English Solved Past Paper 2nd year 2012 Karachi Board

Section “A” (Multiple Choice Questions)

Q.1 Choose the correct answer for each from the given options:

(i) Mrs. Oakentubb was driving very fast to win:
* a race
* a contest
* a bet
* a war

(ii) Liaquat Ali Khan was assassinated in the year A.D.:
* 1947
* 1948
* 1950
* 1951

(iii) ‘The Day the Dam Broke’ describes the events which took place: * after the speading of the rumour
* due to the flood in the river Ohio
* during the 2nd World War.
* in Columbus city

(iv) An honorary degree was conferred upon Liaquat Ali Khan by:
* Oxford University
* University of Karachi
* Cambridge University
* Kansas University

(v) ‘Act-Ill of the Silver Box’ is a criticism of:
* the British Society
* the English legal system
* the rich class
* the poor class

(vi) The main theme of ‘The Devoted Friend’ is:
* richness
* devotion
* one-sided friendship
* selfishness

(vii) According to Sir James Jeans, we find this universe terrifying because
* its huge distances
* its vastness
* it appearing to be indifferent to life
* it being too cold and too hot

(viii) The charges against Mr. Jones were:
* one
* two
* three
* many

(xi) ‘The Seven Ages of Man’ is taken from a comedy pIaced by:
* William Blake
* William Wordsword
* John Keats
* William Shakespeare

(x) The Man of Life Upright’ describes the qualities of:
* an ordinary man
* a religious man
* an honest and honourable man,
* an honest man

(xi) ‘The Seven Ages of Man’ is actually a:
* speech
* poem
* sonnet
* ballad

(xii) Samson Agonistes was made prisoner due to:
* the Philistine leaders
* treachery of his wife,
* his army
* his companions

(xiii) Alexander Pope calls it the Kreat teacher:
* Hope
* Nature,
* Blindness
* Death

(xiv) William Wordsworth could not understand the song of ‘The Reaper’ as the:
* voice was not clear
* language was strange,
* theme was doubtful
* song was melodious

(xv) ‘Music When Soft Voices Die’ expresses the power of:
* music
* death
* love,
* beauty

(xvi) A thing of beauty is a joy for:
* always
* never
* ever,
* long

(xvii) In ‘Ulysses’, Lord Tennyson gives us a message of:
* struggle
* not to give up
* courage
* to strive and not to yield

(xviii) Madame de Mauban wrote a letter of Rudolf Rassendyll at the
* Duke Michael
* The King
* Princess Flavia.
* Rupert

(xix) Rudolf Rassendyll impersonated as the:
* King
* Prince
* Monarch
* Duke

(xx) Rupert killed:
* Michael
* the King
* Rassendyll
* Sapt

SECTION” B” (Short-Answer Questions)

Q.2 (i) Why was Mrs. Oakentubb driving very fast and what was the result?

Ans. The woman drove very fast because one of her friend told her that she would pay five pounds if she drove from stain thrope cross to the coast in fifteen minutes. The fast driving resulted in running over her car onto the pavement and hitting the wife and daughter of a gentleman, killing both on the spot.

(ii) When and where did the rumour about the breaking of the dam spread?

Ans. The rumour about the breaking of the dam spread at about noon of 12 March 1913. This rumour started from. High Street which was the main channel of trade and Northern part of the town.

(iii) Discuss whether the Magistrate gives Jones a fair trial.

Ans. James Jones never before committed any such thing and her wife admits that he had told her that it had been the drink that made him do such a thing. This means he had actually committed theft but not in his full sense. So Magistrate accused him of stealing the silver box and was sentenced. The effect of this conviction fell on his wife too and was dismissed from Job. James Jones was a good-hearted man and he wanted to do much for the future of his children. Contrary to this Jack Barthwick, son of Member of Parliament steeds the purse of a woman and was in similar drunken state. But he was set free.
In the light of above facts, it is justify to say that the magistrate does not give Jones a fair trail. He must not be so severely punished and sentenced for one month imprisonment in jail. Thus there had been double standard Justice.

