English Solved Past Paper 1st year 2011 Karachi Board


1. Choose the correct answer for each from the given options:

i) No power on earth can prevent Pakistan’. These words are spoken by:
* Liaquat Ali Khan
* Allama Iqbal
* Quaid-e-Azam
* Mohammad Ali Jauhar

ii) The name of the accountant in ‘My Bank Account’ was:
* Stephen Leacock
* Pinkerton
* Montgomery
* Baron Rothschild

iii) Every member nation of the UN is represented in:
* The General Assembly
* The Security Council
* The Secretariat
* Specialized Committees

iv) The revolver used in the robbery was found from the room of:
* Carter
* Johnson
* King
* Charlton

v) Lord Amiens lived a life of:
* Nobility
* Luxury
* Exile
* Imprison.

solved M.C.Qs english 2011

solved M.C.Qs english 2011

xix) how will you have it he said (can be punctuated as):
* How will you have it’,-he said
* How will you have it’, He said
* How will you have it? He said.
* How will you have it?’ he said.

xx) As appeared in the newspaper, Amalie died on:
* 9th December
* 18th December
* 19th December
* 29th December


i)Why does the writer apply the word ‘terrible’ to the first year of Pakistan’s history as an independent sate?
The author used the word Terrible’ to the first year of Pakistan’s history because of the gigantic task the government of Pakistan had to face in order to rehabilitate six and a half million Muslims, who were mercilessly driven out of India into Pakistan. It was a huge task for the government to provide food, shelter and health facilities to those homeless people. Therefore the writer used the word terrible for the first year of Pakistan’s history. The leaders of that time were successful. redressing their pitiable problems to a great extent.

ii) Describe one heroic action that took place after the Birkenhead went down?
The commander of the Birkenhead drill sacrificed his own life by saving the two young soldiers to allow them to save their lives by hanging a wreck and left himself to sink in the sea. As the commander of the ship, he had performed his duty with full responsibility and honesty. After the ship had struck the rock twice, the front half soon sank but all the people managed to get on to the other half, which was still floating. However. it was not possible to save the lives of passengers until some rescue operation was carried out immediately. There were only three lifeboats in useful condition, each of which could carry only sixty people. In this way only 180 people could be saved. The soldiers displayed exemplary courage and discipline.

iii) At what point in ‘Hostile Witness’ does the audience realize that Charlton is the real culprit?
The audience realizes that Charlton is lying in order to throw suspicion on King when he tells the detective Manning that King has gone up to his room with him. Manning didn’t believe that the King was the murderer because the King would never have reached the WhitE’ Hart Hotel in hrs car, the Green Moris Minor, at the time he reached.

iv) What is the difference between objective thinking and prejudiced thinking?
Objective thinking is based on scientific research and have strong reasons and proofs and evidence whereas prejudiced thinking is quiet unscientific and is based on ones own traditions without any base or proof just talking and estimating the situations.

v) What part of the UN has given the most promising results?
United Nation has achieved a great many successes in preventing the social evils and in the field of health and education. In short, The United Nation’s “family” of organizations promotes global cooperation in many fields. The specialized agencies and bodies of United Nations work continuously towards the goal of development.

vi) How did the shepherd help the abbot of Canterbury?
The Abbot could not answer of the questions. It was his illiterate shepherd who answered of the questions. On the first question he answered the king that their prophet was sold on thirty pence among the evil Jews. He prized him twenty-nine. a penny less then with Jesus who was betrayed by the false Jews. On the second question the shepherd replied that he could possibly travel among the whole world if he starts his journey early in the morning and travel with the pace of the sun. In this way he will take not more than twenty four hours time to circle around the whole world. On the third question of the king the shepherd answered him that the king was thinking about him to be the Abbot but in reality he was his poor shepherd. He was advised by his lord abbot to go there and answer the questions.

