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1. Choose the correct answer for each from the given options:

i) The murderer in the ‘Hostile Witness’ was:
• John
• King
• Stevens

ii) The word’ television’ means:
• to see from near
•. to see from far
•. to see from close
•. to see from nowhere

iii) ‘Under the Green Wood Tree’ Is composed by:
William Wordsworth”
• Sir Henry Wotton
• William Shakespeare”
•Coventry Patmore

solved M.C.Qs english 2014

solved M.C.Qs english 2014

xviii) The story ‘The Wolves of Cernogratz’ is written by:
• Stephen Leacock .
• John Walton
• D.Y. Morgan
H.H. Munro

xix) The author of ‘My Bank Account’ wanted to draw:
56 dollars
• 60 dollars
• 6 dollars
• 50 dollars

xx) English was originally:
an international language
• a native language
• a foreign language
• a local language


i) What crime had been committed at Newcastle?
There had been a robbery with murder at New Castle that aftemoon. Norman Charlton is a robber and a murderer. He lives as a servant in White Hart Hotel. This hotel is in Kirby, a small Yorkshire town about 32 kilometers south of Darlington. He robbed the weekly people at New Castle, who were going to their factory carrying thousands of pounds. While committing the robbery, he faces protest from the two persons. In reply he shoots them. One of them, named John Edward Robson, gets killed while the other becomes seriously wounded. Charlton escapes in a stolen sports car from the place of robbery.

ii) What was the past story of the Count of Monte Cristo?
His name was Edmond Dantes, he wc.s a handsome, promising young sailor, he skillfully docked the three-masted French ship, the Pharaon, in Marseilles after its captain died en route home. As a reward, Dantes is promised a captainship, but before he can claim his new post and be married to his fiancee, Mercedes’, a conspiracy of four jealous and unsavory men arrange for him to be seized and secretly imprisoned in solitary confinement.

iii) What happened to Birkenhead and how we.re the people saved?
The Birkenhead was wrecked as it struck a rock hidden under the sea. The rock was unknown and undiscovered. It was not shown in the sea maps. When the ship struck against the rock, most of the lifeboats were darnaqed or destroyed. Only three were in useful condition. Each boat could carry just 60 passengers. So, there was lifeboat accommodation for 180 people in all after the collision with the rock. The people were saved because the sailors showed perfect discipline and great heroism. They made the women and children leave the sinking ship while they stood attention in way of fate.

iv) What was the real ‘story related to the Castle of Cernogratz, according to the governess?
According to the govemess, if a Cemogratz died in his family castle, not only did the wolves howl in chorus, but also a large tree would crash in the park as the soul of the dying one left its body.

Question Answer

Question Answer

x) What were the three questions asked by King John?
The first question the king asked was th worth of king in one penny when he was having such a precious crown on his head. The second question the king asked was how soon could he make the journey of the whole world and the last question of king was that he wanted to know what the powerful man was thinking at that time.

xi) What does Oliver Goldsmith describe in the poem ‘Unes from the Deserte3d Village’?
Goldsmith praises his native village, Auburn. He calls it happy time of his age. The villagers were very wealthy and cheerful. It was a fine village where the spring came earlier and which had long summer. The villagers were simple folks and led a very contented life. The poet had spent his youth in this village. He therefore can not forget its charms. He remembers that there were green fields where he wandered, the mill, the stream and the church. He remembers that there were shady places for taking rest and enjoying chatting. On holidays villagers enjoy different games. On such occasions many feats of skill and strength were also shown. While the young men took active part in these games and tht:’ ,,’rl men watched them. The dancing couples performed dances. Sometimes they played a trick on some young farmer. They would smear his face with mud. That provided a lot of fun to the whole company. Sometimes a shy girl looked secretly at her lover. Then her mother would reprove her daughter for her attitude. Such were the pleasures of his native village which has been ruined. In the end the poet says that villages are the back bone of a country. If they are destroyed once they can never be created again

xii) What is the theme of the poem ‘Under the Greenwood Tree’?
The theme of the poem is that if one wants to live a peaceful life, a life without tensions and problems then he should spend his life in the shelter of trees where he will find peace. The voice of birds will make him feel relaxed. He should forget all his desires which he wanted to fulfill in this fake world.

xiii) What are the views of Prof. Henry Corrie about women?
Professor Corrie is cynical about women and has a poor opinion of them. He thinks that women lack in concentration and have a fussy and talkative nature. That is why they are not very often crowned with success. According to him:
“Your sex is most extraordinary, Charlotte. Always willing to break off things, for other things. No application, no concentration, no capability for complete impersonal devotion,”


Write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper expressing your concern over the law and order situation in your city.

