English Solved Past Paper 1st year 2015 Karachi Board

solved M.C.Qs english 2015

solved M.C.Qs english 2015

solved M.C.Qs english 2015

solved M.C.Qs english 2015


i) What are the meanings of ‘rules of state’ and ‘rules of good’ as mentioned in ‘The Character of a Happy life’?
This upfront man knows that flattery always gives deepest wounds; no one can ever compel him to do unwanted deeds because he does not follow the rules of society whic” mean the rules set by the society or tne stale that he lives in rather he fol!ows tho rules of good, which load him to right path.’

ii) How does an unpatriotic person meet double death as mentioned in the poem ‘Lay of the Last Minstrel’?
According to Sir Walter Scott when an unpatriotic person dies no one will be with him he will be helpless. They lose, their reputation during their lifetime, and when they die, it means death for them in two .ways. Firstly they suffer physical death when their body perishes and hen heir name is also buried forever. No one shed tears of sorrow at their death, no one pays homage to them and no one sings songs of appreciation for them, In this way, they get a well-deserved death

iii) What are the qualities of Quaid-e-Azam as mentioned in ‘Pakistan Zindabad’?
Quaid e Azam was usually calm and serious he rarely gave any sign of the feelings. In fact, the stern Jlnnah was a very warm hea-ted man inside. And he was a man of very strong feelings, too. He hated violence and cruelty. Moved to tears by the sight of homeless refugees, the “Cold” Jinnah begged for friendship and peace with the former enemies, he said, “some nations have killed millions of each other, and yet an enemy of today is a friend of tomorrow”. In spite of his fast failing health, he worked hard day and night, “I have work to do” he would always say when his doctors advisee him to rest. His firm. stand by his decisions was his most outstanding quality, “Think a hundred times before you take the decision but once the decision is taken, stand by it as one man,” he advised the league at Lahore, accordi-iqly, ‘eedless to say. it was the force of his determination & leadershio that turned the two Nations theory into a reality and the Independent Muslims stale of Pakistan came into existence

iv) Why does Prof. Henry Corrie hate womenfolk?
Professor Corrie is cynical about women and has a poor opinion of them. He thinks that women lack in concentration and have a fussy and talk.ative nature. That is why they are not very often crowned with success. According to him:
“Your sex is most ‘extraordinary, Charlotte. Always willing to break off things, for other things. No application. no concentration, no capability for complete impersonal devotion.”

v) Why was there ‘a roar of laughter’ when Stephan Leacock left the bank?
There was a roar of laughter when Stephan Leacock left the bank because he was very confused and after opening a bank account with fifty-six dollars he withdrew them all at the same time and left the bank in a hurry.

vi) What message has been conveyed in the song ‘Under the Greenwood Tree’?
This poem is written by William Shakespeare who is regarded as greatElst dramatist in English literature. In this poem the poet explains the charms of forest(village)life and ask people to come and join him in forest because he poet says that you will not find any ene-ny i’1 to-est, one can spend peaceful life. there is no trouble except tf1P. trouble or different seasons.

vii) Why was Mrs. Meldon against her brother’s invention?
Mrs. Meldon hated wars. She considered thern as an organized butchery of the young ones. She though wars to be the rr-osi ternble thing, which was responsible for the destruction of human peace She wanted ban on wars .. She wanted the scientists to stoo maki.,g dangerous weapons. This was the war, which made her widow and which snatches away her beautiful young 50’1. She said. “Yes, oeople witfl broad views. because you are fools. Some one like me, not clever. create. beautiful things like my son, and you, will all you’ cieverness can only destroy it.”

viii) What happened to ‘Lucy Gray’ while she was on her way to the town?
Lucy Gray was an innocent child. She lived in a wild moor with her parents. Her father told her to go to the town and bring her mother home. She took a lantern and went to the town. But she was caught up in a storm and apparently fell from a wooden bridge. She was buried in the snow and was never found.

