English Solved Past Paper 10th Class 2011 Karachi Board


1. Choose the correct answer for each from the given options:

Choose the most appropriate Article:

(i) Wisdom is ———- gift of Allah.
(a) an
(b) a
(c) the
(d) None of them

(ii) Choose the correct Proposition:
He is not fit ——– this post.
(a) from
(b) on
(c) for
(d) at

(iii)Choose the correct from of Verb:

Bano ——– first in the class last year.
(a) stand
(b) stood
(c) standing
(d) was stood

(iv) Choose the correct Interrogative form:

He broke the jug yesterday
(a)Does he break the jug yesterday?
(b)Will he break the jug yesterday?
(c)Did he break the jug yesterday?
(d)Had he broken the jug yesterday?

(v) Choose the correct Assertive form:

It does not rain much in Karachi
(a) It has rained much in Karachi.
(b) It is rained much in Karachi.
(c) It rains much in Karachi.
(d) It is raining much in Karachi

(vi)Choose the correct Negative form:

You do your home work.
(a)You did not do your home work.
(b)You do not do your home work.
(c)You are not doing your home work.
(d)You have not doing your home work.

(vii)Choose the correct Future Indefinite Tense:

He has arrived at the airport.
(a)He will have arrived at the airport.
(b)He will arrive at the airport.
(c)He would arrive at the airport.
(d) He arrives at the airport.

(viii)Choose the correct Past Perfect Tense:

He sells second-hand books
(a)He is selling second-hand books.
(b)He was selling second-hand books.
(c)He has sold second-hand books.
(d)He had sold second-hand books.

(ix)Select the correct Passive Voice:

She is writing a letter.
(a)A letter are being written by her.
(b)A letter was being written a letter.
(c)She is being written a letter.
(d)A letter is being written by her.

(x)Select the correct Active Voice:

Let your country be loved.
(a)your country be loved.
(b) Love your country.
(c)you love your country.
(d) your country is love

(xi)Choose the correct Direct Narration:

He told me that I was late that day
(a)He told me, “You are late that day.”
(b)He said to me, “You are late today.”
(c)He said to me, “She was late today.”
(d)He said to, “He was late today.”

(xii)Select the correct form of Indirect Narration:

He said to his servant, “Polish my shoes.”
(a)He ordered his servant if he polish his shoes.
(b)He told his servant that he polish his shoes.
(c)He said his servant that he polish his shoes.
(d)He ordered his servant to polish his shoes.

(xiii)The poem “Speak Gently” is written by:
(a)Robert Louis Stevenson
(b) Thomas Moore
(c)Felicia Dorothea Hemans
(d) Anonymous

(xiv) Manu script means
(a)Typed work
(b) Printed work
(c)Document written by hand
(d) None of them

(xv)Select the correctly punctuated sentence:

He said to me don’t do it
(a)He said to me, “do not do ft.”
(b)He said to me, do not do it.
(c)He said to me, “don’t do it.”
(d) He said “To me don’t do it.”


2.(a)Answer any 8 of the following questions in Three or Four sentences each:

(i)What does “Akhud” mean? State the qualltles of a good teacher.

Akhund is a Sindhi word which means to read. It refers to a teacher. The qualities of a good teacher are: (a) He loves his profession. (b) He has a thirst for knowledge. (c) He tries hard to find what is true & good and practices what he teaches

(ii)Why is fish important for us? Why do people like fresh water fish?

Fish is important for us because firstly it is a good and nourishing food. Secondly fish is exported to other countries and we get foreign exchange. People like fresh water fish because it is tastier than marine fishes

(iii) Who are the famous saints of Sindh?

The famous saints of Sindh are Lal Shahbaz Qalander, and Shah Abdul Lateef Bhitai. People give great homage to these saints by visiting their Mazars at Urs and other times.

(iv) What is the name of machine working on the wheat farm and what does it do?

The name of machine workings in the wheat field is “Combine”. It cut the crop in no time & also tied it into sheaves or bundles.

(v) What is Tent-pegging?

The name of machine workings in the wheat field is “Combine”. It cut the crop in no time & also tied it into sheaves or bundles.