(iv) What is Einstein’s opinion about war?

Ans. According to Einstein’s opinion war is a hateful thing. He opposes such practice and after seeing the consequences of war, he puts such an attitude in a very low category. In personal capacity, Einstein is ready to be in pieces rather than to go to war front with the aim of destination of the entire humanity as the result of the war.

(v) ‘The Devoted Friend’ is a story of one-sided friendship. Discuss.

Ans. ‘The Devoted Friend’ is a story of one-sided friendship:
This is a tale of two friends. Hans was a poor noble friend, and Miller, a richman, living in his neighbourhood. Hans always gave him baskets of flowers. Thus, their friendship depended. Miller always takes advantages but never pays them back but Hans is satisfied with Miller’s glib tongue.
As winter settled in, Hans had trying times, having no work and little income. It became difficult for him to make both ends meet. Everyone wonder Miller did not help him, when the friendship was so intense. Miller had a different view. He believed that in adversity one should not visit his friends and bother them.
With the coming of spring, Hans’ garden had flower and fruit, and he was happy once again. His friend appeared and cheered him up and promised his wheel barrow, so that he might work hard. In return he asked him to do many tedious jobs. He treated him almost like a servant. Once he asked him to repair the roof of his barm. Later he asked to take his sheep to the mountains, ignoring Han’s own plants.
Once Miller sent him to bring doctor when his son had fallen from a ladder, but did not give him even the lantern. On return poor Hans was drowned and died.
Hans was a living picture of sincerity, faithfulness and friendship. He
paid full regard to the noble views and ideas of his friend. He ignored his own garden for the sake of his friend. But this was only one-side friendship, which was never paid back.

(vi) Point out four differences between the Muslims and the Hindus as given by Liaquat Ali Khan in ‘Pakistan and the Modern World”?

For Ans. see Q.2(i) of the Solved Paper 2014

(vii) Describe the role of ‘the Justice’ in ‘The Seven Ages of Man’.

Ans. William Shakespeare regarded judge to be a fifth stage in the life of a man. The Judge bears an anger in his eyes and he likes to have a fashionable beard. At that time, he becomes an experienced man and knows several proverbs and tales well.

(viii) Highlight at least three qualities of the ‘Man of Life Upright’.

Ans. The poem entitled “The Man of Life Upright” by Thomas Campion gives a number off qualities of a gentleman. According to poet’s view point such qualities make a man perfect. Following are those qualities given by Campion in his poem:
(1) He leads a very simple and chaste life in the world.
(2) He is not very ambitious and wants to lead his life in peaceful way.
(3) His dealings with others are fair so that he does not need to defend himself with the help of Armour.
(4) He submits the will of God with patience and always looks for His guidance. He as such keeps his thoughts pure and pious.
(5) Material wealth is of no interest to him. He depends only a good thoughts. He has not bank balance but his mind is a store of noble ideas.
(6) His view point about the world is realistic. He knows that his stay here is very short. He therefore lives in this in keeping himself engaged in preparations for journey towards eternal home.

(ix) How did Samson destroy his enemies?

For Ans. see Q.2(vi) of the Solved Paper 2015

(x) What is the main idea of the poem ‘Say Not the Struggle Naught Availeth’?

For Ans. see Q.2(iv) of the Solved Paper 2015

(xi) What, according to Keats, is the main source of joy in the poem ‘Endymion’?

For Ans. see Q.2(xiii) (or) of the Solved Paper 2015

(xii) What had prevented Rassendyll from going on wrong track?

Ans. Rudolf is an honest man bearing good characters. He only wants to get the king set free. Moreover he is always loyal to his friends. He knows his actual position and that he is only performing in place of the real king. So he sacrifices his love for Flavia because she loves the real king. In brief we can say that Rudolf is a trustworthy man.

(xiii) What was michael’s plan in case any attempt was made to rescue the King?

