English Solved Past Paper 1st year 2012 Karachi Board


solved M.C.Qs english 2012

solved M.C.Qs english 2012

solved M.C.Qs english 2012

solved M.C.Qs english 2012


i) What happened to the troopship Birkenhead?
Birkenhead was wrecked when it struck against a hidden rock. No member of her crew to be blamed because the rock was not shown in any of the map of the sea nor it was discovered

ii) Distinguish between a scientific piece of work and unscientific piece of work. Answer in the light of the lesson by F. Sherwood Taylor.
The word scientific means that which is as exact as possible is based on sound evidence. By calling something unscientific, the scientist means that it is inexact. The scientist’s object should be
nothing but to find the truth.

iii) You are free! You are free to go to your temples you are free to go to your mosques or to any other place of worship in this state of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion or caste We are all citizens and equal citizens of one ‘State’ Who said these words and what message does this speech convey to the people?
These words were spoken by Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah and this speech conveys the message that Pakistan is an independent state where everybody is independent and free to perform their religious activities. Everybody will equally enjoy the rights of welfare state citizens.

iv) What were the intelligent answers to the three questions asked by King John?
The Abbot could not answer of the questions. It was his illiterate shepherd who’ answered of the questions. On the first question he answered the king that their prophet was sold on thirty pence among the evil Jews. He prized hlm twenty-nine, a penny less then with Jesus who was betrayed by the false Jews.

On the second question the shepherd replied that he could possibly
travel among the whole world if he starts his joumey early in the morning and travel with the pace of the sun. In this way he will take not more than twenty four hours time to circle around the whole world.

On the third question of the king the shepherd answered him that the king was thinking about him to be the Abbot but in reality he was his poor shepherd. He was advised by his lord abbot to go there and answer the questions.

v) What news was brouqht to Napoleon Bonaparte? How did he
react to it?
When Napoleon was. waiting for the news of victory, standing on the hill he saw a rider coming bound on bound towar-ds him. When he came near to him he saw that he was Lannes. He was badly injured. He came near to his chief and told him that their soldiers had· conquered the Ratisbom as it was his keen desire to wave their own flag there  When he saw the wounded soldier he asked him if he was injured. The soldier shocked by these formal and unexpected words. He fell down and said to his chief that he was not merely wounded but by he had sacrificed his life for the sake of his nation.

vi) What charges were levelled against the Count of Morcerf?
The charges levelled against the Count of Morcerf were that he was publically disgraced. He was charged in the court that he had taken bribe from his enemies and given them the Fortes of Yanina when he was captain in the French army in 1823

vii) Write a few sentences on Professor Henry Corrie’s invention.
Professor Henry Corrie had invented a dangerous bomb and he thought that in this way war would be revolutionized and the country which would have it, considered powerful. He thought that if there were such weapons no nation would dare to fight in the presence of such destructive weapons. He thought that in this way he was revolutionizing the war but he forgot that if there were such weapons they would certainly be used and there would be no winner and no loser as all would meet the same fate- death.

viii) What does the death of Amalie Von Cernogratz prove?
The deeth of Amalie VQn Cernogratz proves that she was actually the last member of Cernogratz Family and she told Baron and Baroness about the death music while any member of Cernogratz family will die. Although it was severe cold but the Amalie insisted to keep the window open because she was near to die and she wanted listen the death music of her family.

ix) Albert’s character changes in the course of the play from an
emotional person to a sensible man. Comment.
Albert is an emotional young boy. When he comes to know that it was his own friend the count who disgraced his family hs immediately goes to him and challenged him for fight. He became so emotional that he even forgot that Monte Cristo was his sincere friend w-io once saved his life. Although Albert was very furious to his friend the Count of Monte Cristo but he did not fight a duel with him. When he cerne to know the reality that it was not Monte Cristo but his own ‘father who committed mistake. He didn’t delay to beg his friend and withdrew from the duel.

x) What religious lesson does the poem ‘The Toys’ convey?
When the poet punished his son and he went to another room to console his sad heart with toys. The father realized it and went to love his son in his room. From the incident he draws a lesson that we are like children to our-heavenly God. Our wishes are our toys. We disobey our God several times as the children disobeyed their parents and just as the poet pardoned his son in a similar way our God will forgive us for our childish deeds.

xi) What inspired the foundation of the UNO?
United Nations Orqanization was founded in April 1945, just after the Second World War. During the war there had been occurred a great destruction of life and property. Everyone cried. for peace and brotherhOod. So the great many people met together and founded the United Nation Organization to stop wars and bring peace.

xii) What mistakes does the writer make when he tries to do business in a bank and why does he do so?
The author wanted to deposit fifty dollars in his account but he wrote fifty six instead of fifty. The surprised clerk asks him why he wishes to draw all money which he has just deposited. The author realizes his mistake and becomes embarrassed. In order to hide his embarrassment he pretends as if he had been insulted by the clerk. The author collects his money and walks out of the bank. He hears a loud laughter behind him.