The Editor,
Daily Dawn,

Sub: law and order situation in Karachi

Dear Editor:

Through the courtesy of your widely circulated newspaper, I would like to draw the attention of the concerned authorities towards the law and order situation in Karachi

As a ready in your notice the normal citizens of our nation are dealing with a lot of problems and pressures in our daily life. Most of us are trying to make our ends meet only

Under such poor economic condition when there is a law and order situation in our city and either people can not leave their houses to work and if they have already left then they can not come back home it adds to the problems of the working class

Nobody in the entire city is in favour of poor few and order situation
in Karachi

The concerned authorities and political parties are requested to please look into this matter as soon as possible and ‘let who want to work continue with their work.

Yours truly,

Write a story based on any One of the following morals:

Greed is a Curse

Once upon a time there lived a cloth merchant in a village with his wife and two children. They were indeed quite well-off. They had a beautiful hen which laid an egg everyday. It was not ar ordinary egg, rather, a golden egg. But the man was not satisfied witt what he used to get daily. He was a get rich-trice kind of a person.

The man wanted to get all the golden eggs from his hen at on single go. So, one day he thought hard and at last clicked upon a plar He decided to kill the hen and get all the eggs together

So, the next day when the hen laid a golden egg, the man caught
hOld of it, took a sharp knife, chopped off its neck and cut its body open.

There was nothing but blood all around & no trace of any egg at all.
He was highly grieved because now he would not get even one single

His life was going on smoothly with one egg a day but now, he himself made his life miserable. The outcome of his greed was that he started becoming poorer & poorer day by day and ultimately became a pauper. How jinxed and how much foolish he was.

So, the moral of the story is- one who desires more, looses all. One
should remain satisfied with what one gets.

A friend in need is a friend indeed

Myna was flying home one evening. After a lot of effort she had finally found a delicious worm. It was late evening and her young ones would be waiting eagerly for their dinner. Suddenly Myna heard a shrill scream. It was Mr. Ant, calling out fur help. He had fallen into a stream and was struggling to keep afloat

Myna acted fast What was she to do? Then an idea struck her mind
and she flew to Mr: Ant and said– Mr. Ant! Grab hold of the worm. I
shall pull you up. – Mr. Ant tried to catch hold of the worm but it was too slippery. Terrifi.ed that he may not be saved after all, he fainted. Now the worm in Myna’s beak was still alive. He knew that he was on a rescue mission and he caught hold of the ant quickly before the tide could carry it away. -Go on Myna!–he shouted. “Pull us out!” And Myna pulled \ir. Ant out Once out of the water, Mr. Ant regained his consciousness. When he heard oUheir bravery, Mr. Ant thanked them both. And then he said, Why Myna! Are you going to eat Mr. Worm?” Myna nodded. “Don’t Myna, don’t!–said Mr. Ant. “Spare Mr. Worm’s life. After all, he helped me. If he wouldn’t have caught my hand, I would have died.” Myna replied, -I know, Mr. Ant But what can I do? My babies are starving to death and I got Mr. Worm with difficulty.” “But I can help you in thae-said Mr. Ant” I will give you grains instead of Mr. Worm. Not only today, but I will give grains everyday so that you don’t have to eat Mr. Worm.- Myna agreed and from then onwards, they lived happily ever after.

Write an essay on any One of the following topics:

Merits and Demerits of Internet

As we have been ushered into the new millennium we have found” incredible changes taking place in our all spheres of life. Now we have all the amenities and facilities of life at our disposal. The latest scientific development and technology has changed the world into a global village. The microchip revolution is having a huge impact on contemporary life style and modem business people at work are most likely to come into contact with microelectronics through the medium of information technology.

Lire without internet is hard to imagine now. People use it for so much; job hunting, entertainment, travel reservations, comparison shopping (which store is selling what I want at the best price), getting information, e-mail, and much more.

One benefit of the internet is that children are becoming smarter. They are growing up computer literate and will have that as a huge advantage. Children are now also able to complete homework on line. In some places, if you miss school you can find out the assignments that you miss and catch up on internet.