Ans. In case any attempt was made to rescue the king, Michael’s plan was murder the King. A large pipe has been constructed from the window of the King’s room to the surface of the water outside. The King’s body would weighted, thrown through the pipe and sunk in the moat, while his murderers could escape by the same route through the pipe. However, Michael does intend to kill the king before killing of Rassendyll.

(xiv) Use any Five of the following idioms in sentences of your own: on cloud nine; a burning questions; to look down upon; a bolt from the blue; to put up with; once in a blue moon; to take down; a bone of contention; to live from hand to mouth.


(xv) Change the following into indirect narration:

(a) The Saint said to his followers ‘God lives in the heart of man’.
Ans. The Saint told his followers that God Lives in the heart of man.

(b) She said to her, “Please do me a favour”.

Ans. She requested her to do her a favour.

SECTION “C” (Detailed-Answer Questions)

Note: Answer all questions from this section. All questions carry equal marks.
Q.3 Write an essay on any One of the following topics.

Corruption is a Curse

Corruption is like an octopus monster that moves freely any where in any direction. It is a disgusting and immoral term. Corrupt people are habitually involved in doing corruption.

Violation of legal norms, moral standards and misuse of powers are counted as corruption. While bribery, favourism, misuse of authority, breach of trust, denial of Justice and deliberate official delays are corrupt activities. Corruption is found in all forms of beaucracy and ruling political party.

The public attitude determines the extent of corruption. But it is very sad to say that majority of Pakistani people believe on “Put money in the pocket and everything is alright”.

No government in power, whether Civil or Military, could check or eradicates corruption. All shared the foul practices. Hardly any government department, private organization or business concert in free from corruption. The main causes of corruption are lack of fear of God, moving away from the religious values and bottom-level morality. Political involvement, protection provided to the corrupt officials and businessmen and luck of accountability are other causes of growing corruption. One has to oil the palms of peons, clerks and highups, even for right and legal work. No action is taken against the culprits even on reporting. The whole structure of society and country’s economy are shaken up badly due to unchecked corruption. All the changing government have accepted and confessed the existence of corruption. Instead of controlling and checking the corrupt people, none have dared to stop and control it. The simple reason lies’ in the fact that nobody loves the country with no fear of God. All are busy in amassing wealth and to become rich at the cost of the country. The evil can be overcome by implementing necessary law so to punish the corrupt. Inflicting punishment should be made without any discrimination, and the law should be treated superior.

An Interesting Cricket Match

For Ans. see Q.3(iii) of the Solved Paper 2013

Role of Media

In our Today’s modern world, the way of communication is called as
“Media”. It has two broader division
(a) Print Media
(b)Electronic Media.
Newspapers, magazines and other weekIy. editorial are included in print media while Radio, Television, T.V. Network, Cable, Internet etc. are the parts of Electronic Media.

Role of Print Media:
The newspaper and magazines have their own importance and advantages. They bring news and other information’s from all corners of the world to us. They contain useful information with articles discussing problems on the latest situations, The public remains in touch with the leading thoughts and trends of the country as w…tl as those of the world. We get news-National as well as International. Social, Political, Economic, Scientific, literary and religion events are reported by all the newspapers.

They help in creating the spirit of goodwill and mutual understanding
among all the nations of the world.

They are a good mood of publicity and propaganda. In the editorial columns, one can know many things. Some newspapers give news regarding murder, crime, scandals, divorces, abduction and other such subjects. Such types of news can have bad effect upon the readers. But as compared with the merits of newspapers, these minor disadvantages could be safely ignored.

Newspapers play a great role for mobilizing public opinion of various national issues. They also help in educating the public. They make us realize our duties and aware of our responsibilities. They encourage commerce and trade. They reflect the national will so we can say that print media has many wonderful advantages in our modern world of commercialism, information and technology.

Role of Electronic Media

Electronic media produces its direct effect on common people. The electronic media in the form of satellite transmission, internet etc. has many useful effects. It helps to give information about different cultures, social and political systems of the different parts of world. It gives current news and information about what is happening in the world. It is the great source of knowledge about geographical facts of the world. It is the wonderful source of knowledge about science, universe, oceans, sociology and politics.