vii) What was the real story attached to the Castle of Cernogratz? Who told it?
The real’story attached to the Castle of Cernogratz was that it was the story of old castle situated in a village which has legend associated with it. The real story was that when a member of Cernogratz family died the dogs and the wolves howl. A tree also fell when the soul of the dying man left his body. The legend was told by the servant Amalie who was the last member of Cernogratz family and due to poor situation she was doing the job in her own castle. .

viii) How did the villagers enjoy holiday before the village was deserted?
The poet remembered his past days that he enjoyed at his village. His village was often remained prosperous and all the people of the village enjoyed the spring seasons. The villagers played many different games under the spreading trees. They were happy and rejoice because they often met”together to enjoy their free labor day.

ix) How did Lucy Gray lose her life?
Although, Lucy Gray obeyed her father but unfortunately she could not reached to the town. The forecasted storm came before its time and she lost her way. She wandered up and down and climbed on many hills but could not found her way. She fell into the water and drowned.

x) Who brought about the disgrace of Morcerfs family and why?
The Count of Monte Cristo was the person who disgraced Morcerfs family. When Beauchamp confirmed by giving Albert some solid proof, he without wasting his time straight to the house of Monte Cristo to chalrenqe him for fight. He placed his family honour before his friendship. The Count of Monte Cristo told the mother of Albert that there was a sailor who came after his long vovaqe. He was very happy because he was going to marry with a Catalan girt but due to the conspiracy of a fisher man namely Femand Mondego he was sent to dungeon for fourteen years.

xi) Why did the Countess of Moreerf visit the house of the Count of Monte Cristo? Was her visit successful?
The mother of Albert was very confused about the duel of his son with Count of Monte Cristo. She was also not ready to believe that he was the enemy of Albert. When she came to know that Albert had delivered challenge to Monte Cristo she went to him to beg him to save his son’s life and not to kill him. Her visit was successful because when the Countess of Morcerf compelled Monte Cristo that he would spare the life of Albert he became very much despaired of his life because he knew that in tnis way he had stake his own life to death. When the Countess left the house he stopped his practice and took a paper to write his will. He called his friend and servant to be the witness of his will.

xii) Who was Charlotte and what role did she play in Progress?
Chartotte was the name of Mrs. Meldon and she was a bereaved lady whose husband and son had been’ died in a war. She was very much against of wars and the killing of people. When she came to know that her brother had invented a dangerous bomb which could destroy millions of people she requested him to destroy it. He called her mad by her behavior and tried to persuade her but in vain. When she destroyed all the equiprnents and the formu’as of the bomb he told her that it made no difference as he had all in “,;s mind. Mrs. Meldon had no other choice but to kill him. She killed !1;.n and destroyed his formula for the safety of humanity.

xiii) What did Corrie want to achieve through his invention?
Professor Henry Corrie was a selfish and materialistic person. He didn’t care of the grief of his sister and always talked about his invention. He didn’t mind it that his bomb would destroy millions of people. He was not a patriotic in his sense and wanted to sell his bomb to any government who would pay him highest. Although, he was a great scientist but he lacked the feeling of sympathy. His only purpose was to become rich and become popular among the people. In spite of his greatest invention he seemed to be fuh of all the humans’ tendencies of materialism and selfishness.

xiv) Fill in the blanks with appropriate preposition, articles and verbs where necessary:
• I would attend the party if I had the invitation.
• She is looking after her old aunt, who may die due to cancer al any
• A doctor has just told me, I ought to go to the hospital

xv) Match the idioms of Column ‘A’ with their interpretations given in Column’B’. Use any Two of them in your sentence



(i) Face the music – bear the insulting situation.
The criminals must be put before the law to face the music.

(ii) Put up with – Tolerate
I cannot put up with my insult.

(iii) Bury the hatchet – Cease fighting
Let’s bury the hatchet and be friends againft


3. Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper on the problems of
public transport in your city

Examination Hall,
Dated: July 10th, 2011.
The Editor,
Daily Dawn,

Subject: Problems of Public Transport.