If you have friend or family member living a long distance away, you can contact them bye-mail for free, saving money in long distance charges. Movies, songs, and games can be down loaded via the Internet to your computer, and many of them are free, as well. Do your banking online at 2 a.rn., or take an online class in math or basket weaving. The Internet has truly revolutionized how we connect with other people, as well as business

However, what about the disadvantages though? You are putting out information. about your name, location, age, gender, and many other types of information that you may not want to let others know. Most people would say be careful, but no one can be certain at any given time.’ As long as people can know who you exactly are, then some can find ways to do you in.

There is a potential for failure of security in both personal and business context. While many sites apply certain measures to keep any of these cases of harassment, cyber-statkinq, online scams, and identity theft to an absolute minimum, you still may never know

Importance of Discipline

See on Page # 8.

Qualities of a Good Student

A good student is that who loves his studies and does justice to his book. He considers his studies to’ be his first priority and tries to make the most of the time available for studies. He always keeps in mind the respect of the books, teachers, fellow students and the building in which he studies.

He sits in the class attentively and listens to the teacher carefully.  e
dces not ask any questions unless he is aUowed to do so. He never
deviates from the topic. After the lecture, he discusses the topic with his fellow students. He .never clings to his own point of view and gives serious consideration to their reasoning

A good student always tries to apply his learning and studies to the world around him. He tries to find the practical uses of his knowledge in daily routine. An ideal student is not prejudiced and jealous in intellectual matters

He does not takes short cuts towards the tasks of his studies but  always follows a thorough approach and keeps his eye on the upcoming challenges of his field of learning. He tries to prepare himself for those future challenges by having a close understanding of the boundaries and limitations of his subject.

Besides that, a good student has high morale. Moral values such as
kindness, compassion and consideration are always put into practice in his daily life. He will always be prepared to do his duty as a civic-minded person to ensure the cleanliness of his surroundings.

Moreover, he is courteous and always lends a hand to the sick and needy. A good student is a cheerful student too. He always greets the world with an optimistic frame, of mind and smiles at people he meets everyday. Besides, he will willingly teach those who are slow and nlighten those who are in the dark. He provides a shoulder for his peers to cry on and lends an ear to any problems. A good student is a student who is not only caring but also amiable and accessible to all

A good student has to be good in many aspects. He has to be able to manage his time and live a healthy, happy and satisfying life. Although no student in this world is a perfect student, the ideal student has to be able to study smart.

Value of Education

Education has both intellectual and economic value. Education encourages imagination, creativity and interest in knowledge. It also gives students more opportunities for high-paying jobs and offers better economic security.

Education is an essential part of intellectual freedom, and one of its main values is improving how students view, exist in and participate in the world. Because education is a social event for most people, it encourages sharing of ideas and experiences among students, which helps students become better members of the community by teaching morals, ethics and community responsibility. Without education, for example, students would be, unable to understand the benefits of volunteering

In addition, education helps encourage students to educate themselves and seek out information. It provides students with the opportunity to learn about many different things, including art, sports, math, literature and history, so that the students are able to discover what interests them, This gives them the basic building blocks needed to succeed in life later on through a career and further education.

Education comes in many forms, including trade apprenticeships and formal post-secondary education. Both of these give the students the ability to improve their socloeconorntc-standlnq by giving them the tools and skills necessary to get better jobs. Better jobs usually mean more ·money, which lets the student lead a better quality of life.

Write a character sketch of any One of the following:

Introduction: Mrs. Meldon is the only sister of Professor Henry Corrie. She has been mourning over the death of her only son who was killed in World War I. She is also a widow. Her husband could not survive the shock of the death of his only son Eddie.

Qualities and Character:

The qualities and character of Mrs. Meldon presented in the play are described briefly in below lines

Sensitive and Graceful Woman:

She is described as a sensitive woman, suffering deeply from her tragic memories. When she tells her past memories, she speaks with grace and dignity. Mrs. Meldon seems to be a sensible person. Apart from a brief complaint, she doesn’t make a big issue of the fact that her brother didn’t come to receive her at the station. Even though it’s Eddie’s anniversary. Mrs. Meldon has an open mind and makes her brother talk about invention. In her own words she says, “I don’t mind Henry, after all, the war office isn’t the war.”

