English Solved Past Paper 2nd year 2013 Karachi Board

Section “A” (Multiple Choice Questions)

Q.1 Choose the correct answer for each from the given options:

(i) Madam Mauban belonged to:
* France.
* England
* Ruritania
* Canada

(ii) The book “Past and Present” has been composed by.:
* Russell
* Carlyle.
* Ruskin
* Fielding

(iii) Black Michael was the Duke of:
* Zenda
* StreIsau.
* Tyrol
* Dresdon

(iv) The poem “The Seven Ages of Man” is taken from:
* King Lear
* Othelo
* Hamlet
* As You Like It

(v) The line “Who sees with equal eye, as God of all” has been taken from:
* Ulysses
* Endymion
* An Essay on Man
* The Solitary Reaper

(vi) “If love were the only thing, I could follow you in rags” is uttered by:
* De Mauban
* Helga
* Flavia
* Rupert

(vii) Rudolf Rassendyll was the younger brother of:
* Featherly
* Holf
* Burlesdon
* Josef

(viii) Due to jealousy against Princess Flavia, Black Michael was betrayed by:
* De Gautet
* Bersonin
* De Mauban
* Lauengram

(xi) The word “Dooms”mean:
* Hope
* Future
* Final Fates
* Luck

(x) According to Albert Einstein, the fairest thing we can experience is:
* Painting
* Sculpture
* Fine arts
* The Mysterious

(xi) The group called “The Six” headed by Rupert are in fact:
* Body guards
* Advisors
* King’s servants
* Lawless Murderers

(xii) An upright man’s heart is free from the thought of:
* Vanity
* Hope
* World
* Dishonesty

(xiii) The word “Shank” refers to:
* Leg
* Hand
* Heel
* Toe

(xiv) The poem “Music When Soft Voices Die” is composed by:
* john Keats
* Shelley
* John Milton
* Thomas Gray

(xv) The poem “An Essay on Man” is about:
* Heaven
* Hero
* Human existence
* Lamb

(xvi) Mrs. Oakentubb’s husband was a successful:
* Businessman
* Stateman
* Clerk
* Artist

(xvii)Marie Celeste was a/an:
* Carriage
* Ship
* Airoplane
* Cart

(xviii)Bertrand Russel has been a warm advocate of technical aid to the countries of: .
* Europe
* Indo-china
* Africa
* Asia

(xix) Liaquat Ali Khan was assassinated by a fanatic in:
* Rawalpindi
* Lahore
* Karachi
* Islamabad

(xx) “Act-ill of the Silver Box” is written by:
* Frank Arthur
* James Thurber
* John Galsworthy
* Oscar Wild

SECTION “B” (Short-Answer Questions)

Note: Answer any Ten questions from this section. All questions carry equal marks.

Q.2 (i) What is the “Ball” What is the importance of it in the novel “The Prisoner of Zenda”?

Ans. Ball is a social assembly for dancing. The importance of “Ball” in the novel is that, this helps in restoring the king’s popularity among the people of Ruritania. The people of Ruritania wanted to see Princess Flavia as their queen. The delay in the marriage creating dissatisfaction among the people. Colonel Sapt and Fritz arranged a ball for the king and Princess Flavia. A large number of people came there. Rudolf Rassendyll played his part as the king very cleverly. He danced with Princess Flavia as the king and the people became very pleased to see Princess Flavia with the king.

(ii) Describe the chief moments of tension in the play. “Twenty Minutes with Mrs. Oakentubb”.

Ans. The chief moments of tension in the play are described below:
(a) On the occasion when the man narrates the incident of the death of his wife and daughter and speaks his intention of killing the lady who crushed his wife and daughter.
(b) Second time situation of tension arises when the man takes out his revolver to kill Mrs. Oakentubb.
(c) Lastly tension of moment appears when he comes back for picking his suitcase and observes her vulgar and impenitent gesture. He knows immediately that she had made him fool through her false remorse. He shoots her at once and immediately left the room.

(iii) What reasons does Russel give for his opinion that the nations of Asia will not find it hard to keep their independence secured?

Ans. By quoting the historical events, Bertrand Russell supported his opinion that the nations of Asia will not find it hard to keep their independence secured. He describes the following facts.
(a) The Second World War weakened the position of Europe and it- was no longer able to hold Asia in subjection.
(b) The modern world has been split up into two blocks, which are hostile to each other.
(c) The nations of Asia could form a third block which would help them to prevent Russian block and American block to start a new global war.
(d) The nations of Asia are the heirs of ancient civilization and they are able to constitute their own ideologies and to frame out the rules of governing a state.