Dear Sir

I wish to draw the attention of your readers and the officials on a very serious matter. As is commonly observed our public buses have inadequate space for passengers to sit, Over’ crowded and high fairs which are increasing day by day by their own.

Mainly it is because there is no proper check of government; they drive fast with over speed and have the high risk of accidents. Secondly ladies usually have small children and they also take up space in the ladies section. Then at times when the whole bus is full even men come and sit in the ladies area which is very disturbing for ladies.

It is requested through this letter that the traffic police and the bus companies themselves should look hto this matter and provide a comfortable journey to the lady passengers.

Please print this letter and oblige.

Your sincerely,
X. Y Z.

Write a story based on the moral ‘Greed is curse’.

See on Page # 17

Write a short essay on any One of the following topics:

Recent Wonders of Science

Our age is an age of science. Scientific inventions have brought about great changes in almost every walk of life. Science has conquered time and distance. The countries at a distance of thousands of miles appear to be situated just in our neighbourhood. The distance that formerly took months and years to cover, now takes hours and days. In fact we feel as if all the men and women on this earth belong to one family. Besides, means of communication and transport have been speedier and easier. The speed of traveling greatly increased. The  locomotive, the telephone and the wireless are doing great services to man

Science has saved man from a good deal of labour and has made life more interesting and enjoyable. After the hard work of the day, one .may switch on his radio or television set and enjoys himself by listening songs or watching different programmes. He may choose to go to cinema or watch the movie on VCR or CD player. Science has given us many devices to relax and enjoy the life in true manner.

Science has also done a great deal in fighting against diseases. Many diseases that were regarded fatal and incurable are now easily cured. The invention of X-Ray, C.T.Scan and Ultra Sound has relieved man of a good deal of misery and pain. The average age has increased and people now enjoy good health. Moreover, Science has added a lot to human knowledge. New discoveries have been made and man is now more anxious to know the unknown than ever before. Man has set foot on the surface of the moon and has finally accomplished a foothold in space. We know much more about the universe than ever before

Despite all the benefits of Science, it is not an unmixed blessing. The latest arms are so deadly in nature that the very existence of human race is threatened. An unwise use of the amazing atomic power can destroy the whole world in a few minutes.

The fact, however, remains that Science has done lot for the benefits of humanity. Let us hope and pray that scientific inventions would be used properly for the services of mankind

My Favourite Writer

Ashfaq Ahmed, (August 22, 1925 – September 7, 2004) was a
distinguished writer, playwright, broadcaster, intellectual and spiritualist
from Pakistan. His prime qualities of heart and hand eamed
appreciations across the borders. He was regarded by many as the best
Urdu Afsana (short-story) writer after Saadat Hasan Manto; Ismat
Chughtai and Krishan Chander following the publication of his famous
short-story Gaddarya [The Shepherd] in 1955

Ahmed was born on 22 August 1925 in Garhmukteshwar village,
Ghaziabad. British India. He obtained his early education in his native
district. Shortly before independence in 1947, he migrated to Pakistan
and made the Punjab metropolis, Lahore as his abode. He completed
his Mas:ers in Urdu literature from Government College Lahore. Bano
Qudsia, his wife and companion in Urdu literary circles who is also one
of the best novelists of Urdu, was his classmate at Government College

After Partition, when Ashfaq Ahmed arrived at the Walton refugee
camp with millions of other migrants, he used to make announcements
on a megaphone round the clock. Later, he got a job in Radio Azad
Kashmir, which was established on a truck that used to driVe around in
vanous parts of Kashmir. He then got lectureship at Dayal Singh College, Lahore for two years. Where after, he went to Rome to join
Radio Rome as an Urdu newscaster. He also used to teach Urdu at
Rome University. During his stay in Europe, he got diplomas in the
Italian and French languages from the University of Rome and
University of Grenoble. France. He also got special training diploma in
radio broadcasting from New York University

