English Solved Past Paper 10th Class 2014 Karachi Board

Urdu Solved Past Paper 10th Class 2014 Karachi Board

1. Choose the correct answer for each from the given options

(1) Choose the correct Present Indefinite Tense:
He has been getting up early in the morning.

(a) He got up early in the morning.
(b) He gets up early in the morning.
(c) He was getting up early in the morning.
(d) He is getting up early in the morning.

(2) Select the correct form of Verb:
.Each of us ——–to go abroad.

(b) wants
(c) have
(d) have wanted

(3) .Choose the correctly re-arranged sentence:
the boys a lunch delicious gave Mr. Hassan.

(a) The boys gave delicious a lunch Mr. Hassan.
(b) Mr. Hassan gave the boys a delicious lunch.
(c) Mr. Hassan the boys gave a delicious lunch.
(d) A delicious lunch gave Mr. Hassan to boys.

(4) Select the correct Interrogative form:
I saw a man standing beside a tree.

(a) Do I see a man standing beside a tree?
(b) Does I saw a man standing beside a tree?
(c) Did I see a man standing beside a tree?
(d) Did I saw a man standing beside a tree?

(5) Choose the correct Negative form:
It will have been raining since morning.

(a) It will not have been raining since morning.
(b) It will have not have been raining since morning.
(c) It will have been not raining since morning.
(d) It not will have been raining since morning

(6) Select the correct Active Voice:
A song is being sung by her.

(a) She was singing a song.
(b) She is singing a song.
(c) She has singing a song.
(d) She was be singing a song

(7) Choose the correct Passive Voice:
He has kept pigeons.

(a) Pigeons were kept by him.
(b) Pigeons had been kept by him.
(c) Pigeons has been kept by him.
(d) Pigeons have been kept by him.

(8)Select the correct Direct Narration:
Raza asked me if I could give him a pen.

(a) Raza said to me, “Can you give me a pen?”
(b) Raza said to me, “Can I give you a pen?”
(c) Raza said to me, “Could you give him a pen?”
(d) Raza said to me, “You can give me a pen?”

(9)Choose the correct Indirect Narration:
Nadia said to him, “I did not ask you the way.”

(a)Nadia said to him that she did not ask him the way.
(b)Nadia told him that she had not asked him the way.
(c)Nadia asked him that I had not asked him the way.
(d)Nadia told him that she had not asked him the way.

(10)Pick out the correct Article:
It is such ——— fine day.

(b) an
(d) None of these

(11)Select the correct Preposition:
Let us go ——— the garden.

(b) into
(c) on
(d) None of these

(12)Choose the correctly Punctuated sentence:
mujahid said I met tahir ashraf and noman

(a)Mujahid said I met Tahir Ashraf and Noman.
(b)Mujahid said, “I met Tahir, Ashraf and Noman.”
(c)Mujahid said, “I met tahir, Ashraf and noman.”
(d)mujahid said, “i met tahir, ashraf, and noman.”

(13)Select the correct Word:
“I dwell among the people”
in this line the word ‘I’ is used for:

(a)the poet
(b) an angel
(c) God
(d) None of these

(14)Choose the correct Word:
Robert Louis Stevenson was ———– poet.

(a)an English
(b) an American
(c)a Scottish
(d) None of these

(15)Select the correct Meaning of this idiom:
By fits and starts

(a) Continuously
(b) punctuality
(c) not regularly
(d) none of these


2.(a)Answer any 8 of the following questions in Three to Four sentences each

(i) What did the Caliph Haroon-ur-Rashld say to the beggar after the settlement of dispute?

(i) The Caliph scolded the beggar saying that he was a liar and had tried to rob an honest and respectable citizen. He deserved severe punishment, but if the rich man forgives him he would also forgive him.

(ii) How is the government taking interest in improving and modernizing the fish industry?

(ii) Fishermen are given loans to buy bigger and better boats. Fishing nets of good quality are sold at low prices. Fish harbours and- fish markets are being set up, weather stations have been built to warn fishermen about storms.

(iii) What would the Model Agricultural Farm use to milk the animals? What would modern machinery make from milk?

(iii) The Model form would use electric milker to milk the animals. Cream and butter will also be made from-the milk

(iv) What did King Faisal do for the health care of his people?

(iv) King Faisal established hospitals and dispensaries all over his kingdom. A poor Bedouin can get free medical treatment where he lives. Good doctors and nurses are employed to give to best treatment to patients

(v) How did the famous Muslim rulers set the examples of dignity of work?

(v) The famous Muslim rulers had set great examples of dignity of work. Sultan Nasir-ud-Din earned his living by making caps. Caliph Mamun Rashid served his guests himself. Emperor Aurangzeb earned his living by transcribing the Holy Quran

(vi) What was a man doing on a tight rope?

(vi) The man on the tight rope walked over it without falling. Then he climbed up the pole, reached its top and lay down flat balancing himself on the pole top.

(vii) What did mother tell the children about the disadvantages of polythene bags?

(vii) Mother told her children about the disadvantages of using polythene bags. Polythene bags block the sewerage pipes and cause dirty water to spill up

(viii) Why do the bush dwellers of Nigeria use wood at night?