The negative role played by the electronic media is that young boys and girls waste their precious time on chatting on internet. Nude pictures and sex related topics directly produce negative effects on the normal balanced lives of the youths. Moral values are demolished and sex crimes are increased. There are so many movies and dramas which are full of sex motivating scenes and also causing damage to the peaceful life.

An Interesting Scientific Invention

Just about 6000 years ago, men lived in a cave. He dressed himself in skins of animals. He hail to make with his own hands everything he needed. He travelled long distance on his Own legs. His world was narrow, dark, difficult and dangerous. Today, the situations altogether changed. Modern man lives a vastly different life. Now his world is broad, bright easy reasonably safe. Old time physical exertion is no longer necessary for him. Science and technology as now playing a dynamic role in making and shaping the society. During the last hundred years, tremendous progress has been made by science in various phases and the most recent among them is a computer.

Computers were first developed and used for science and research but have been rapidly adopted to business, industry and Govt. administration. Today, they are capable of being used nearly everywhere. Similar to other inventions of same nature, computer has also taken much time in reaching to present form. It was a heavy machine in the beginning while now sooner or later science and technology world succeed to give us a pocket computer to help us in our daily routine. Computers have contributed considerably to the information revolution that the world is experiencing right now.

The vast and varied amounts of data which are not possible to complete, store, process and analyse meaning fully and promptly have already started showing profound influence on every day life.

It is in view of all above that all the developed and under-developing countries are busy in a,’ranging computer technology with them. It would not be possible for any nation to go ahead without it in years to some. New generation is Pakistan is also well aware of it. Our young people are taking much interest in it and are full devoted to get themselves trained in this technology. We would In Sha Allah prove our best abilities in this most modern field as well.

Q.4 Write a character sketch of the Duke of Strelsau.

(OR) …. Colonel Sapt.

Character sketch of the Duke of Strelsau (Black Michael):
For Ans. see Q.4(OR) of the Solved Paper 2014

(OR) Character sketch of Colonel Sapt.

(a) An Experienced Courtier:
Basically he is a well experienced court man and as such loyal to the throne.

(b) Sincere in State Service:
King Rudolf is taken a prisoner from the forest by his half brother Black Michael when he was hunting. But Sapt and Fritz find Rudolf Rassendyll whose face resembles the King, and request him to help the State of Zenda.

(c) Careful in Affairs:
Sapt is very careful in all affairs. He respects apd safeguards the King. He is always watd.ful and vigilant.

(d) A Defender of King:
At all places he defends the King and the throne. At the Summer House he goes with Rassendyll, In the capital, and at every strategic point he shadows the King as a body guard.

(e) A Good Planner:
He draws the master plan to defeat the Black Michael, and with the help of Rassendyll and Fritz .attacks the Castle where king Rudolf, is made a captive. Accordingly at the return of the King he arranges final meeting of Rassendyll with Princess. Further he arranges the escape of Rassendyll from Ruritania. He as such proves himself to be expert in planning.
In short, he has played the most important role, in saving the throne from the hands of Black Michael.

Q.5 Read the following passage and answer the questions given below:

“Ithaca is a rocky land where little grows and it is a pity to leave this happy shore to go home. For there, perhaps, we shall and that our children remember us no more”, said the men of Odysseus to one another. And Odysseus said to himself, “Surely there is something strange about this beautiful land, I might almost wish to sit down arid sleep on the shore for ever, but Penelope is waiting for me in my home and I cannot rest till I see her face once more”. Then he told three of his men to go and ask the name of the land and the names of the men who lived in it.

(i) What sort of land was Ithaca?

Ans. Ithaca was a rocking land where little grew, but it possessed a strange beauty.

(ii) What did the men of Odysseus say to one another?

Ans. They said to one mother that it would be more pleasant for us if our wives and children Were here.

(iii) Why did Odysseus not like to leave this land?

Ans. Odyssens did not like to leave the land because that was beautiful and strange land and he wished to sleep down on the shore forever.

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