English Solved Past Paper 10th Class 2015 Karachi Board


Choose the correct answer for each from the given options

(i) Chose the correct form of verb
He did as he …….

* Promises
* Promised
* Will promise

(ii)Select the correct interrogative form:
She plays foot ball

*Did she play football?
*Does she plays football?
*Will she play football?
*Does she play football?

(iii) Select the correct preposition
The dog sat ……….. his master


(iv) Select the correct article:
What …….. clever boy he is!

* an
* the
* none of these

(v) Choose the correctly punctuated sentence.
Iqbal the famous poet of pakistan died at Lahore

*Iqbal the famous poet of Pakistan died at Lahore.
*Iqbal, the famous poet of Pakistan, died at Lahore.
*Iqbal the famous poet of Pakistan, died at Lahore.
*Iqbal, the famous poet of Pakistan died at Lahore.

(vi)This poem has been written by Thomas moore

* The uses of Adversity
* The Minstrel Boy
* Casabianca
* Speak Gently

(vii) Select the correct meaning
Make our world an Eden, in this line word ‘Eden’ means

* Pak
* Beautiful
* Peaceful
* Garden of paradise

(viii) Choose the correct answer:
The famous Mela Chiraghan is held in………….. every year.

* Multan
* Karachi
* Pak Pattan
* Lahore

(ix) Select the correct Negative form:
They drink tea every day

* They do not drink tea every day.
* They did not drink tea every day.
*They have not drunk tea every day.
* They will net drink tea every day.

(x) Select the correct Assertive form:
Did we see her in the garden yesterday?

* We see her in the garden yesterday.
* We saw her in the garden yesterday.
* We have seen her in the garden yesterday.
* We had seen her in the garden yesterday.

(xi) Select correct opposite form I Antonym of ‘Attack’.

* Defense
* Defeat .
* descend

(xii)Choose the correct indirect narration:
Ahmad said to me, “Let us go for a walk”.

*Ahmad said to me that we should go for a walk.
*Ahmad advised me to go for a walk with him.
*Ahmad proposed to me that we should go for a walk.
*Ahmad requested to me to go for a walk with him

(xiii) Select the correct Direct Narration:
He told me that he had done his work.

*He said to me, “I have done my work”.
*He said to me, “I have done your work”.
*He said to me, “He had done his work”.
*He said to me, “He has done his work”.

(xiv) Choose the correct Passive Voice
I gave him a book.

*A book is given him by me.
*He was given a book by me.
*He has given a book by me.
*A book has been given him by me.

(xv) Choose the correct Active Voice.
A novel was not read by them.

*They did not read a novel.
*They do not read a novel.
*They have not read a novel.
*They were not reading a novel.


2.(a)Answer any 8 of the following questions in Three to Four sentences each:

(i) Why did the Caliph Haroon ur Rasheed go through the streets of Baghdad at night?
Caliph Hroon Rasheed used to go through the streets of Baghdad, to gain first hand knowledge of the difficulties and problems of the common man

(ii) How would we be able to meet the needs of ever growing population of our country?
We should encourage people to cooperate with government in population planning measures. We should pay our taxes fully and honesty

(iii) Why was king Faisal against the State of Israel? What did he do for the Arabs in their war against Israel?
He was against Israel because of its enmity towards the Arabs. He made Arabs strong mentally and militarily against Israel.

(iv) How did conjurer entertain the people in the village fair?
The conjurer took Bilal’s handkerchief and tore it into pieces. But when he returned it, it was undamaged

(v)Why the children were surprised when their mother asked them to go for shopping” with her?
The children had never gone for shopping before. The shopping was done by their father before. But he was not at home

(vi)How you can say that Moazzam was simple & trusting?
Moazzam was simple and trusting because he trusted his elder brother and always thought good of him.

(vii)What were the feelings of Children when they stood looking at the hills after visiting the Khyber Pass?
The children thought about the brave soldier” of Mahmood Ghaznavi, Babur and Abdali riding along the Khyber Pass

(viii)Describe the process of mending a puncture?
The damaged cycle tube is inflated and dipped in water bit. by bit. When the punctured part goes below water bubbles fair come out. This is the punctuated part, An old piece of tube is stuck here after making it rough with sand paper

(ix) What is a good summary?
A good summary contains all the important points in a short form. Unnecessary words & repetition is not there.

(x)What is the result of extreme weather on the lives of Balochis ?
In extreme weather they used sandy a cool stove to get warmth. It is kept under a table and a large blanket is spread on the table and family members sit under it.

2.(b) Answer any FOUR of the following question in three to four sentences each:

(i) What is the meaning of the poem “The Voice of God”?
The message of “Voice of God” is God’s pleasure can be sought by serving the common man

(ii) Why does the poet say that the prayer for mother on earth mingles with that in heaven?
The prayer for mother mingles with that in heaven because the angels there also pray {or mothers.

(Iii) Who has composed the poem “Casabianca”? What does the poetess teach you through this poem?
‘Casabianca’ was composed by the poetess Felicia Dorothea Hemans the poetess teaches the sense of duty and responsibility through this poem.

(iv) Why did the Minstrel Boy destroy his harp?
He destroyed his harp because he did not want it to be touched by the wicked and impure hands of the enemy.

(v) Do you agree with the massage of the poem “The Man Who Wins”. Why?
Yes, because, only that man can succeed who has confidence in him?