(viii) The bush dwellers of Nigerian will used wood piles for lighting and protection because electricity has not yet reached these remote villages

(ix) Where is Torkham? What did the students see there and who welcomed them?

(ix) Torkham is the. border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The students saw a chain stretched across the road and the Pakistan flag was flying on a hill. The students. were welcomed by the soldiers guarding the frontier.

(x) What is the natural scenery of various regions of Pakistan?

(x) In the north of Pakistan there is the natural scenery of snow capped mountains, silvery water falls and cool lakes. Punjab and Sindh have fertile and green plains. The rocky regions of Balochistan are attractive and the shores of Arabian Seaare beautiful. Every region has its traditional customs

(b) Answer any Four of the following questions in three to four sentences:

(i) Who wrote the poem “Little Thing”?

(i) The poem Little Thing was written by Julia Carney, an American verse writer. She was born in Boston & died in 1908

(ii) How is a railway journey a source of happiness?

(ii) Railway journey is a source of happiness because the traveler can see beautiful sceneries like vast meadows) horses and cattle grazing, colourful stations, long rows of daisies, rivers, carts on the road, bridges, houses, ditches from the railway carriage. The slanting rain falling down also pleases the traveler.

(iii) Who has composed the poem “King Bruce and the Spider”? What does the poetess teach the reader through this poem?

(iii) Eliza Cook, an English poetess wrote this poem. The lesson we get from it is that man should not get dishearten by failures. Sincere and continuous efforts give success at last.

(iv) How can we win the hearts of people?

(iv) The unknown poet or poetess tells us to speak softly and with sympathy to others. Kind words win their hearts. This kindness is also liked by God.

(v) What does the line “These hands must folded be” mean?

(v) This line gives the indicate that mother will die soon and lay down with folded has under the soil.


3. Write an essay of 100 to 120 words on any One of the following topics:

(i) War against Terrorism
(ii) Problems of Karachi city
(iii) Advantages and Disadvantages of using Internet.
(iv) An Unforgettable Match of T-20 World Cup
Cricket Tournament -2014


(i) War against Terrorism

Terrorism in the broader secse is aggression killing and destruction. It is a way of imposing the views through fear of – destruction.

Now a day almost every country is facing terrorist activities in its territory. Pakistan is in a state of war against terrorism. The terrorist activities in Baluchistan and N.W.F.P. have been very vigorous in the previous days. They are still going on. The Pakistan army is at war, with terrorist there.

There are terrorist activities at the Afghan border. Our army is also facing them successfully. There are terrorist activities and target killings in various cities of our country. Suicide bombing is a new addition in terrorism. It is at its cling in Iraq. It is also prevailing in Pakistan the recent incident at the Nishter Park in the religious public meeting of Eid Milad was the greatest, inwhich many religious leaders and common people were killed? Our government is trying to find the root cause of this bomb blast.

The Pakistan Government is fighting a war against terrorism at all fronts. The Sri Lankan Government is fighting a war against terrorism activities of Tamil Tigers. It is now the order of the present time, to continue war against terrorism and not to become weak at any front.

(ii) Problems of Karachi city:

Karachi is the biggest city of Pakistan. Its problems are ever increasing. If one problem is solved, another problem lies in wait.

Now the problems of Karachi are:

(i) Unsafely against terrorist actlvltles, armed robbery.
(ii) Traffic hazards.
(iii) Load shedding of electricity and CNG for vehicles.
(iv) Garbage and overflowing sewerage lines.

Garbage and overflowing sewerage lines. As regards unsafely there seems to be no solution to it through the government claims to be solving them seriously.

The results are all against what the government claims. Traffic jams are still there although a number of flyovers and underpasses have. been built. In the peak hours every body is in a hurry and people too do not abide by the traffic rules. The police man controlling the traffic look helpless at such hour .

Load shedding of power is a constant problem. It is, very j1ainful during examination periods. Load shedding of C.N.G for vehicles has also become an essential part of this city. People have to waste a lot of time waiting in long quest for their chance to fill the gas. People throw garbage and all sorts of waste in the open gutter lines. When rain comes these drains overflow in no time and the whole area is under dirty water. Also the lifting and cleaning of garbage is not regular.

This causes diseases and a constant threat to health. In the end we hope that not only the government will take serious steps to solve the alone problems, but the people will show sense of responsibility and sincerity in being good citizen.

(iii) Advantages and Disadvantages of using Internet:

Internet is a source of information available on line at a nominal cost to everyone. There are a member of advantages and disadvantages of it

Through Internet information of every subject is available through powerful search engines. It provides information at various levels of sturdy. Internet gives message boards where people can discuss ideas freely. It provides facility of E-mail to any country around the world. Instant news from all around the world is available through it

Internet provides entertainment for everyone. On line services. and E-commerce facilities are at our door step. Buying tickets, payment of utility bills, taxes and Internet banking and sending money are the most attractive facilities available through internet.