A Devoted and Bereaved Mother: Mrs. Meldon loves her son very
much. She is deeply devoted to his memories. There are many examples of h.ertalking about her past with Eddie. We realize that there is devotion when she refers to Eddie. A bereaved mother, she had a loving husband and son before the war, but after the war in her own words, she was “Cruelly alone”.

Her Hatred towards the War: Mrs. Meldon is totally against war. She calls it “an organized butchery of boys”. She hates war to such an extent that she is willing to side with the mother’s of the enemy soldier. She feels that they must be suffering in the same way as she is. Reader’s sympathies are with her when they realize her past. An Extremist and Emotional Lady: The problem with both the brother and sister is that they are extremists’ in their own way. If Professor Corrie is unemotional. Mrs. Meldon is too emotional. This extreme emotional attitude is a weakness rather than a quality. But a positive weakness is preferable to a negative achievement.

A Composed Personality: In the beginning we admire Mrs. Meldon’s strength. She has been able to overcome the shock of her son’s death and her husband’s dying of the shock. In the end we realize that she emerges strongly only for a short time. Later on she is carried away by her emotions.

Having Impractical Approach towards Life: One feels sorry that Mrs. ‘Meldon had to know how her son died. He was mutilated. But this does not mean that she should take a bitter view about life. After her son’s death Mrs. Meldon refused to be practical about life. She lived in a world of her memories. This behaviour is very harmful to her physical and mental health.

A Completely Contrasting Thought from her Brother: Mrs. Meldon is frank because she tells her brother that he is not a good substitute for her son. She describes herself as ‘an ordinary woman without any pretensions’. She wants Corrie to think about Eddie just as she thinks about him. Thus, both fail to understand each other due to their extreme behaviours. Corrie is obsessed by his invention and Mrs. Meldon by her son. Mrs. Meldon asks Corrie to destroy his invention. When he refuses to do so, Mrs. Meldon gets hysterical and kills her brother in a fit of fury. A Peace Loving Lady: Throughout the play, readers sympathize with Mrs. Meldon and after his act of killing her brother, a permanent source of evil; she has won the hearts of all men who have peace and welfare of mankind.

Comments on Mrs. Meldon’s Act: Legally, Mrs. Meldon committed a crime by killing professor Corrie. S~ did not have the right to commit such an act of madness. But on the other hand, her act seems to be justified for the sake of humanity. Sometimes a drastic and violent action becomes essential to crush wicked elements. Conclusion: She was really shocked to know that her brother has invented a bomb, which.will destroy the whole nation within twinkling of an eye. She requested him that for the sake of young sons and for the sake of peace, he must destroy his invention. Her brother did not realize the intensity of her emotions and refused to destroy it for the sake of mere sentiments. So she killed him. In the end she saw the wreath of son ruined and out of sudden passion, she killed him and wins the sympathies of the readers

(ii) Countess of Morcerf
Ans: See on Page # 10.

(iii) Albert
Introduction: Albert is an enthusiastic and energetic character of the play “The Count’s Revenge”, He is the only son of the Count of Morcerf and a close friend of the Count of Monte Cristo, so he holds a unique position between the two conflicting characters of the play.
A Reasonable Youngman: As the events proceed to climax we find that Albert is caught between the devil and the deep sea. But Albert has the qualities which assist him in emerging out of the difficult situation he is in. He is a young man of twenty and belongs to the high-class. He is conscious about his family honour. He is even ready to put his life at the sake Of the high name of his family and for the social approval. At the same time, he is ready to accept facts with an open mind. He challenges his close friend, the Count of Monte Cristo. When he comes to know about his father’s villainous past, he drops the idea of fighting a duel with the Count of Monte Cristo. This shows that Albert is not stubborn but a reasonable young man.
Wise and Bold: Although Albert is a very emotional young man yet he is wise and sensible to heed his mother’s counsel, to desist from fighting the duel. When his own mother convinces him of his father’s .guilt he not only decides not to fight the duel, but also apologizes to Monte Cristo’s forgiveness. He is brave and forth right and tells his father, about his / guilt and that he should face his enemy.
A Man of Honour: Albert is a man of honour. When he discovers that his own dear friend, Monte Cristo, is his father’s enemy, he challenges him, to a duel, for the sake of his family honour. A Brave and Fair play Boy: He is no doubt brave to the extent of risking his life for the right cause. He knows well that the Count of Monte Cristo is lunging the Count of Morcerf for duel is not less than courting death. He doesn’t care about the dangers of a duel because he is convinced that the Count of Monte Cristo has ruined his family honour. He gives up the idea of fighting a duel after knowing about his father’s villainous past. Here we find evidence that Albert is not impulsive or irrational in his conduct. Albert does not want to defend his father at all cost. He wants to defend only the right cause. The element of chivalry is blended in him with reason and fair play.
Comments about Albert: This is the most striking feature of Albert’s character. In the beginning of the play, he looks a lot impulsive but later on we form a family good opinion about him.
Conclusion: Albert is a loving son of a loving mother. He is touched by the past sufferings of his mother at the hands of his father. He takes sides with his mother and leaves his unworthy father alone. When his mother-decides to leave Paris because of the disgrace of her husband. Albert decides to go with her. He does. not like to leave her alone in her misery. Albert has a high sense of self-respect and dignity. Under the pressure of circumstances he fails to restore his family honour. However, he is not willing to live Paris at the cost of his dignity. He bids farewell to Paris because he does not want to live in disgrace. This attitude towards his father, after knowing his shameful past. shows that Albert is on the side of virtue even at the expense of the natural tie with his evil father.

