English Solved Past Paper 10th Class 2013 Karachi Board


1. Choose the correct answer for each from the given options

(i).· Choose the correct appropriate Preposition:
What is the time ——– your watch?
(a) at
(b) by
(c) in
(d) on

(ii) Choose the correct Article:
He is ——- university student.
(a) a
(b) an
(c) the
(d) None of these

(iii) Choose the correct Passive Voice:
She is reciting the Holy Quran.
(a) The Holy Quran is being recited by her.
(b) The Holy Quran is recited by her.
(c) The Holy Quran was being recited by her.
(d) The Holy Quran was recited by her

(iv) Choose the correct Active Voice:
Let me not be disturbed.
(a) Disturb me not.
(b) Don’t you disturb me?
(c) Do not disturb me?
(d) Let me disturbed

(v) Choose the correct meaning of the Idiom:
To over a deaf ear to.
(a) To be deaf of one ear
(b) To turn over a new leaf
(c) To blame someone
(d) To pay no attention to

(vi) The poem, “The Man Who Wins” is written by:
(a) Thomas Moore
(b) F.D. Hemans r
(c) Charles Mackey
(d) Anonymous

(vii) Choose the correct Indirect Narration:
The teacher said to us. “Don’t go out now.”
(a) The teacher forbade us to go out then.
(b) The teacher told us not to go out now.
(c) The teacher ordered us to go out then.
(d) The teacher told us that do not go out now.

(viii) Choose the correct Direct Narration
I asked him if he was feeling well that day.
(a) I said to him, “Are you feeling well today?”
(b) I said to him, I am not feeling well today?”
(c) I said to him, “If he is feeling well today?”
(d) I said to him that you are feeling well today?

(ix) Choose the correct Punctuated sentence.
is the sweeper not a human being asked mr enayat
(a) Is the sweeper not a human being?, “Asked Mr. Enayat
(b)Is the sweeper not a human being asked “asked Mr. Enayat.”
(c)”Is the sweeper not a human being asked Mr.Enayat?”
(d)“Is the sweeper not a human being?” asked Mr. Enayat.

(x)The Holy Prophet (S.A.W) himself practiced what he:
(b) believed
(c) thought
(d) preached

(xi)The juggler juggled with:
(a)five balls
(b) six balls
(c) seven balls
(d) Eight balls

(xii)Choose the correct Present Perfect Tense:
They will go to school by bus.
(a)They will have gone to school by bus.
(b)They have gone to school by bus.
(c)They had gone to school by bus.
(d)They has gone to school by bus.

(xiii)Choose the correct Past Continuous Tense:
He will attend the meeting.
(a)He will attend the meeting.
(b)He is attending the meeting.
(c)He will be attending the meeting.
(d)He was attending the meeting.

(xiv)Choose the correct Assertive form:
Does she write English daily?
(a)She writes English daily.
(b) She wrote English daily.
(c)She writes English daily.
(d)She does write English daily.

(xv)Choose the correct Negative form:
He had a nice pen.
(a)He did not have a nice pen.
(b)He does not have a nice pen.
(c)He had not a nice pen.
(d) He not have a nice pen.


(i) What lesson do we get from the life of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W)about the dignity of work?

(i) The lesson we get from the Holy Prophet about dignity of work is that we should not ask anyone to do that work which we do not like to do ourselves. And that we should do our own work instead of ordering others to do it.

(ii) What games were arranged for the guests in the party? Why was Shahnaz happy at the end of the party?

(ii) The games arranged for the guests were “passing the parcel”, “treasure hunt” and “musical chairs”.

(iii) What surprised the boys when they reached the model farm?

(iii) The boys were surprised to see all the work at the model form was done by machines very quickly and efficiently

(iv) When do we use metre, kilometer, kilogram and litre?

(iv) We use metre which buying cloth, kilometer for measuring long distances, kilogram for purchasing something by weighing litre is used for measurement of milk and petrol

(v) What is the historical or commercial importance of the Khyber Pass?