ix) What crime did the Count of Morcerf commit?
The Count of Morcerf formerly known as Ferna d ‘.10ndego was a wicked and evil person. To begin with he I:’e~raypd ,,;~ i :e’1d Edmond Dantes, to-win the girl he wished to marry f-le ”’2′””‘e'”‘ ;:- ‘a’se charqe against his friena, Edmond in the court. f-<avi~g acco-r-o ishec all his plans successfully, he decided to settle down in Paris. Wr’le n Paris, he Joined the Army, and after some ime, became a captain in 1822. The French were at war aqains: the Turks. Fernand as Cap.am was defending the Fortress of Yanina. Being a coward and a ‘To8a1 person. he surrendered the fortress to the Turks on receiving a 1Jge bribe. He however made it appear as though he got defeated. Having acquired tons of wealth, Fernand took his discharge frorr t-ie Army. He then took the title of the Count and settled in Paris.

x) Why did Sergeant Manning never believe that Mr. I~ir.g was the real culprit?
Manning never believed that King was murderer necause King had committed the crime he could have escaped in his C{1r to west. He could not have reached the White Hart Hotel at tl’c “e whe’l he had reached. By driving his car fas. 1..:- could have get tnrouqh cram New Castle to Darlington before the police started cl’ec.{i’lg.

xi) What role does the Countess of Morcerf play in saving the life of Albert?
She dearly loved her son, Albert. When she learns that A ber: nas challenged Monte Cristo, to a duel, she is deeply concerned, for the safe y of her son. She does what any mother would have done, under the circumstances. She visits Monte Cristo, under the cover of darkness and begs of him, to spare the life of her only son. r-Jonte Cristo yields to her request and promises not to Kill Albert.

xii) Why has ‘Conventry Patmore’ given his poem the title ‘The Toys’?
The poet realized that as the toys we-e of no importance to him, this world has no worth before God. The moral Of the poem is that we should forgive t-ie mrstakes of tre peoole ano live in a friendly atmosphere. God is merciful on us and he forgives those people who forgive the mistakes of huma-i being.

xiii) I am the most lonely woman, cruelly alone,’ Explain the line with reference to the context.
Eddie was Mrs. Meldon’s only son, he was killed in First World War: She had brought up her son with a great care and love. She wanted him to be great in future. Her son enlisted himself i., war. She could not decide to be happy or sorry but chiefly she was happy. The sight of the messenger made her heart sink and she remained worried about her son. He came on his first and second leaves all safe but he did not come for third visit. He was killed in a moment by the men, who had never seen him This was the most shocking news. Her husband could not bear it and died away out of heart failure. She remained allalone in this miserable world.
“I some times wonder why I was not granted the death. Why I should be compelled to live alone.”
The words of the play reflects her loneliness:
“I had a husband and a son, when the war began. I had neither when it was over. I am the most lonely woman – cruelly alone.”




application and stories

application and stories



Write an essay on any of the following topics

Role of students in the establishment of peace in the society:

Society is a group of people who commonly share values, requirements and interests. Student is al”\ important pillar in bu’lding and educated society as education is the basis for living in a world community as trade, industry, economic or political.

For the prosperity. and betterment of a society, the foremost role of
student is to gatner know’ecqe and wisdom and must not waste his/her DreCIOUStime carelessly.

He must submit himself to the rules of di cipiine to buila a civilized society. Trey rr.ust realize heir roles and curies towards a cultured society. Tney must develop habits of self-reliance and try not to use unfai- means In every aspect.

A student can understand and help common people to understand their rights. He is expected to be well informed as well as balanced in his views, rle must knaw that he is precarec to offer his co-operation and services for the we.l being of ne socie:y. As he .s conscious of right and wrong, gOOD ana bad; he will no: follow another man dictates blindly

Student must contnb te himself for Improvement, judge and act far a
civilized society. They may stand for the strength of will, truthfulness, high sense of duty and honor, spirit of serv ce and sacrifice. A student must knaw his talent and utilize it in a rignt manner. Material consideration and getting fame should not move him from the right path.