(vi) What is the difference between beef and mutton?

Beef is the meet of cows while mutton is the meat of goats and sheep

(vii) Where is Nigeria? What sort of country is’ it?

Nigeria is the largest country of West Africa and it is the most thickly populated African country. A great part of Nigeria is covered with a dense forest which thins out into bush in the North. Villages are scattered in bush area. It is an agricultural country

(viii) What property did the two brothers inherit from their father? What was the suggestion of Azam about the division of property?

Please see Q.no.2(vi) of 2013

(ix)What is the Khyber Pass? How long is it?

Khyber Pass is a narrow mountain valley about fifty kilometers long and connects Pakistan with Afghanistan. It had been famous for trade route in the past.

(x)How many skills are there to make a precis? 

Please see Q.no.2(ix) of 2013

2.(b)Answer any 4 of the following questions in three or four sentences each:

(i) Why did God ask the poet to go down again in the poem, “The Voice of God”?

(i) God asked the poet to go down because God’s pleasure can be sought by serving the common man on the ground

(ii) Who composed the poem, “King Bruce and the Spider” and what lesson did the King learn from the Spider?

(ii) The poem was written by an English Poetess ‘Eliza Cook’. The lesson King Bruce learnt from the spider was that, those who try again and again and do not get discouraged by failure, are sure to succeed at last

(iii) What kind of man can lift the country to the sky?

Those men can lift the country to the sky, who works honestly and sincerely. Such men bear the hardships with courage and do not run away from work.

(iv) What lesson do we learn from the poem, “Casabianca”?

The lesson we learn from this poem is devotion to our duty and to comply with the orders even at the cost of life.

v) Whose hands are praised in the poem, “Beautiful Hands” and why?

(v) The poetess praised her mother’s hands. She praised them for the toil and hard work they had done in bringing up the childless


3. Write an essay of about 100·120 words on any One of the following topics:

(i) An Exciting Cricket Match
(ii) “Natural Disasters” OR”Earth Quake”
(iii) Importance of Unity in the Muslim World
(iv) Importance of Computer Education

An Exciting Cricket Match

Please see Q.no. 3(iii) of 2012

 “Natural Disasters” OR “Earth Quake”:

Natural disasters are faced by the world every now and then. They are natural process of controlling population. There are floods, earthquakes, droughts etc.

Recently there had been an earthquake, which was experienced in Pakistan and India. Though it was felt in areas of Karachi but its major disastrous effect was faced by the people of Gujrat in India.

It was severe enough to kill almost thirty percent of population of Gujrat whereas the ratio of people who were injured and damage is too high. It looks almost a month for the workers to clear up the mess that was created by the earthquake.

Gujrat is basically a Muslim-based city. Most people who were killed were the followers of Islam. People lost their properties, their houses, their families and other belongings. Many volunteer agencies worked and helped people to get back to life, army, police and municipal corporation were efficiently working to get the dead-bodies and buried people out of the ground. Lots of people were not found. People were given funds by the NGOs, and social welfare organization and of course by the government, to compensate the damage caused by the Earthquake

Importance of Unity in the Muslim World:

Muslim Unity is the order of the present political condition of world Muslim unity had been needed in the past too and after the 11th September Trade Tower blast in America, it has become most essential for the Muslims of the World.

The 11th September incident has victimized the Muslims and, then are considered as terrorists throughout the world by the west. The Muslims have to unite themselves to correct this wrong view of the west. This can be done through Muslim unity and by proving that followers of Islam stand for .peace and work for peace and that terrorism are quite against the teachings of Islam.

The late Shah Faisal of Saudi Arabia had devoted his life for Muslim unity. Present regine of Saudi Arabia Still wants Muslims to unite together. This is to be understood by the heads of other Muslim countries too. If the Muslim Countries remain separate and think about their own well, the west can easily exploit them and make them weak.

It is the need of the day that Muslim countries should sit together. and think about the plans of the Non-Muslim countries, and then to chalk out a strategy for their independent and respectable existence in the world. Unity of Muslims does not mean that Muslims should unite to fight with the west.

