English Solved Past Paper 2nd year 2011 Karachi Board


solved MCQs english 2011 2nd year

solved MCQs english 2011 2nd year

solved MCQs english 2011 2nd year

solved MCQs english 2011 2nd year

solved MCQs english 2011 2nd year

solved MCQs english 2011 2nd year


2.i) What motive does the man have for murdering Mrs. Judy Oakentubb?
The motive the man has for murdering Mrs. Judy Oakentubb that she had killed his wife and daughter. When she had been to a cocktail party and she had a bet to drive from Stainthorpe Cross to the coast in under fifteen minutes which’ was impossible. She pulled out to’ overtake a bus on a blind bend and she saw herself running slap into a lorry coming, the other way. She mounted the pavement and killed two innocent pedestrians i.e. the wife and the daughter of,the man.

ii) How long did the panic last and how was order restored in the story ‘The Day the Dam Broke’?
The panic lasted for just two hours in the story ‘The Day the Dam Broke’. Order was finally restored by military men who rode through the city on motor lorries and announced to the people through mega phones that there was no flood or danger of flood. With this reassurance the people went back t? their homes.

iii) What are Einstein’s views about war?
Albert Einstein hates war and says that he would even like to be cut into pieces rather to take part in such a disrespectful business. He says that we should not be limited and self centered that we only love to our own country, home and country people. We should love to all human beings and should have social justice and social responsibilities.

iv) What is the significance of the last stage of man’s life in  the poem ‘The Seven Ages of Man’?
When a man enters into the last stage of his life his character becomes troublesome for others. The last stage also closes the history of his life which is full of events. In this stage once again he becomes like. a child, who forgets every thing. Not only this but he also derived from teeth, eyes, memory and when everything that he had in his young aqe. It is the time when he departures from this world.

v) What are the significant qualities of a ‘Man of Life Upright’ according to Thomas Campion?
According to “Thomas Campion” a man of character spends his \ life with spiritual-peace and satisfaction. He is not indulged in extra
activities, He does not care about the discontents and miseries of the world. He faces all the difficulties bravely and does not get rid of
challenges of life. He is close observer of nature so he gets the knowledge from it. In his leisure time he studies a good book. A his life is ideal for others so when he leaves this world everybody remembers him with in their prayers.

 vi) What does Wordsworth guess about the theme of the girl’s song in the poem, ‘The Solitary Reaper’?
While the poet was travelling in the mountain, with his companion he saw a girt. The girt was singing a song while she was wrapping the crop. It becomes a complete source of nature for the poet. Her attractive sound impressed the poet so much that he could not remain silent and composed a poem. Her natural sound became the source of joy for the poet who compares the song with the melodies sounds of nightingale and cuckoo. Even after the song was over and the poet approached to his work he, in his imagination enjoyed the song. It remains a source of joy for the poet in his remaining life.

vii) What message has been conveyed in the poem ‘Say not the Struggle Naught Availeth’?
Arthur Hugh Clough says that the man’s struggle is rewarding. The more a man struggles, the nearer he gets his goal. If a struggle is carried out persistently and devotedly it does not go in vain. However, small our efforts are, they become bigger with the passage of time. In the end, our goal comes within our reach. Sincere efforts really bear fruit. People don’t believe in hopes. They think hopes are deceiving. The poet says that if hopes deceive then fears lie. One should always hope for the best, and eventually, gain success in the battle of life.

viii) What moral does the poem ‘Ulysses’ teach?
Ulysses, a hero ot Greek mythology, is addressing who will man his ship on one last voyage in his old age. He gives the message of courage and hope to his companion that “Old age hath yet his honour and foil.”
He inspires his companion who had spent their life like brave hero but they are old and weak. The poet reminds them their past how they used to fight with their opponents

ix) According to Liaquat All Khan what demands does our fre dom make on us.
Liaquat Ali Khan asserts that we should maintain our freedom first and take our rightful place in the modem world. We must get our self free from want, desire and ignorance and bend our all energies and sources for the establishment of Pakistan.

x) ‘Call this justice’? Explain this speech of Jones with referenc to the play ‘Act Ifl of the Silver Box.’
This act of the Play leaves us that injustice. has been done because Jack, one of the influential man’s sons goes free. Although he had committed an identical crime. The part of the evidence that could go against him was not recorded. In spite of the fact that Mr. Jones had nothing in the case she lost her job that was the only mean of the children.

xi) What suggestions does Bertrand Russel give to the Asian nations for their progress?
The Asian Countries should learn from the research of the West the spirit of ‘Scientific Research and should reject their desire for domination and exploitation. Competition and rivalry has given birth to a race of power. The East should be wise enough to avoid such power groups. Western Civilization from the very start was a materialistic civilization and as such it placed no great emphasis upon spiritualism. Religion became divorced from the common man’s life. There came into being a mad scrabble for power and wealth. The result was a terrible crash in the form of I and” World Wars. We in the East can learn from the mistakes of the Western Civilization and during this period of scientific development should avoid the pit-falls.

xii) Comment briefly on the Tea Table incidence.
Rudolf Rassendyll was a courageous and brave man. When he is invited by the lady Mauban to an especial place called Summer House. He went there with Colonel Sapt and meets Mauban. She informs him about the dangerous plan of Black Michael. During their discussion Michael’s man arrived there. They asked Rassendyll to come out but he knew the result of it. He advised Mauban to take aside to save herself and he himself took up an iron table which is used as a tea-table. He used It as shield from the bullets. They opened the door but Rassendyll threw the table on them and all four of them tumbled down the stairs thus he used tea table intelligently to save himself in the Summer House.