But there are many disadvantages of using internet also. In appropriate and obscene data and information can be obtained by young children very easily. Age-inappropriate contents spoil the characters and poison the minds of young people

A person, who sits continuously on internet, becomes socially isolated. He does not have contacts with people in his society and goes into a shell. The health of such a person is sure to be spoiled. Apart from this serious disadvantage there is a danger of theft of personal information. This information can be used for wrong purposes. Also the information on internet need not be true. Hackers can create viruses that can get into our personal computer and ruin valuable data

Thus it can be concluded that internet should be used in a proper and profitable manner

(iv) An Unforgettable Match of T-20 World Cup Cricket Tournament -2014:

An unforgettable match of the recent world cup T-20 series is that between Pakistan and Australia. This match seemed very difficult to win. But Pakistan team fought back and won this match in a very respectable manners at Sher-e-Bangia Stadium in Bangia Desh. Unlike other matches this’ time our players bated with a new spirit and made a history every batsman played intelligently. Umer Akmal made 94 runs and Kamran Akmal made 31. Pakistan team made a total of 191 runs. When Australia batted later soon wickets began falling.

Zulfiqar Babar, Umer Gul and Shahid Afridi and Bilawal Bhatti took two wickets each. Saeed Ajmal took one wicket. The fielding was also superb. Every player was alert in the field.

The whole Australian team were all out on 175 runs and Pakistan won this match by 16 runs.

4. Write an application to the Headmaster I Headmistress requesting him I her for ten days leave for performing Umrah with parents


The Head master / headmistress,
A.B.C. School,
Respected Sir / Madam

Most respectfully I beg to state that my parents and I wish to perform Umrah. As such I request you to grant me ten days leave for this purpose.Will pray for the blessings of AI-Mighty God for pure life in this world and for forgiveness hereafter. Please grant me leave for this purpose and oblige

Thanking You

Yours Obediently


Write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper complaining against the broken condition of roads in your city

The Editor,
Daily Dawn,
Dear Sir,I wish to draw the attention of the government of Sindh towards the broken and bad condition of roads in this city Karachi is a big city and there is always great rush on the roads. The broken roads along with water accumulation are creating great problems to the people. Not only that it is causing a constant danger to life, it is damaging the vehicles also.

I hope that the concerned authorities will repair the roads soon and make our life easier and safer.

Your truly,
X Y.Z.

26th March 2014.

5. Translate any Five of the following sentences into English:

Translate any Five of the following sentence into English

Translate any Five of the following sentence into English


(1) First think and then speak.
(2) They have admitted their crimes.
(3) I have worked hard so that I may stand first in the school.
(4) When had the crescent of Eid been sighted
(5) He said that he often goes to Lahore.
(6) We have decided to go abroad.
(7) So not flatter people of high status.


Summaries the following passage:

The world victory is generally associated in our mind with war and calls up vision of battles,bloodshed and conquest by force and we think of war as a glorious thing. But when we think of the achievements of great men, statesmen, scholars, social reformer’s, scientis s, expl’Orers, discoverer and honest workers for the betterment of human race and the progress of civilization of the world, we realize, that the victories of peace are even glorious than the victories of war.


Victory in the world was achieved by wars or through good work for betterment of human race. The latter victory of peace is more glorious

6. Read the following passage and answer the questions given at its end:

People search God in temples, mosques and churches. They sit in meditations with closed eyes and wait for divine inspiration to come to their minds and hearts. But they don’t know that God lives in the temple of man’s heart

(i) Where do people search God?
(ii) Where do they sit and how?
(iii) Why do they wait for?
(iv) Where does God live?
(v) Make a noun from the verb “know” and make a verb from the noun “Inspiration


(i) People search God in mosques, temples and churches.
(ii) The sit at these places in meditation with closed eyes for guidance and divine inspiration.
(iii) They wait for divine inspiration to come to their mends and hearts.
(iv) God lives in the heart of man.


Write a short note on any One of the following topics:

(i) Monkey Man (ii) Mending a Puncture (iii) Casabianca


(i) Monkey Man:

The man with his monkey in the Village Fair is very attractivo for the,Beople the He has trained his monkey expertly. His monkey played the role of an angry husband with a furious face walking up and down with hands folded behind his back and nose proudly up in the air. The clever monkey also performed some other tricks. The monkey man played his wooden tambourine to attract people. At the end of the show the happy people gave tips of money to the monkey man.

(ii) Mending a Puncture

The kit for mending a puncture contain a wrench, a piece of old cycle tube, a pair of scissors, sand paper,’ a colour pencil and sticking solution. To mend a puncture in the cycle tube it is first inflated and dipped water bit by bit. Air bubbles are seen coming out from the puncture part of the tube. A mark is made, there and a semi solid solution applied to the punctured part. It is heated to a certain temperature sometime in a machine which is a sort of press. The solution melts sticks to the tube so that both are inspirable.

(iii) Casabianca

It is the poem written by Felicia Dorothea Hemans. She loved acts of chivalry and heroism. In this poem the brave boy who was the son of the Captain of the ship, showed the qualities of obedience loyalty, sense of duty and sacrifice. He carried out the orders of his father and never left the burning ship and at last died on the deck of the ship. His father had ordered him not to leave his place till his orders. So he died in obedience to his father who had died earlier.

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