He started writing stories in his childhood. which were published in Phool [Flower] magazine. After returning to Pakistan from Europe, he took out his own monthly literary magazine, Dastaangc [Story Teller], and joined Radio Pakistan as a script writer. He was made editor of the popular Urdu weekly, Lail-o- lahar [Day and Night], in place of famous poet Sufi Ghulam Mustafa Tabassum by the Government of Pakistan

In 1962, Ashfaq Ahmed started his popular radio program. Talqeen Shah (The Preacher] which made him immensely popular among the people in towns and villages. It was a weekly feature that ran for three decades. the longest weekly radio show in the subcontinent. He was appointed director of the Markazi Urdu Board in 1966. which was later renamed as Urdu Science Board. a post he held for 29 years. He remained with the board untii 1979. He also served as adviser In the Education Ministry during Zia-ul-Haq’s regime. In the 60s, he produced a feature film, Dhoop aur Saie [Shadows and Sunshine], which was not very successful at the box office

Ashfaq Ahmed died on 7 September 2004 at the age of 79, of pancreatic cancer

An Exciting Cricket Match

Cric et is one of the most popular and exciting out door sports. Some of us get the opportunity to play first class cricket, but there are rriflions who enjoy seeing I being played. It gives us moments of leisure and pleasure and fills us with a competi ive spirit. I witnessed the demonstration of the great~st excitement and determination at National Stadium, Karachi

It was a fine day A large number of people incfuding men, women and children from all wa ks of life gathered there to enjoy the match between Pakistan and few Zealand. To be a good sports team, one has to be aggressive and this was shown in the final between the tw 30 teams. ew Zealand won the toss and invited Pa istan to bat firs . This was a big bl..mder that their captain had made. Shahid Afridi and Saeed Anwar were sent as openers. It was a right decision by the captain, because Shanid Afridi slammed the ball over the field, It was due to his hard hitting that Pakistan achieved a good start. Saeed Anwar was very careful and most of the time simply obstructed. The bowling was quite strong, due to which Saeed Anwar was not able to score a single run for the first fifteen minutes. But as time passed, he grasped the strategy of the bowlers and began to fully support Afridi. He completed his half century by playing keen and beautiful shots. When he was at a score of 88. the first slip caught him smartfy. In this way. the first wicket of Pakistan fell at a total of 130. After him, Shahid Afridi could not steadily face the bowlers and proceeded towards the pavilion in a short time

Ejaz Ahmed began his batting when the Pakistani team was playing
at 135. Along with inzamamum ul Haq, he pulled up the score to 170. The next four men were dismissed very quickly – two bowled one caught and one out leg before wickets. However Main Khan made a stand and was able to increase the score to 218. At this moment, 10 overs remained unbowled and three wickets in hand. Wasim Akram played a beautiful inning and Pakistani team snatched a total of 269 for 8

This terrifying score marked down the morals of the New Zealand Team. They made a poor start, as their first wicket fell when the score was only ten. However, their middle order batsmen made a great effort and cheered the Kiwi Team. Inzamam ul Haq was the person who caught the second middle order batsman at 70. The following batsmen also played quite well and rose up the score to 220 for 5. This situation was exciting and pointed out to the defeat if Pakistan. However, when Wasim Akram came to bowl, the hopes of Pakistanis revived. He bowled extraordinary well and just after 5 overs, the New Zealand team had reached to 260 for 7. The rival needed barely 10 runs to win in 1 over. The down order batsmen shook up well. Score kept on increasing gradually and they reached to 266. It was the last ball; New Zealand requiring 4 runs to win and Waqar Younis was on the other side of the wicket. As soon as he bowled, the wickets were slammed and Pakistan was granted another exciting victory over New Zealand. The crowd went in mad uproar, congratulating their national champions for the great success.

Translate the following sentences into English

Translate the following sentences into English


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