(iv) How did the panic start? How did Thurber’s mother cope with the situation?

Ans. The panic appears after a news flashed through the streets of Columbus city that the dam on the river near by had broken and that a danger of over flow of water in the whole city has arises. Suddenly someone started running and was followed by a newsboy. “Go East Go East was heard on the roads and panic went round whole city. The situation reached to its climax when firemen, policemen, army officer» and a senior Lt. Col. started running towards East for the safety of their lives. The writer’s mother turned out all the fires and she took with her a dozen eggs and two loaves of bread. It was her plan to reach Memorial Hall, Just two blocks away, and take refuge somewhere in the top of it.

(v) What was Black Michael’s plan in case any attempt was made to rescue the King?.

Ans. The king was imprisoned in a small room in the.old castle just by the drawbridge, a room with one window close to-the surface of the moat. The-only entrance to this room is from- an inner room in which three of the six are always on guard. If an attack were to be made the king would be murdered.A large pipe has been constructed from the window of the king’s room to the surface of the water outside. The kings’ body would be weighted, throw through the pipe and sunk in the moat, while his murderers could escape by the same route through the pipe.

(vi) What events led Rudolf Rassendyll to act as the King of Ruritania?

Ans. Colonel Sapt and Fritz Van Tarlenheim both persuaded Rudolf
Rassendyll to impersonate the king. The real king became senseless under the influence of drugged wine. They were also aware about the bad intentions of Black Michael of capturing the throne. Rudolf Rassendyll on viewing their loyalty and also the helpless situation of the king, agrees to disguise himself as Rudolf Elphberg. He shaves off his beard and wears the clothes worn by the king and becomes ready to impersonate as the king.

(vii) What is Einstein’s attitude to leadership?

Ans. Albert Einstein’s is a strong well wisher of democracy, According to him leadership is necessary in a state, and the citizens must have full freedom in the selection of their own leaders.

(viii) “Ignorance of future and hope are two great blessing”. Discuss the statement of Alexander Pope.

Ans. According to Pope, God does not want to tell man about his future, He blesses him. This ignorance of the future makes the spirit of man uneasy. Thus he worships, God with more devotion and shapes,to find space and freedom in future. Both these things as such, remain greatest blessing for human beings.

(ix) What were the feelings of Wordsworth on hearing the song of the Solitary Reaper?

Ans. Going through the mountainous valley the poet saw the reaping girl singing an attractive song. The poet could not understand it as she was singing in Gaelic language spoken in High lands of Scotland. He was much impressed with the tune of the song. The poet stayed there for a long time to listen the sweet song not seen by the girl. Even at the time when he left the place the melody of the was song felt by his heart. It left a permanent impression on his heart and then never such:a song was heard by him in his life.

(x) According to John Keats, what can things of beauty do for us?

Ans. All the visions of beauty may be like an endless fountain giving a permanent drink to our thirsty souls. They are being poured into our souls from the boundaries of heaven.

(xi) “Our administrative machinery had be built up from scratch”. What does Liaquat Ali Khan mean in his speech “Pakistan and the Modern World”?

Ans. Pakistan emerged on the world map on 14th August 1947 as a new country. Besides competitive office-personals and other staff, it was also devoid of other infra-structure like of Face building and proper furniture etc. So all the process of the administration of the country had to be started from the very bottom line of the graph.

(xii) How does the Miller deceive little Hans?

Ans. Miller knew the art of deceiving others through his artful sentences. He made a false promise of giving his broken wheel barrow to little Hans but in return of that he took a lot of advantages from little Hans.

(xiii)Rupert is more devilish than Michael. Discuss.

Ans. Rupert Hentzau is one of the six resolute and unscruplous persons in the service of the Duke of strelsau. He is to most daring and dangerous and the only one to remain alive at the end of the story. Going through the novel, we find a number of small events relating to the character of Rupert of Hentzau. Once he injured the Rassendyll by suddenly attacking him with a dagger. In short Rupert hos all the qualities to stand at the negative side of the novel.

(xiv) Use any Five of the following idioms in sentences of your own: To take down, A burning question, To look down upon, To look for, To take to heels , To run after, To turn dOWTIT, o take after


(xv) Change into indirect speech:

(a) He said,-“Alas! My efforts have proved useless”.
Ans. He exclaimed with sorrow that his efforts had proved useless.

(b) He said to me, “What do you wish to do”?
Ans. He asked me what I wished to do.