xiii) Why could Duke Michael not succeed in his conspiracy to become the king of Ruritania?
Due Michael could not succeed in his conspiracy to become the king of Ruritania because he was a conspirator and he even did not care a fig of his brother and traps him. He only wanted top be crowned and marry Princess Flavia. He deceived Mauban who truly loved him and sacrificed him. He even offered bribe to Rassendyll to leave Ruritania because he was the only person who had stopped his way to become a king of Ruritania.

xiv) Use any Five idioms in your sentences:
To bury the hatchet; to make both ends meet; to read between the lines; at sixes and sevens; an apple of discord; a fair weather friend; a bone of contention; to take to heels.
a) To bury the hatchet: Let’s bury the hatchet and be friends again.
b) To make both ends meet: With his small salary, he can hardly make both ends meet.
c) To read between the lines: I can easily read between the lines of his statement.
d) At sixes and sevens: All the books were at sixes and sevens when I entered the room.
e) An apple of discord: Loan is an apple of discord between two close friends.
g) A bone of contention: Money was bon,e of contention between
h) To take to heels: As I fired, the thief took to his heels.

xv) Change the following into indirect speech:
(a) The old lady said to me, ‘Can you tell me if this is the place I came before’?
The lady asked me if I could tell her that was the place she had come previously. .

(b) The teacher said to the class, ‘Tomorrow is a holiday.’
The teacher told the class that next day was a holiday


3. Write an essay on any One of the following topics:

a) Natural Disasters

Saturday October 08, 2005, will always remain in the memory of nation when it suffered great loss due to worst earthquake in its history. Within one week of this disaster, over fifty thousand people were died, thousands were buried alive under debris and millions were made homeless. A large number of school buildings, over a thousand health care facilities and numerous offices were destroyed. Cities like Balakot, Batgram and Bagh were totally wiped out while Muzzafarabad itself looked a city of ruin people buried alive under the debris. Since roads were blocked due to landslides, not many of the victims could be saved.

The ugliest picture comes in our eyes when we look towards the authorities who were responsible to act vigorously in such circumstances. It becomes quiet clear that lack of disaster management plan severely hampered rescue and relief operations. Very few people could be saved from the debris of Margala Tower, which collapsed in the federal capital Islamabad. Surprisingly the government did not have the equipments and cutters so badly needed for rescue operations and they were brought by teams of UK and France. Rescue and relief operations were very slow and for almost three days even the victims in the main cities could not be reached, what to talk of small villages scattered on mountains all over Azad Kashmir and Northern Areas. The government spokesman admitted even till October 14th, 20% of the affected areas were not accessed. Hence one can imagine the miseries of people in those area

Live coverage by various television channels highlighted”the magnitude of the tragedy, which played a vital role in rnotivatinq the world community to participate in rescue and relief operations. It also activated the people who were saved. A lot of relief was assembled all over the country. However, its transportation to the affected areas appeared to be a very difficult task.

Role of Army in the days of tragedy cannot be neglected. Army teams evacuated the injured using helicopters and shifted them to tertiary care centers in Abottabad, Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Lahore and even Karachi. Army helicopters tried to air drop some foodstuff for them who survived and were living in cold under open sky without any food and water. Various NGOs, political parties and groups also helped in rescue and relief operations. Medical team, which includes doctors and paramedics from different institutions from all over the country, reached the affected areas.

The tragedy was very prolonged one. The nation faced monitory loss and also saw a severe sentimental shock. Those who survived and who had seen the.ir near and dear ones dying or buried alive got flash back. They became psychotic. Most of the survivors suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder. Many children and adults who saw the images of this.tragedy on television became depressed

One hopes that we shall team some lesson from the tragedy. The government will formulate some disaster management plan in every city, at provincial and national levels. Instead of wasting precious resources on Ministers and bureaucrats joyrides overseas and buying bullet proof Mercedes cars for ruling elite, the authorities will also arrange for the much needed equipments required to manage such crisis. Federal and Provincial cabinets also require massive load shedding to reduce the administrative expenditures so that the resources thus saved could be used for rehabilitation of eart~quake survivors.

“Beyond the any shadow of doubt c!limaticand natural cast roves are beyond the control of human being even in the scientific age.”

(b) Role of Electronic Media
Ans: See on P ge # 47.

(c) Terrorism in Pakistan
Ans: See on Page # 14

4. Highlight the outstanding characteristics of Rudolf Rassendy

Ans: See on Page # 17.

OR Princess Flavia.
Ans: See on Page # 31

Read the given passage and answer the questions given below

The men of one race are able to eat the food of another race, if they are brought into the country inhabited by the latter; but as a rule they still prefer their own food, at least for a time – owing to custom. In hot climates, flesh and fat are not much needed; but in the Arctic regions they seem to be very-necessary for keeping up the heat of the body.
The kind of food eaten also depends very often on custom or habit, and sometimes upon religion. Brahmins will not touch meat; Muslims and Jews will not touch the flesh of pigs. Most races would refuse to eat the flesh of many unclean animals, although, quite possible, such flesh may really be quite wholesome

i) When do men of one race eat the food otanother race? 
Men of one race eat the food of another race when they are brought into the country inhabited by the later.

ii) Why do people prefer their own food?
People prefer their own food because to follow and own their own custom.

iii) Why is the impact of hot climate mentioned in the passage?
The impact of hot climate is mentioned in the passage because sometimes the food of own custom is not suitable for.the hot climate. So people may adopt the eating habit according to their climate also.

iv) On what factors do eating habits depend?
Eating habits depend on custom, habit, climate and sometimes on religion.

v) Give a suitable title to the passage.
Ans: Eating trends

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