English Solved Past Paper 10th Class 2012 Karachi Board


1. Choose the correct answer for each from the given options:

(i)Select the correct Active Voice:
Let your mother be loved.
(a)your mother be loved
(b) love your mother
(c)your mother be loved
(d) you love your mother

(ii)Choose the correct Direct Narration:
(a)She said to me that, “Are you busy today?
(b)She said to me “you are busy today.”
(c)She said to me “you were busy today”.
(d)She said to me “She was busy today”.

(iii)Select the correct form of Indirect Narration:
He said to his servant “give me this inkpot”.
(a)He ordered his servant to give him that inkpot.
(b)He requested his servant to give him that inkpot.
(c)He said his servant that he give him that inkpot.
(d)He said to his servant that he gave him that inkpot.

(iv)Choose the correct Assertive form:
Hina does not make a noise.
(a) Hina makes a noise
(b) Hina make a noise
(c)Hina is making a noise
(d) Hina has made a noise

(v)The poem “Casabianca” is written by:
(b) Charles Mackay
(c)Thomas Moore
(d) Felicia Dorothea

(vi)Choose the correct Antonym of ‘Majority’;
(a) minority
(b) more than half
(c) equality
(d) dense

(vii)Choose the correct Present Perfect Tense:
We arrived at the station.
(a)We have arrived at the station.
(b)We shall arrive at the station
(c)We has arrived at the station
(d)We had arrived at the station

(viii)Choose the correct Negative form:
You wrote a letter.
(a)Did you write a letter .
(b) You not wrote letter
(c)You did not write a letter
(d) You do not write a letter

(ix)Choose the correct form of verb:
Najma ———–a prize yesterday.
(a)will win
(b) won
(c) winning
(d) win

(x)Choose the correct Interrogative form:
play cricket _
(a) did I play cricket
(b) Do I play cricket?
(c)Does I play cricket?
(d) Am I play cricket?

(xi)Choose the correct preposition:
The plane took ———– at 10 0′ Clock.
(a) on
(b) off
(c) a
(d) None of these

(xii)Choose the appropriate Article:
Faisal was ———- hour late:
(a) the
(b) an
(c) a
(d) None of these

(xiii)Choose the correct Present Continuous Tense:
The boys play hockey.
(a)The boys are playing hockey
(b)The boys have played hockey.
(c)The boys played hockey.
(d)The boys were playing hockey.

(xiv)Choose the correct noun of Wise.
(a) Wisdom
(b) Wiser
(c) Wisest
(d) Wisely

(xv)Select the correct Passive Voice.
Moazzam fed and looked after the cow.
(a)The cow was fed and looked after by Moazzam.
(b)The cow was being fed and looked after by Moazzam.
(c)The cow had been fed and looked after by Moazzam.
(d)The cow will be fed and looked after by Moazzam.


2.(a)Answer any Eight of the following questions in three or four sentences each,

(i) What does a Thresher do?

(i) A thresher separates the grain from the chaff in the wheat field.

(ii) Why is fish important for us? Why do people like fresh water fish?

(ii) Fish is important for us because firstly it is a good and nourishing food. Secondly fish is exported to other countries and we get foreign exchange. People like fresh water fish because it is tastier than marine fishes.

(iii) What is caliph Haroon-ur-Rasheed known & respected for?

(iii) Caliph Harron-ur-Rasheed was known and respected for his justice and wisdom

(iv) Where is Nigeria? What sort of country is it?

(iv) Nigeria is the largest country of West Africa and it is the most thickly populated African country. A great part of Nigeria is covered with a dense forest which thins out into bush in the North. Villages are scattered in bush area. It is an agricultural country.

(v) When was Faisal made the king? How did he rule Saudia Arabia?

(v) Faisal was made king in 1964, when his brother king Saud fell seriously ill. He ruled Saudi Arabia wisely and justly. He developed his country by setting mills and factories, free education and agricultural development

(vi) What is an Urs? Who are the famous saints of Sindh?

(vi) An ‘Urs’ is a sort of a fair at the shrine of a saint on his anniversary. The famous saints of Sindh are Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai, Shahbaz Qalander and SachaI Sarmast.

(vii) How did the juggler and the Conjurer entertain the people?

(vii) The conjurer took Bilal’s handkerchief and tore it into pieces. But when he returned it to him it was undamaged. The juggler juggled with seven balls at a time without dropping any of them.

(viii) How many skills are there to make a precis?
Mention any three of them.

(viii) Five skills are needed to make a precis.
Three important of them are.
(1) Generalizing
(2) To write one word having the meaning of several words.
(3) To find the main idea of the passage

(Ix) What is the Khyber Pass? Name the highest place along the Khyber Pass.