(v) The Khyber Pass has a great historical importance. The Aryans crossed this pass 4000 years ago. After them Mongols and Tartars crossed it to come to the sub-continent. Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi crossed it 17 times to attack South Asia. So also Shahbuddin Ghauri, Babar and Ahmed Shah Abduli do so.

(vi) What property did the two brothers inherit from their father and what did Azam suggest for division?

(vi) The two brothers inherited a cow, a date palm tree and a blanket, from their father. Azam the cleverer of the two suggested that the rear part of cow, the upper part of date  And that, he would use the blanket in the night only

(vii) Why can farmers not rear cattle in many parts of Africa?

(vii) The farmers cannot rear cattle’s in many part of Africa as there is a kind of fly whose sting kills the cattle and also causes sleeping sickness among people.

(viii) What do you know about the civilization of the, “Va”ey of Mehran”?

(viii) The civilization of the valley of mehran is very old. Most festivals are of religious nature. ‘Urs’ of mystic poets and saintslike Shahbaz Qalander and Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai are held with great devotion. Musival instruments like ‘Ektara’ and ‘Alghaza’ are played with interest

(ix) Write down any three skills of making a summary

(ix) While making a summary, a single word is used to describe many thing of the same kind. Repetition of ideas or events is not done. Those parts of the paragraph are rejected which have very little or no importance. The summary is written in indirect speech

(x) How did the Caliph prove that the beggar was a liar?

(x) The Caliph asked both, the rich man and the beggar to touch the horse one by one. When the beggar touched the horse, it winced with displeasure. But when the rich man touched, the, horse snorted and neighed with pleasure, thus the caliph discovered that the real owner was the rich man.

2.(b)Answer FOUR of the following questions in three to four sentence each:

(i) What is the message of the poem, A Nation’s Strength?

(i) The message of the poem is that the men who works honestly and sincerely, who bear the hardships with courage and do not run away from work, can make the nation strong and prominent among all nations

(ii) Who was the minstrel boy? Why did he destroy his sharp?

(ii) The minstrel boy destroyed his harp because its tunes were meant for pure and free. He did not want it to be touched by impure hands and to be heard in slavery

(iii) Write down moral of the poem, “The Uses of Adversity

(iii) The message of this poem is that bearing hardships and taking pains in doing something makes man perfect & successful.

(iv) Who was Casabianca? Why did he not leave the burning deck?

(iv) Casabianca was the obedient son of the captain of the ship. He did not leave the deck as he possessed the qualities of obedience, loyalty, devotion and sacrifice. He was ready to comply the orders at the cost of his life

(v) Why does the poet compare mother’s hands to a rainbow?

(v) The Poetess praises the hands of mother because they had toiled hard to bring up their children. She compares them to a rainbow because just as the rainbow is beautiful so also the wrinkled hands have spiritual beauty which is eternal.


3. Write a essay of 100 to 120 words on any one of the following topics:

(I) Patriotism
(ii) Environmental Pollution
(iii) Load-shedding of C.N.G.(iv) Blessings of Science

(i) Patriotism:

Patriotism means love for the motherland. It is an inner felling in every true citizen and makes him give sacrifice for his country. Patriotism inspires man to do great deeds in the world to bring up the name of his country in the world. At the time of war a true patriotic citizen feels at his heart that his country must not be defeated. He is prepared to fight for his country and lay his life for the defense of the country.

History of the world is fully of examples of people who made noble sacrifices for their country. Major Aziz Bhatti laid down his life while fighting for Pakistan. This is an example for us.

At the time of peace a true patriot keeps on eye on the traitors who are at work to weaken the country. He reports their activities to the authorities. A patriotic citizen works honestly and sincerely in his own sphere of work, whatever may be his profession. He considers the interest of his country above his own interests and is prepared to face loss for the sake of freedom and sovereignty of his motherland.