Students of today are leaders of tomorrow so they should perform their tasks for the goodness of their society and ultimately for their beloved homeland. We can have peace and a prosperous society if students keep in mi’1d the above mentioned qualities and practice them. The students of toaay’s generation need to be a role model not only for the future generations to come but for the older generation as well and they should act as an. ambassador of world peace.

(ii) Importance of Discipline

Discipline means abiding by, or adhering to, certain rules or norms of social life. Olscpf-ne is what a person imposes 0’1 himself taking it.as his duty to God, to society, or to some other Institution. Discipline is vital to a successful life. Without discipline army is reduced to a disordered mob, democracy degenera:es into monocracy and social life becomes  chaotic and anarchicat.

Discipl.ne is 0 prime importance in every sohere of man’s life. In a family.’ members have to work as a cohesive team under the charge of ne ‘pater farrilias’ i.e., the fatner or the bread-winner. But if the sense Of discipline IS not instilled into the minds of the members, each going lvs own way in tus own manner, life in the Iarnly becomes a living hell, i’1 our SOCiallife.

We are required to follow certain norms of oenavior and make a harmonious adjustment between our rights and duties. Without this our social life will become a mess and will soon go out of gear

Even in small day-to-day tloings like walking along the road, boarding a bus, buying a ticke from the counter or doing and getting a work done in a government office, citizens must show a sense of discipline.

Discipline’ is the basic principle behind the progress and smooth working of an individual and a nation. It is essential for the preservation of social values. But discipline should be inborn and self-imposed rather th::!n externally imposP-d. I should be a tenor and mode of life based upon moral basis rather than an external compulsion caused by an unscrupulous and power-hungry authoritarian government. It should be . taught by education and enlightenment

Social Media, its merits and demerits

Social networking sites are popular amongst student, some of the popular social networking websites are Facebook, Twitter and Google. Almost all the students would definitely have a profile in those sites. These facebook like sites will be taken up by students as for fun but some may start using it as fun and gets addicted to it.

The main advantage of social networking site is that it helps in establishing connection with people, friends and relatives. It helps in sharing one’s view, share pictures and lots of other stuffs

helps students in interacting with one another and share ideas. This helps in improving student’s creativity.

The social networking websites can be accessed from any part of the globe. This helps the students to establish communication with their teachers and friends through which they can improve their knowledge

Social.networking sites are not only used by the students for sharing pictures, videos or it is not only meant for fun and entertainment. Through social networking sites like Facebook, Linkedln one can become a member and can also post relevant information about their campus

Through these sites the students can establish contact with entrepreneurs, corporate people and can gain valuable information from ‘ them

Social networking sites have taken a new dimension called marketing. Certain websites offer advertisements to its subscribers

Every coin has two sides. Whenever there comes the point of advantages, disadvantages also comes into picture obviously. So some of the disadvantages are

One of the major disadvantages of using social networking websites are that the students gat addicted to it. They spend hours in those social networking sites which can obviously degrade the student’s academic performance.

Some students may tend to use to these social networking sites till mid night or even more which can obviously lead to health  elated

Some students may provide detailed information like phone numbers, address whic..his very dangerous because they can. easily tracked down by strangers

As they say, the invention has been made now it is up to the user how efficiently they use it and whether it is used for the advantage or the disadvantage is in the hands of the man himsel

Write a character sketch of any One of the following:

.Henry Corrie

Professor Henry Corrie is introduced in tha:i>laytil “Progress” as an English Scientist aged between fifty and sixty.·l-iis eyes reflect the coldness and seriousness of h!s character. There’ are

Write a character sketch of any One of the following

Write a character sketch of any One of the following

on very well in life and by hook or by crook managed to acquire a high status in the society. He was known as the Count of Morcerf

Mercedes Confides to her Son: As we encounter Mercedes in the play, she is the Countess of Morcerf. Her marriage has’ been as unhappy one because her virtue dashes with the voice of her husband. Her husband is a villain whereas she is a simple and honest woman. She calls her husband “mean and heartless”. She is very fair and just and even goes to the extent of telling Albert that his father is guilty and deserves to be punished. She has complete faith on the Monte Cristo and just cannot believe that he is responsible for her husband’s disgrace.