(ix) Khyber Pass is between Pakistan and Afghanistan. It is a narrow mountain valley 50 Km long connecting these two countries. The highest place along the Khyber Pass is “Landikotal”

(x) Who fed the cow and who got the milk?

(x) Moazzam fed the cow and Azam got the milk .

(b) Answer any Four of the following questions in three or four sentences each

(i) Why did God ask the poet to go down again in the poem “The Voice Of God”?

(i) God asked the poet to go down because he can seek God’s pleasure by serving the common man on earth.

(ii) Who has composed the poem “King Bruce and the Spider”‘ and what lesson do we get from it?

(ii) Eliza Cook, an English poetess wrote this poem. The lesson we get from it is that man should not get dishearten by failures. Sincere and continuous efforts give success at last.

(iii) Whose hand does the poetess praise in the poem “Beautiful Hands” why does she do so?

(iii) The poetess praised her mother’s hands. She praised them for the toil and hard work they had done in bringing up the childless

(iv) What future does the poet promise for us in the poem “There’s A Good Time coming”? Do you agree with the poet, Why?

(iv) The poet promises a good future for us in his poem. Yes, it is hoped that one day justice and equality and happiness will prevail in the world.

(v) What kind of man can lift the nation to the sky?

(v) Those men can lift the country to the sky, who works honestly and sincerely. Such men bear the hardships with courage and do not run away from work.


3. Write an essay of 100 to 120 words on any One of the following:

(i) Importance of Computer Education
(ii) Traffic Problems in Karachi City
(iii) An Exciting Cricket Match
(iv) My favourite Personality

(i) Importance of Computer Education:

Computer education has great importance because in the modern life almost every work is done by the help of computer

Computers have brought about a tremendous revolution in every walk of life. The field of application of computers is various and new application is being searched out. The scientists applied it to prediction of weather earthquakes and storms; controlling of satellites and controlling of atomic reaction in reactors and else where. Engineers have not logged behind they use computers in designing case, aero planes and ships, building, bridges and tools

In the business world, computers are playing great parts. They are used to word processing, record keeping, inventory controlling, payroll processing, account keeping, auditing, stock marketing and ticket reservations.

Bank now uses to. keep records of day-to-day transactions, keeping accounts and managing over all investment. For entertainment purpose, computers are used to play computer games, 1.0.games and stimulation games

Lawyers and police recognized the usefulness of computers soon. They are used to keep records of criminals, records of courts and records of the decisions

What make computers advantageous are their speed, capability to perform multiple task at a time, accuracy, diligence, running ability for longer period performing variety of tasks, automatic operation and decision making capability

Despite the aforesaid frailties, faults they are trained with, computers are widely acclaimed, intensively used and blindly, relied upon. Their applications are increasing in various field and they are expected to do services so far not imagined by man

(ii) Traffic Problems in Karachi City

Karachi is the biggest city of Pakistan. It is always under the process of extension. Since Karachi is ever expanding, so are the problems ever increasing? If one problem is solved, another problem lies in wait for them.

Transport is one of the major problems in ‘Karachi. In a big city the Karachi, traveling is not very pleasant or easy. Distances are usually long and buses are not always and everywhere to be found. Majority of people in Karachi travel in buses and mini-buses. The number of buses and mini-buses in Karachi has increased in the recent years but as compared to the needs of the population the number is still very small.

Now, taxis and rickshaws are there at central places at least. But the forces of taxis and rickshaws are too high. Police should check their meters very strictly; they should be forced to travel short distance. They should not be able to over charge the passengers .

T.he most annoying feature of the transport system in Karachi is the rude behavior of the bus conductors and the drivers of rickshaw and taxis. Again, the traffic in Karachi is now beyond control. Due to reckless driving thousands of lives are lost everywhere. Traffic rules are openly violated.

It is very unfortunate that even forty-five years of our independence, we have not been able to solve the transport problem of Karachi

(iii) An Exciting Cricket Match:

In the recent World cup matches the match between Australia and Pakistan was very exciting

Australia had been unbeaten since thirteen years. No team in the world could defeat Australia. But Pakistan did this task very furiously

Pakistan had been victorious throughout its pool except one defeat from New Zealand; the challenge to beat Australia was taken up by every member of Pakistan team.