(ii) Environmental Pollution:

Pollution of environmental is a worldwide problem and environmental scientists shoulder to thinks of the working dangerous the future will open to mankind. The first and foremost question is of the survival of mankind. The increaslnq carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is eating away? the protective cover called ozone gradually and man is being Pollution of environmental is a worldwide problem and environmental scientists shoulder to thinks of the working dangerous the future will open to mankind. The first and foremost question is of the survival of mankind. The increaslnq carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is eating away? the protective cover called ozone gradually and man is being

Another danger of pollution is the threat of health and ultimately of life. The polluted water is killing aquatic animals and is making the water of the rivers unfit for human consumption.

Pollution of air, water and earth is caused by many factors. The first and foremost course of pollution of air is smoke. Cars, buses and rickshaws give out the smoke. In Pakistan the owners and drivers are irresponsible, careless and illiterate.

France, America, China, is carrying out atomic tests; Russia etc. the fall out from these atomic explosions contain cesium 137 and strontium 90. Strontium 90 is absorbed in the system like calcium and cause bone cancel and blood cancer. Cesium 137 also caused blood

(iii) Load-shedding of C.N.G.:

The load shedding of CNG has now become a greatest problem for the citizens. Due to the CNG load shedding there are long queens of vehicles at the CNG stations. People have to waste lot of their time in getting the fuel. The whole schedule of the day is disturbed after spending time, energy and money in getting the gas for the vehicles. There seem to be political reasons for the shortage of CNG. The CNG dealers association had not agreed to the official prices fixed by the government. As a result the supply of CNG has been cut short. People are suffering at the cost of the whole problem.

There is no shortage of fuel gas in the country and the disagreement and the greed for making more profits has made
it a serious problem

It is hoped that among so many other issues this issue will be resolved soon

(iv) Blessings of Science:

We are living in the most advanced age of science. It is called space age. In the present world torn with nationalism and divided into blocks,science is the only common denominator. Where ever we go, we carry the torch of science in our hands in order to light our path. Science, thus, may be called religion of modern world.

The aim of science is to reduce human pains and sufferings. Machines have saved human labour and – time. The most wonderful invention of science is computer, the machine brain

Electricity works like Aladdin’s lamp. It is the most important source of energy. It light our homes and cities, it turns the wheel of industries. It provides us with fun and amusements. Business center, hospitals and offices all are in debt to electricity. It provides compact and ease during extreme weathers.

The various easy, cheap and quick means of communication like Radio, Wireless Telephone, T.V. Cables, Ships and Aeroplane, have brought the distant corners of world closer. We can thus say that world has shrunken.

Science has achieved miracles in the field of medicine particularly surgery like plastic and neuron surgery. Now, even internal organs heart, lungs, kidneys can be operated and replaced.

Nuclear energy has brought about radical changes in the field of agriculture, industries and treatment of dangerous diseases. Science has added to human comforts and happiness.

Science is a fairy as well as fury. Its invention is being greatly misused. The worst misuse of science is in wars. Was has become more cruel & destructive. The next three-fold warfare – mechanical, chemical and biological shall spell end of the world.

Science has replaced human labour. The machines have become our master instead of being our servants. We are completely at their mercy. More human lives have been lost in mechanical accidents than all – we sum total of lives lost in the total battles and wars fought on the surface of globe (UNO Report).

In conclusion, we must not misuse scientific inventions. Science has made us more materiallstlc. Only change of mental attitudes and restoration of religion can save the world.

4. Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper complaining against traffic hazards in the city.

The editor
Daily “Dawn”

Dear Sir,

I wish to draw the attention of the traffic controlling authority towards frequent traffic jams in the city.

There is a lot of traffic on -the roads, and in the peak hours there are always traffic jams on the roads. Patients going to hospitals, student on their way to school and colleges, and office going people, —— all are stuck up on the roads for indefinite time.