xiii) How did the Count of Monte Cristo take his revenge against the Count of Morcerf?
Monte Cristo first published the secret report about Morcerf in a local newspaper that he took bribe from the Turks when he was captain in the French anny and handed over the fortress of Yanina to them. He also sent a witness to the chamber of deputies with written proofs which were signed and sealed and witnessed that he was a traitor. Consequently, he was declared a traitor by the deputies. In this way Monte Cristo paid back in the same coin and proved his theory of revenge.

xiv) Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions, articles and verbs where necessary:
• I will see you at the airport. ON Monday at 3:00 pm.
The sun is going down. You have to work which has been assigned to you

xv) Match any Two idioms with their meanings in Column ‘A’ and Column ‘B’, and then use in sentences: in column ‘B’ and use any Two of these In sentences:



(iv) Loan IS an apple of discord between two close friends.
(v) He felt Iike fish out of water in an academic atmosphere.
(vi) Everybody at-the party was very quiet until the host helped to break the ice.


Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper on the problems of
frequent power failure in your area.

Examination Hall,
Dated: July 17th, 2012.

Subject: Remedy to the Frequent Power Breakdown in ABC Area

Dear Sir,

The residents of ABC Area are going through turmoil due to the frequent power breakdown
We understand that the country is going through troubled times and our power supply is unable to meet the demand. But we request you to at least divide the city in differ~nt sectors and give us a schedule as to when we won’t have electricity in our area’. These sudden breakdowns are causing problems for the young’and old alike
The concerned authorities are requested to please restore regular electric supply to our locality at your earliest:

Thank You,
Your’s truly,
X. Y.Z.

Write a short story on ‘Honesty is the Best Policy
Ans: See on Page # 29,

Write an essay on any One of the following topics:

My favorite pastime



A remarkable scientific invention

Science has done the greatest progress in the world.
Science helped mankind in innumerable ways. The scientifIc inventions have brought about many Changes in our lives. The civilizations of the world have progressed by leap and bounds.

It has helped us in countless ways to make our everyday life comfortable, For travelling or transportation we have many type~ of vehicles. We need not walk on foot or travel by slow moving bullock carts. Today we have scooters, cars, buses, trains, aeroplanes to take from one place to another.

The invention of electricity has helped us in many ways. Today nights are not dark, winters are not so cold and summers are not so hot.

We use bulbs or tube lights to illuminate our house, room heaters to
keep us warm and cooler and AC’s to drive away heat during summer days. The invention of T.V. sets has helped us in getting news, entertainment, live telecasts of distant events around the world. We need not go out of our houses to witness those events. Means of communication have vastly improved. Today news travels faster than before. There are E-mails, couriers, telephones, telexes which provide us instant messages. A person sitting in India on telephone can talk to his relative sitting in America or any other part of the world

Communication satellites moving in their orbits above the earth’s atmosphere can forecast weather reports, cyclones, tidal changes in the sea etc. much in advance. These forecasts help us to reduce the disasters likely to take place

We have developed instruments to help us in agriculture, irrigation, generating electricity, building dams, curing many fatal diseases. Man’s life span has been increased with the ·advancement of the medical science.

Science has helped us in building multi-stored buildings and elevators helps us to reach even the top floors within no time and that. to without straining our legs

Cell Phone a luxury or necessity

In earlier days, mobile phones were regarded as prestige icons. Quite a few people used to own cell phones. The key target crowd was that of working men. On the other hand, these days, they have been progressed from being just a prestige icon to a daily inevitable object. Today, we can easily find of small kids in their early teens only owing a personal handset. Or be it housewives or older people almost everyone have their own private mobile handset.

This increase in the number of consumers of the mobile phones in India has buoyant numerous of network providers in attracting to  his business and become the part of one of the largest telecom industry by offering telecom services. The contest is so intense that each of the service providers tries their level to the optimum to serve the best plans and packages to the users

Other than the call making and text sending uses, cell phones are so in due to various other user requirements that these gadgets comfortably fulfill. MP3 players, Intemet Services, GPS, FM Radio, Digital Camera, Social networking, etc. are all such features which have put the cell phones in trend. Instead of providing all. these service, one can easily own the cheap mobile phones in India. The services of a mobile have also advanced into banking services, paying online bills, booking e-tickets for travel on train and airlines, booking movie tickets, surfing the intemet for various other uses. The beginning of 3G services gives a complete innovative aspect to the mobile handsets in India. Along with all other advantages it also facilitates the user to watch TV on their handset device.

On the whole, Mobile handsets today are mainly regarded as a medium of convenience that allows the consumer to carry out all his day to day activities at a single go without any obstacles no issue with respect to area and availability. Some people who have the passion for technology also get the chance to choose those phones that facilitate them to use all the technicalities that they require to do. Also, the reduced prices and all these amazing fancy services have resulted in a move where every individual has minimum of one mobile phone for himselfl herself

Translate the following sentences into English

Translate the following sentences into English

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