SECTION “C” (Detailed-Answer Questions)

Q.3 Write an essay on any ONE of the following:

Problems of Trade and Industry

Despite of a number of resources of all kinds, we the Pakistanis are among under-developed countries. Our cash income is shameful for us since long-past we have been believing over the charity of Big Nations & ultimately becoming more &; more poor to arrange the interest for the debts.

Let us today start our statement from the basic cause which is the high population growth in Pakistan.

This rate of increase of population is about 36% per year. But the means of production are not exceeding at the same rate. Country is facing with the problems of over population. These are the causes which have become hurdles to overcome poverty. Here we point out few of them as under.
(i) Un-education
(ii) Un-employment
(iii) Too many diseases
(iv) Increase of crimes
(v) Betray
Going further in this regard, the point over which we may think honestly &; also admit is the faith that: we have put the teachings of Islam aside. For instance:
(i) It taught us to lead a simple life & we lost overselves in luxuries.
(ii) It taught us brotherhood &; equality &; we divided ourselves into upper, middle & 1 were classes.
(iii) It taught us to work hard, to do our work by our own hands &; we adopted the attitude to become rich over-night,
(iv) It taught us to earn “Rizqe Halal” &; we preferred to become selfish, looters dacoits, killers, black.marketers & all ·those frauds which may turn our present life in pomp &; show but to have a least care for the world after present life i.e. “Aakhrat”.
(v) We totally forgot “Huqul Ebad”and Nature made us not only poor but deprived us of mental peace & satisfaction. Perhaps the aforesaid reasons of our poverty are quite sufficient to pray to Allah to forgive and let us show the true way of leading life as a Muslim. Right are the observations of a thinker when he says: “Human society is leading further & further but we the Muslim should return to that period of 1500 years back in our belief, thinking-practice. “

Terrorism and its Effects

Allah has created rivers, oceans, mountains, stars and several other creations for the pleasure of mankind. Unfortunately, human being did not understand the motives of the creation of this world. People are going to be destructive minded due to so many reasons and are involved in terrorist activities.

Although terrorism is a global issue yet Pakistan has to bear the brunt of it. Pakistan’s involvement in war against terrorism has further fuel the fire. Terrorist’s acts like suicide bombing have become norm of the day on account of these attacks Pakistan is suffering from huge loss ranging from civilian to economics. Terrorists have not left any place vacant. They spread around the whole country. Markets, shrines, mosques, hotels, gardens and educational institutes all are now under the thumb just one click of terrorists. They blasted everything. They are responsible for the innocent lives of people. Terrorists are responsible for the enhancement of weaponisation and other criminal activities. Thus they are responsible to begin a new journey of disaster and turmoil known as Kalaslanikov’s Culture.

Iranian Revolution also created a sense of conflicts inside to boundaries of Pakistan. Sectarianism conflicts erupted. Shia and Sunni rivalry began which further deteriorated the condition. This also laid the strong foothold of extremist inside the boundaries of Pakistan. Terrorism puts adverse impact on the life of individuals. It is not only put bad impact on individual’s life but also entire society is encircled. Flames and flames are encircling the whole Pakistan. Every city is now under the influence of terrorism. It affects the mental health of people. People fear around the whole country.

The beauty of Pakistan has been damaged by destruction’s. Tourism in Pakistan now diminishes to great extent, which is another worse impact of terrorism. Foreign direct investment also declined. This is another disastrous impact of terrorism. We are going back day by day. Now multinational companies are not investing in Pakistan. It reduced our economic graph. The picture of Pakistan in the modernized world is soul trembling. Most of the people are going and settling abroad. Industries are closed. The graph of economic condition is touching the bottom line.

An Interesting Cricket Match

Recently, I happened to witness a one day cricket match played between the P.I.A team and that of Habib Bank team.

There were a large number of on lookers. From these two teams, players had to be selected which would play in national cricket team. So naturally there was a great enthusiasm both among players and spectators. It was quite sunny. Although there was a chill in the air. But t~e crowd was highly expectant. They were debating about the possible result of the day. It was still half an hour for the match to start. But the stands and the galleries were almost full. All were for the players to begin the great event.

The match started at 9.00 a.m. sharp. The P.IA team won the toss and chooses their best the hitters Rashid and Mehmood as their opening batsman of course; the P.I.A team started with 11 bang displaying their full hold over batting and striking skill and within first half an hour scored 55 runs. Thereafter the P.I.A team players followed ·one after another so fast that they were all out for a total of 140. The match was resumed after 1/2 ‘,our break with Habib Bank team best scorers imran and Shabbir entering the field as opening batsmen. The next 45 minutes witnessed as exciting display of hitting sixers and fourers by both imran and Shabbir score H.B team touching 105 runs. The matches took a sudden turn when both Shabbir and imran were out, with 8 players in hand and only 36 runs to make. The victory was still flat very uncertain. So with resumed vigour Habib Bank team players continued their on slaught. The P.1.A team also tightened up their fielding to face the challenge. The next 1 hour, play was full of excitement and display of batsman’s hitting skill and excellent fielding, but Habib Bank managed to score 141 runs and won the match.