In short Albert is a young man of open mind and open heart. He is bold and can fight only for the right cause. He has the courage to accept .he blunt facts of life. He can apologize to his friend when he realizes his mistake. He feels sorry for his distressed mother and does not leave her alone in misery. He is not completely free of the follies of young age, yet, we like Albert for all his qualities and weaknesses. He keeps our interests alive in the play by the values he believes in and virtues he likes. In the end he looks like a lonely ranger in the desert of destiny

(iv) Count of Monte Cristo

The Count of Monte Cristo is described as a handsome hero, gay, cynical, not very young with a touch of devil about him. When we trace his background we come to know that his real name is Edmond Dantes. He is wrongly accused and imprisOned for life from where he escapes and tracks down his enemy in order to avenge the injustice done with him.

The Revengeful Attitude: As we encounter him in the play, he is a
distinguished and powerful Count called Monte Cristo. He has unforgiving nature and even after fourteen years of imprisonment. he does not forget the harm done to him. }he bitter experiences of his past turn him into a cynic man. Life was bitter in prison but his disappointment in love causes him to suffer more. With the resuH he adopts an unforgiving attitude towards his enemy and follows an Arab custom never to break bread in the house of revenge by punishing Ferdinand Mondego. He has great respect for the Countess of Moreerf and Albert. He has once saved Albert’s life.
Frank and Straight Forward Person: He is frank and straight forward; sometimes he frank even to the extent of being blunl He tells Albert to his face that his father is weak, fearful and a traitor. He tells the Count of Morcerf in the same manner that he is a coward. This shows that he is not a hypocrite.
Duel Averted Man: He believes in justice for all. Duel isn’ a proper way to avenge one’s wrongs. According to him the person who hanns someone should be treated back in exactly the same manner, i.e. in his own words, “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.
A Skillful Fighter: He is considered to be an excellent swordsman and a superb marks man. He gives Albert the choice of weapons realizing the inexperience of the young lad who could do better with pistols. This shows that he wanted the duel to be a fair one. This shows that even ,though the bitter experiences of life have turned him into a hard hearted man but he isn’t deprived of human emotions.
Generous, Truthful and Brave Gentleman: The Count of Monte Cristo is -generous, large hearted and man of understanding. He is a man his words. We come to know about this virtue of his when an evening before the dual he makes his will knowing he is going to be kiled. His nobility is seen by the fact that he never goes back to his words. When the Countess of Morcerf insists that the dual shouldn’ la,Jle place, he doesn’t oblige because it is a matter of his honour and prestige and he does not want to be called a coward.
A Man of Virtue: Towards the end of the play Albert realizes the Count of Monte Cristo’s virtue and apologizes to the Count of Monte Cristo. Conclusion: To conclude, the Count of Monte Cristo is a noble, dignified and honourable man. Even though life has been unfair to him, he finally gets justice. He is a model of chivalry of the knights of medieyal ages. The portrayal of his character presents a real manly character in the play

Translate the following sentences into English

Translate the following sentences into English

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