Note: Answer all the questions of this section

Write an essay of 100 to 120 words on anyone of the following topics

(i) Last ten minutes of an interesting Cricket Match of World Cup 2015.
(ii) United we stand, divided we fall
(iii) Peaceful Karachi
(iv) My ideal personality

Last ten minutes of an interesting Cricket Match of World Cup 2015

The most exciting cricket match of World Cup 2015 was the Semi final match between New Zealand and South Africa.

The last 10 minutes of this match were very thrilling. Fortunes fluctuated from one side to the other. South Africa after winning the toss had batted first and scored 281 runs for 5 wickets in 43 overs. The rain came down and stopped the play.

Then it was decided by Duck-Worth and Leuois Method that if New Zealand scores 298 runs in 43 overs they will win

In the last 10 minutes the match was very exciting.

South Africa bowled well and put their full efforts to restrict New Zealand. To achieve the target. Vittory and Grant Elliot were the last pair. They had to score 12 runs off the last over, suddenly Elliot skied a ball, but the catch was not caught due to a hard collide between Farhan Behardien and J.P Duminy. Behardien was aiming correctly and was about to catch the ball when J.P Duminy came running to catch the ball and both j dashed with each other and the ball fell to the ground. Vittory scored a boundary in the last over, 6 runs were needed for win and South Africa put all their efforts to restrict New Zealand from this. Now 2 balls were left and 5 runs were needed. Then Elliot scored a six on the 2nd last ball and achieved the target. It was a very spectacular finish and at last New Zealand won the match, one ball earlier.

(i) United we stand, divided we fall

It is true that it is easy to defeat and destroy a single person than a group of people, who are united. This fact has been proved through many examples in history and in families of a locality.

The story of the old man who taught this to his son by a number of sticks is famous. Today, it is the need of the day that in our country all the people whether they belong to different school of thought must be united for the cause of our nation and country

The enemies inside and outside the country are keen to find traitors and divided people.

Such unfaithful people are easily trapped through money and other timely benefits

In the end such a person himself suffers badly and is destroyed in the end. We should be united for a common cause for the sovereignty and property of out country

There are other benefits of being united. Out companion are there by our side when we are sick and when we are in difficulties. They help us and this make a healthy and good example.

A strong nation is that in which all the citizens are united and loyal to the country

(ii) Peaceful Karachi

Everyone dreams to have a calm and peaceful life in Karachi.

Here people of -different communities and parties are living and their interests are also different which often contradict with those of others. This gives rise to quarrels which increase in enmity and rivalry.

A peaceful Karachi is possible when people are united for a common cause of nation that is prosperity and development.

The traffic hazards in Karachi are also a hindrance in making the city peaceful. In every field of work and business, people are selfish and do not care for this. People think of their own gain at the cost of harm to others

The water shortage and power failures also excite people to protest against the authorities

The need is that every person must be sincere to his work and to the country and also should not damage public property

A peaceful Karachi is possible when all the institutions and people of different. Sectors of life and business remain peaceful and tolerant with others

We hope that a good time will come when this will be true

(iii) My ideal personality

The Person I respect most is my grandfather. Though he is old now, he has spent a good time and helped others in many ways, he has taught English Literature and languages. He was a lecturer in English, with sound knowledge. From the life of great poets and scholars he had chosen good deeds and put them into practice in his own life. He also teaches others the same and particularly good manners.

He is a kind heated and a very decent man. I respect him very much.

Write an application to the Headmaster/Headmistress of your school to allow you to leave the school after recess as you have an appointment with the dentist.

Examination Hall,
8th April, 2015

Dear Father
I received your letter and was glad to know that
you are in good health and safe.
As regards threats to schools by terrorists, our Principal has taken adequate measures for the security of students, two retired military guards have been appointed who remain alert at start and close of school, and at recess. There is also a Police Mobile Van patrolling the area and well in contact. Students are taken in and let out of school premises in a revised disciplined manner We are happy and safe. And I am in good health too.
I pray for your good health

Your loving son I Daughter


Write a letter to your father telling him
about the security measures taken by your
Headmaster I Headmistress I Principal in your
school for the security of the students

             The Headmaster I Headmistress,
A.B.C. School,
Respected Sir / Madam,
Most respectfully I beg to state that I have an appointment with the dentist, due to pain in my teeth, I have to be in his clinic at 11:30 a.m.
As such I earnestly request you to allow me to leave the school after recess
My school work is up to date and the teachers also have no objection.
Kindly grant me short leave and oblige
Thanking you,

Yours obediently

8th April, 2015

Translate of the following sentences into English

Translate the following sentences into English

Translate the following sentences into English

Write a short note on anyone of the following:

(i) Dignity of work

Dignity of work means to do our work our ourselves by our hands. The Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h.) did his personal work himself. He not only did his own work but also worked for others. His companions also set examples of dignity of work. Hazrat Abu Bakar fetched water for widows and neighbors who were very old. The King Sultan Nasir uddin earned living by making caps

(ii) Fishing

Fishing is a very important profession. Fishes are important source of food and millions of people are engaged in catching fish. Fresh water fish are caught from rivers, lakes and canals. They are tastier than marine fishes. Fishermen engaged in marine fishing have to face many dangers. This is due to rough weather and small boats. The government is trying to provide them facilities of a” kinds, to promote this useful industry

(iii) There’s a good time coming

The Scotish poet Charles Mackay in his poem hopes that a good time will come when there will be peace and tranquility in our lives and in the world. He hopes that there will be no tyranny and hatred. Good qualities will prevail in every Sphere of life.

We also hope for this good time to come soon

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