 Environmental Pollution

Any unwanted substance or factor, which is responsible for the change in the quality of our environment, is called pollution. There are two kinds of pollution.

(i) Material Pollution:
Pollution of air, water and land is called material pollution.
(ii) Non-material Pollution:
Noise, rise in temperature and excessive exposure to radiation are called non-material pollution.
Pollution of land of includes simply littering and throwing industrial, agricultural and nuclear wastes which are affecting human health and causing them many diseases. A major fluisance is caused by throwing polythene bags on the roads and streets which are accumulated on the sides and from there by wind or by some other means entered inside the gutters through open mainhole, This results in the choking of drainline which resulted in the creation of another kind of pollution. Stagnant water are seen in the vicinity of roads and streets where harmful bacteria and germs flourish.

River and canal water is polluted by discharge of domestic and industrial wastes into it. This makes water harmful for animal and human consumption. Air pollution is caused by a large number of traffic vehicles plying on the roads. The old automobiles and even aircrafts move with the result they release a lot of different kinds of obnoxious gases. While chimneys of industrial concerns, power generating planes and construction projects and decaying of organic substances are all main sources for air-pollution. The air pollution first adversely effects our eyes, nose and then throat, which followed by lung infections. Which later on converted into any serious pulmonary diseases.

Thermal and noise pollution not only make the people uncomfortable, it is also effecting their hearing power and making them sick with gastic and cardiac problems. Many people become irritant after hearing unpleasant noise. Air pollution is the most dangerous and most common type of pollution, going on all around us particularly in big cities. Global warming, acid rains and ozone layer depletion are” the sorts of threats raised by air pollution and are to be seriously looked about to conserve the earth and life on it.

Q4 Write a character sketch of Princess Flavia.

Ans. Princess Flavia:
Flavia stands as the heroin of “Prisoner of Zenda”, We observe the
following remarkable qualities in her character:
(a) Charming and Attractive:
She is a beautiful young lady of 20 years. She is engaged with her cousin, King Rudolf. As such, she is the would-be-queen of Ruritania.
(b) Sincere in Love:
As a matter of fact, she is the beloved of King Rudolf. Too much resemblences with Rudolf, gives a chance to Rassendyll to act as a king. Being unaware of the reality, Flavia starts loving a man other than Rudolf. Her love increases day to day. Rudolf is not left behind. When the plot takes turn, she searches her heart. She then finds herself in real love with Rassendyll and not Rudolf the king.
(c) Loyal to State:
She decides to marry Rudolf, only for the sake of the kingdom. She sacrifices her love with Rassendyll. This puts her in high esteem. In this connection, her own words, “Love is not all” gives her faith in love with soul and not with body.
(d) Popular Among People:
Flavia in view of qualities of heart in particular and of mind in general is liked by all. Everyone wants her early marriage with the king so as to see her as their queen. People consider her a worthy queen of a worthy king. In short Flavia is the most important female character of the play.

(OR) … Rudolf Rassendyll:
For Ans. see Q.4 of the Solved Paper 2015

Q.5 Read the following passage and answer the questions given below:
The oceans are rich in minerals. Great amount of salt and various other useful minerals are dissolved in the sea water. That is why the sea water tastes salty. The water in the ocean can be converted into pure drinking water. One way of converting salt water into pure drinking water is through distillation. Another way is to separate the dissolved minerals from. the water electrically. The oceans are a great reserve of food, minerals and drinking water.

(i) Why the sea water is salty?

Ans. Great amount of salt and various useful minerals are dissolved in the sea water. That is why the sea water tastes salty.

(ii) How can sea water be converted into pure drinking water?

Ans. There are two methods for obtaining pure drinking water from sea water. One way of converting salt water into pure drinking water is through distillation. The second way is to separate the dissolved minerals from the water electrically.

(iii) How are the oceans useful for us?

Ans. The oceans are very useful for us because these are great reserve of food, minerals and drinking water.

(iv) Give a suitable title to the above passage.

Ans. A suitable title to the above passage is: “A Great source of Food, Minerals and Drinking Water.

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