It seems that everyone is in a hurry and breaks the rules of traffic, and police becomes helpless.

I request that more traffic police may be posted and they. should make the vehicles follow traffic rules strictly.

It is hoped that the authorities will look into this matter very soon and do the needful

Your sincerely,


Write an application to the Headmaster / Headmistress of your school requesting him/her to issue you the Provisional Certificate

The Headmaster I Headmistress,
A.B.C. School,
Respected Sirl Madam,

Most respectfully I beg to state that I have been a student of your school and now I have passed Matric examination from this school

I intend to take admission in college. For this I need a provisional certificate of passing S.S.C. Examination in 2008, in grade A, I have represented the school in different sports events.

Kindly grant me a provisional certificate and oblige.
Thanking you

Yours obediently,

16th April 2008

5. Translate any 5 of the following sentences into English:

Translate any 5 of the following sentences into English

Translate any 5 of the following sentences into English


(i) My God bless you with success.
(ii) We must serve our country whole heartedly.
(iii) Will you go for picnic to the agricultural farm next week?
(iv) When they reached there, the function was already over.
(v) A have been preparing for annual examination from a Qngtime. (vi) Unity is strength


Make a summary of the following passage:

A man is known by the company he keeps. A good student should avoid the company of those who keep playing all the time. There are other hardworking students who learn their lessons while others are playing. They know that there is a time for study and there is another time for playing. At the time fixed for playing they come out in the open air. They run and laugh. They play hockey and cricket. They also know that playing games is good for health. They are healthy looking. A sick student is not so good in learning his lesson as a healthy one


Good students work and play at the proper time. They are aware of the importance of games to health. They also keep good friends and have good manners.

6. Read the following passage and answer the questions given at the end

Another thing that is essential for good health is rest. When food is burnt in the cells of the body at a high rate of speed, the blood cannot carry away the waste material as fast as accumulate in the cells and prevent them from working properly, causing fatigue. It makes people ill-tempered, slows down their thinking power and causes them to make mistakes
and lowers their resistance to diseases. Sitting or lying down quietly is a good way of resting and so is working at some hobby that does not required much physical energy. However, nothing can take the place of sleeps

(i) When can the blood not carry away the waste materials as fast as they are formed?

(i) When food is burnt in the cells of the body at a high rate of speed, the blood cannot carry away the waste material as fast as they accumulate

(ii) What is the cause of fatigue?

(ii) The accumulation of waste materials in cells hinders their work and this is the cause of fatigue

(iii) How is fatigue harmful to us?

(iii) Fatigue causes bad temperament and slows down thinking power, causes them to make mistakes and lower their resistance to disease.

(iv) What is the best form of rest?

(iv) The best form of rest for a man is good and sound sleep

(v) Give the Noun forms of “require” and prevent.

Verb          Noun
Prevent    Prevention
Require    Requirement

7. Write short notes on any One of the following topics

(i) Qualities of a Good Teacher
(ii) King Faisal
(iii) Tent-pegging

(i) Qualities of a Good Teacher:

The professional qualities of a teacher are (a) he should love his profession. (b) he must prefer the welfare and progress of his student to his own. (c) he must have full knowledge of his subject

(ii) King Faisal

King Faisal became the King of Saudi Arabia in 1964. He was a true Muslim and a very able and intelligent person. Under his rule Saudi Arabia made great progress in many fields like education, industrial development and health sectors. He was a sincere friend of Pakistan and helped our country on several’ occasions. He had a strong wish to unite the Muslims of the world. His services in this regard can never be forgotten. He strengthened the Arabs against Israel, and continued his efforts till he was killed by his wicked nephew on 25″ March, 1975

(iii) Tent-pegging:

In a village fair, tent-pegging is a popular sport. In this game wooden pegs are fixed in the ground. Horse riders have to pull them out with their lances as they rode by at a gallop. The successful riders marched round the field, their lances held up proudly. People cheered them loudly wherever they went.

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