It means only to decide a plan for peaceful and respectable co-existence. This can be done only through unity and cooperation in different fields. United efforts and cooperation in social economic industrial, technical and other fields will bring progress and prosperity for Muslim countries. A strong Muslim country cannot be dictated by the big-lords of the West’s. Unity is Strength and that is needed for Muslims of the world.

 Importance of Computer Education:

Please see Q.no. 3(i) of 2012

Write an application to the Headmaster /Headmistress of your school requesting him/her to issue you a sport certificate.

The Head master / headmistress,
A.S.C. School,
Respected Sir / Madam
Most respectfully I beg to state that I have been a student of this school and now I have passed S.S.C. Examination. I was the Captain of the cricket team and also took part and won prizes in other sports.

Please issue me a sports certificate as it is helpful in my future career.

Thanking you,

Yours obediently

Karachi, 20th April 2011

OR Write a letter to your uncle about your future after success in the S.S.C. Examination.

Examination Hall,
20th April, 2011.

Dear Uncle,
I hope you are well. I am writing to you after ling time because Iwas busy in my examination and its preparation.
I hope to pass this examination with good marks. After this I intend to make my career in the field of commerce. I will do B.Com. and then learn accounting. I think this field has great scope now-a-days.
What do you think in this regard. Please write to me and also give suggestions about it.
Convey my regards for all at home. I pray for your good health.

Your loving nephew/niece

Translate the following sentences into English:

Translate the following sentences into English

Translate the following sentences into English


(i) My friend lives in a village near Sialkot.
(ii) He put off the lamp
(iii) Karim had put on white clothes
(iv) If do work hard you will surely succeed
(v) What is the time by your watch?
(vi) Reading is a very good hobby
(vii) What are you looking at, in this picture.


Make a summary of the following passage

Sports can be used for both purposes, good and evil. If used well, sports can teach endurance, courage, co-operation, fair play, a healthy respect for rules and the quality of putting group interest over one’s own personal interest. If it is used badly, they breed undesirable vanity and rivalry. Thus sports can be used either to promote war-like tendencies or inculcate the value of peace and co-operation in dictatorial countries. Now sports are being used for good purposes


Sports can be used to promote Co-operation and peace, and can also be used to breed vanity and rivalry.
Now it is used for its good purpose and that should be the aim of every sportman

Read the following passage and answer the questions given at the end

This Universe is a very strange kind of place. The empty space in the universe are immeasurable. The distance from our sun to the nearest star is 4.2 light year. This is in spite of the fact that we live in a very crowded part of the universe, name ·Iky Way which is a collection of about 300,000 million stars. bottt-thirt million similar collections are known to exist in the Universe.

(i) What is immeasurable in the universe?
The empty space in the universe is immeasurable.

(ii) What is the distance between the sun and the nearest star?
The distance between the Sun and the nearest star is 4.2 light years which is a unit measure extremely long distance

(iii) What do you mean by the Milky way?
The Milky way is a very crowded part of the universe and had 300,000million stars in it

(iv) How many Milky ways are known to exist?
About 30 million Milky ways are known to exist

(v) Write the noun forms of exist and measure.

WORD               NOUN FORM
Exist                  Existence
Measure            Measurement


Write a short note on anyone of the following:

(i) Mending a Puncture (ii) King Faisal (iii) Village Fair

Mending a Puncture

The kit for mending a puncture contain a wrench, a piece of old cycle tube, a pair of scissors, sand paper, a colour pencil and sticking solution. To mend a puncture in the cycle tube it is first inflated and dipped water bit by bit. Air bubbles are seen coming out from the puncture part of the tube. A mark is made, there and a semi solid solution applied to the punctured part. It is heated to a certain temperature sometime in a machine which is a sort of press. The solution melts sticks to the tube so that both are inspirable

King Faisal

Please see Q.no.6(ii) of 2013

Village Fair:

The village was decorated on the account of annual fair. It was the best time to visit the village because the annual village fair was in full swing. The shops in the village fair gave an opportunity to the villagers to buy all kinds of goods at a

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