princess Flavia took a sensible and daring step. She sacrificed her love for the sake of her homeland and parted with Rassendyll forever. It was a noble and graceful decision in the interest of Ruritania and the Royal family. “There is no moral authority like that of sacrifice.”

– Nadine Gordimcr

Princess Flavia proves to be not only the leading female character of the novel but also the most lively and integral personality. She holds the attentions of the readers because of her charm, duty and incredible virtues. She respected the wishes of the people and the country and gave up her love for the sake of her country. She is a complete symbol of love, beauty and sacrifice, which makes her an admirable character.


Black Michael is the villain of the novel entitled The Prisoner of Zenda created by Anthony Hope. He is step brother of King Elphberg. He is not the legal heir to the throne because he is the result of the king’s second and morganatic marriage. Black Michael is the owner of castle ‘of Zenda. Being the favorite of the late king of Ruritania, he was appointed as the Duke of Strelsau. He is schemer and evil by nature.

Black Michael is a selfish man. He loves Princess Flavia just to get the throne: He is a. hypocrite and makes a false show of love towards Madam-de-Mauban. He has become popular among a small number of people of the country by his hypocrisy. He is over ambitious and greedy.

Black Michael is a sinful man. He makes plot to get the throne with the help of his companions but always’ tries to delude them. That is why his followers betray him, when he is expecting completion victory. He invites Rassendyll to the Summer House through a conspiracy, but fortunately Rassendyll survives. This. sharp and evil act shows his wickedness.

Black Michael is in fact a cruel person. When the king has been in his noose, he treats him in a very harsh and inhuman manner. He does not feel pity for his brother even. Black Michael is a coward want to save his life at any cost. He does not come out to handle the situation at any time.

Black Michael is a wicked but a cool minded and genius criminal. When he sees that Rassendyll impersonated the king of Ruritania he does not make it known to the people to keep his villainy select. We see that even interest and love for Mauban do not irritate him. It shows that he is a controlled emotion criminal.

Black Michael becomes utterly blind for power. At any rate he wants to seize the throne from his brother. His lust for power corrupts him and brings his decline.

Black Michael always deceives his close companions. That is why he is killed by one of his own followers. Thus, the villain of the novel receives a tragic end.

What role is played by Madam de Mauban in the novel “The Prisoner of Zenda”


Antoinette-de-Mauban is the character of the novel entitled The Prisoner of Zenda written by Anthony Hope. Madame-de-Mauban was a widow, rich, beautiful and clever lady. She deeply loved Black Michael, the Duke of Stralsau.

She was sincerely devoted to the Duke and by this genuine attachment She allowed him at his request from Paris
to Ruritania but she was not aware that the Duke whom she thought to-be a man of strong passions was actually a cruel, cunning and selfish man who was content to take all but gives nothing.

She was a quite person who had decided to spend a quite and peaceful time in Ruritania with the Duke. With this
intention she accepted the Duke’s request only to discover at her arrival that things were contradictory- to what she had though. It did not take her long to find out that the Duke wanted to kill the King and seize the throne for himself but Madame-de-Mauban did not desire his triumph for she detested his crime and mainly because she knew that if Michael was made the king he would marry Princess Flavia.

She was a possessive woman and found her rival and would not bear to see the Duke abandoning her by marrying the Princes so she betrayed Black Michael to Rassendyll by warning him of his plan to kill him in the Summer House. For she knew that in case of Rassendyll’s Death the Duke would become the king and would eventually marry Flavia.

She wrote a letter to Flavia as king and warned her not to accept the Duke’s invitation in case; she would come in the power of the Duke. She was a pretty lady and at the Zenda, Rupert, her beauty caught one of the king’s six men. But Mauban hated him because she was sincerely devoted to the Duke. Being aware of Rupert’s intentions she had warned Michael of him. Mauban was a compassionate woman and when she learnt of the full measure of his cruelty, she was touched with compassion for the king and from that day she became a well-wisher of Rassendyll and his party.

Gradually she found herself entangled into the Duke’s plan, but she was not a weak woman, tired of quarrels and ills between her and Michael and disappointed by Black Michael’s cruel plans and selfish motives. She begs Rassendyll to rescue her from the Duke and Rupert but she still loved Black Michael and hoped to gain his life if not his pardon from the king.

She was a woman ruled by her emotions and when Michael was killed by Rupert, she heaving taunts came forth to avenge him.

This conduct proved that no knowledge of the man’s real character was enough to root her regard, for him out of her heart. After these tragic events she withdraws herself entirely from society, recognized the king’s generosity and kindness and so she did not betray the king’s trust by letting out the secret.

5. Read the following passage and answer the questions given below:
Housing is a’ very important problem. It is considered to be one of the basic needs of man. As every body is not able to build a house for himself, there is always a demand for rental houses. From the economic point of view too, it is uneconomical to build a house for one’s residence that to live in a rented house. Again, thousands of villagers have. 
shifted to big cities for better economical opportunities & better living.

(i) Why a house is considered the basic need of a man.
(ii) Why is it not economical to build one’s own house?
(iii) How the big cities do attracts the villagers?
(iv) Give a suitable title to the above passage.


(i) A house is considered the basic need of man because housing is a very important problem. As everybody is not able to build a house for himself
(ii) it is uneconomical to build for one’s residence that to live in a rented house.
(iii) Big cities attract villagers because of better economical opportunities and better living,
(iv) Housing.

Posted on January 4, 2016 in 2nd Year 2014 Karachi Board Past Papers

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