Australia won the toss and elected to bat. Pakistan met with success in the first hour when Umer Gul got two wickets early. Then Mohammad Hafeez also bowled two batsmen. Then the decline of Australian batting started and Shahid Afridi and others also took wickets. The whole Australian team was bowled out for a small total of 176 or so

After that Pakistan started batting. The opening pair gave good performance. But later excitement and tension came over them. People started praying for Pakistan. When six wickets had fallen down task became difficult. But the batting pair of Abdul Razzak and Umer Akmal gathered courage and took home the Pakistan team to a great success

Pakistan won this match by four wickets. It was a great memorable match

(iv) My favourite Personality

The Person I respect most is my grandfather. Though he is old now, he has spent a good time and helped others in many ways, he has taught English Literature and languages. He was a lecturer in English, with sound knowledge. From the life of great poets and scholars he had chosen good deeds ‘and put them into practice in his own life. He also teaches others the same and particularly good manners

He is a kind hearted and a very decent man. I respect him very much

4. Write an application to the Headmaster / Headmistress of your school requesting him / her to allow your class to visit the Science Exhibition arranged by a local Science Club.

The Head master/Head mistress,
A.B.C School,

Respected Sir/Madam

Most respectfully we are the students of ciass x request you to allow our class to visit the Science Exhibition which has been arranged by ‘City Science Club’ at Expo-Centre Karachi. It will be an educational and fruitful visit.

Kindly arrange the conveyance by school bus. Our science teacher with us will explain different things there.

Thanking you


Your’s obediently
Students of Class x


Write a letter to the Editor of newspaper complaining against frequent power failures in your area

The Editor,
Daily Dawn,

Dear Sir,I wish to draw the attention of the K.E.S.C. authorities to wards frequent power failure in our locality.

This is a period of examination of different classes and failure of power about six to eight times during 24 hours, is a great hindrance in our studies. Moreover there are old people, infants and sick in almost every house. The failure of electric. power is a sort of punishment for all of them. The charges of electricity are increasing frequently and still we are facing hardship at the lost of power failures.

I hope that the concerned authorities will take immediate steps to stop the failure of electric power.

Your truly’,

26th March 2009.

5. Translate the following sentences into English

Translate the following sentences into English

Translate the following sentences into English

(i) Gardening is a very good hobby.
(ii) Urdu is the national language of Pakistan.
(iii) God helps those who help themselves.
(iv) Karim had put on white clothes.
(v) It has been raining for two-hours.
(vi) He will fly to Lahore tonight.
(vii) The farmer is seeding the field

Make a summary of the following passage

Sports can be used for purpose, good and evil. If used well, sports can teach endurance, courage, co-operation fair :’play, a healthy respects for rules and the quality of putting group interest over one’s own interest. If used badly, they breed undesirable vanity and rivalry. Sports can be used either to promote war-like tendencies or inculcate the value of peace and co-operation in dictatorial countries. Now sports are being for good purposes


Summary of given Passage:

Sports can create both co-operation and endurance; and vanity and rivalry through games. It is better if used for good purposes.

6. Read the following passage and answer the questions given at the end:

Latif has breakfast at seven o’clock and lunch at one 0′ clock but he has snack at about ten 0′ clock. At half past four he has tea. His Favourite T.V Programme is at twenty past nine. The News is much earlier at twenty five minutes to six. There is another good programme at quarter to ten. The transmission ends at midnight.

(i) At what time does Latif have breakfast?
(ii) When does he have lunch?
(Hi) When is his favourite T.V Programme?
(iv) At what time is the News?
(v) When does the transmission end?


(i) Lam has his breakfast at seven O’Clock in the morning.
(ii) He has his lunch at one 0′ clock
(iii) His favourite T.V programme is at twenty past nine.
(iv) The News is at twenty five minutes to six.
(v) The transmission ends at midnight.


Write a note on any One of the following topics:

(i) Dignity of Work
(ii) The Chopal
(iii) King Bruce

(i) Dignity of Work

Dignity of work means to do our work our ourselves by our hands. The Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h.) did his personal work himself. He not only did his own work but also worked for others. His companions also set examples of dignity of work. Hazrat Abu Bakar fetched water for widows and neighbors who were very old. The King Sultan Nasir uddin earned living by making caps.

(ii) The Chopal

In the villages of Punjab the Chopal is the meeting place for men. The villagers gather in Chopal, in the evening and discuss their daily problems. They settle their disputes by discussion peacefully without going to the courts. The elders have a key part in setting the disputes. The Chopal is also a place of happy get-together. Young people sing songs like ‘Mahya’ and ‘Heer’ there

(iii) King Bruce

King Bruce was the king of Scotland. He had been defeated several times in a great deed, by his enemies. He became grieved and discouraged and flung himself and sat in a cave. He saw a spider who tried to climb to his cobweb home, but fell down nine times. But the spider did not give up his attempts and succeeded at the tenth time.

This incident put courage in King Bruce and he went out to gather his men and try again. He succeeded in his efforts by the lesson he got from the spider.

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