A Well-Acquainted Lady: She has a keen sense of observation and notices that the Count of Monte Cristo refrains from taking refreshments at her house. It also tells us that she is well acquainted with the Arab Custom.
A Loving and Caring Mother: The Countess of Morcerf is a loving mother. She has all the noble sentiments which a mother can possess. It is for this reason that she doesn’t hesitate to go to the Count of Monte Cristo’s house and beg for her son’s life. At the same time she isn’t selfish and heartless and doesn’t want Monte Cristo to die in Albert’s place. Being truly concemed about Monte Cristo’s life she tells Albert about his father’s evil deeds so that Albert, after knowing the Count of Monte Cristo’s virtue, acts rationally. By doing this she shows her tactfulness, intelligence and foresightedness.
An Innocent .Lady: She has married Femand Mondego in her innocence and when she comes to know about his treachery, she tells him that she and Albertwill leave him as soon as the duel is over. Comments about the Countess of Morcerf: Frank and truthful, She doesn’t hesitate to tell her husband that she has been to the Count of Monte Cristo’s place an evening before the duel to beg for her son’s life. She possesses a typical fernlntne nature and collapses at the sight of blood and tension.
Conclusion: To summarize, we can say that the Countess of Morcerf possesses an admirable character. (

(iii) Count of Morcerf
Introduction: The Count of Morcerf is presented as the villain of the play, The Count’s Revenge. Prior to becoming a Count, he was a fisherman. He was then known as Fernand Mondego. At that point of time, he lived in Marseilles. He had a friend, Edmond Oantes, who was a sailor. Fernand was quite friendly with him. Edmond was engaged to a beautiful Catalan girl, Mercedes. This fact was known to Fernand. But being an evil natured man, he secretly yearned to marry Mercedes. Therefore, to make his dream cometrue, he hatched a plot – the most diabolic, which any man could have hatched, against any man.
A Rogue And A Rascal: He is out and out a rogue and. a rascal. In
order to win the hand of Mercedes, he framed a false charge against his friend, Edmond in the court- He proved that Edmond was the spy of the exiled Napoleon Bonapart. He provided false evidences against Edmond and thus got him imprisoned for 20 years. In this w13Y,he very cleverly removed the innocent Edmond, out of the way:
A Mean And Degraded Man: Once Edmond Dantes had been taken care of Femand had little difficulty in trapping Mercedes mto his trap. He first convinced Mercedes, of the death of Edmond. by publishing the false news of his death in the newspapers. Then appearing as a friend ” and a sympathizer ‘her first consoled her, And after wining her t confidence, he then proposed to marry her. Being heart-broke and lonely, she accepted his offer, Thus, the evil monster, succeeded in his devilish plan
A Traitor To His Country: Having accomplished all his plans successfully, he decided to settle down in Paris. So, he said good bye to Marseilles. While in Paris, he joined the Army, and after sometime, became a captain in 1822, The French were at war against ~heTurks. Femand as Captain was defending the Fortress of Yanina. Being a coward and a mean person, he surrendered the fortress to the Turks on receiving a huge bribe. He however made it appear as though he got defeated. Having acquired tons of wealth, Femand took his discharge from the Army. He then took the title of the Count and settled in Paris
As A Liar And A Wicked Person: Having amassed a huge fortune, the count started living like a lord when he is proved as a traitor in the chamber of Deputies, he still kept denying his charges. Even in the face of sound evidence, he kept denying his guilt. He is a liar and a rogue.
A Violent Death: After he is proved a traitor, he is still not remorseful. When he is face to face with Edmond, he<pulls out his pistol to shoot him. But Albert, Beauchamp pounce on him, to snatch the pistol from him. In the struggle the pistol goes off and the Count of Morcert, shoots himself. Thus Monte Cristo is avenged.

Translate the following sentences into English

Translate the following sentences into English

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