English Solved Past Paper 2nd year 2013 Karachi Board


solved MCQs english 2013 2nd year

solved MCQs english 2013 2nd year

solved MCQs english 2013 2nd year

solved MCQs english 2013 2nd year


2.i) How did Samson show his strength in ‘Lines from Samson Agonistes’?
According to “Thomas Campion” a man of character spends his life with spiritual-peace and satisfaction. He is not indulged in extra activities. He does not care about the discontents and miseries of the world. He faces all the difficulties bravely and does not get ride of challenges of life. He is close observer of nature so he gets the knowledge from it. In his leisure time he studies a good book. As his life is ideal for others so when he leaves this world everybody remembers him within their prayers.

ii) What does Shelley want to say in his poem ‘Music When Soft Voices Die’?
In this short poem “Music when soft voices die” the poet very philosophically explains that beauty does not die. He proves it by giving examples. He gives the example of music that as music always live in our memories similarly the beauty also never dies. By quoting another example he proves that after been fading the flowers we do not forget their smell similarly after the death we remember the beautyof person. All these examples show that beauty is everlasting and never dies.

iii) Highlight at least three qualities of the ‘Man of life Upright’.
An upright man is innocent. He does not commit and avoid himself to be proudly. He enjoys his life and does not care any sort of misery. As he is not a.criminal so he does not hid himself in cells. He is fearless and faces everybody boldly. He is not despair on those misfortunes that come in his life by fate. He always gets wisdom from nature. His thinking is positive and at last· he says good bye to the people of this world. He leaves this world like a pious person.

iv) What things of beauty did Keats find most inspiring?
Lines from Endymion is a long poem contain on four books, The brain-sick price, with whom the goddess Cythia faces in love. The poet says that a thing of beauty is a constant source otJoy. The world is full of beautiful things of nature such as the sun, the moon, the shady trees, the flowering streams, the thick’ groves that wild roses. All these things give us pleasure. Even the stones of dead people are the source of joy and pleasure for us.

v) Give a comparison between Elpherg and Rassendyll.
King Rudolf was newly ascended to the throne of Ruritania and all the people around Ruritania came to take part in the great ceremony called the coronation ceremony. The people of Ruritania wanted to see him as King but also due to his irresponsible nature he drank wine and became unconscious right before the one day of coronation. In contrast Rudolf Rassendyll was called the hero of -.thenovel because he was young, handsome and brave person. He agreed to impersonate and in this way he took the risk of his own life only for the sake of King and crown. He also took risks at Summer House, Jacob’s ladder and then in Zenda. It was his bravery and courage that he saved King from Duke’s prison.

vi) How does James Jeans justify his assertion that ‘the universe appears to be actively hostile to life like our own’?
James justifies in assertion that the universe appears to be actually hostile to life like our ocean because life need suitable physical condition where substances can exist in liquid form. The stars are so hot that life is not possible there. Outside of that life would be frozen to death. .

vii) Why did the metting with the Korean girl give the man a purpo e to live in ‘Twenty Minutes with Mrs Okentubb’?
The gentle man had been wounded during the Korean War. He was lying on stretcher. The pain was pretty bad and he wanted to die. Than a Korean girl of about fourteen years came, she just smiled and then went away. This half minute meeting gave him strength to live. Now he wanted to live and take revenge of his wife and daughter who were murdered in an accident.

viii) What advice does Bertrand Rusell give to the Eastern nations?
The Asian Countries should learn from the research of the West the spirit of Scientific Research and should reject their desire for domination and exploitation. Competition and rivalry has given birth to a race of power. The East should be wise enough to avoid such power groups. Western civilization from the very start was a materialistic civilization and as such it placed no great emphasis upon spiritualism. Religion became divorced from the common man’s life. There came into being a mad scrabble for power and wealth. The result was a terrible crash in the form of I and (( World Wars. We in the East can learn from the mistakes of the Western civilization and during this period of scientific development should avoid the pit-falls.

ix) Who was the prisoner of Zenda? Why was he imprisoned?
King Rudolf Elphberg was the prisoner of Zenda. He was imprisoned because Black Michael was jealous from him and he wanted to be the King of Ruritania. He was the step brother of the King and did not deserve for that post according to the rule of the country so he tried to get it by using the illegal ways. He sent drugged wine to his brother and made him unconscious. He also sent guards to kidnap the King and kept him into his prison. He. knew that if the King couldn’t reach in coronation he would be the king of Ruritania and also marry Princess Flavia.

x) What do you learn about human behaviour from ‘The Day the Dam Broke’?
I have learned about human behavior from ‘The Day the Dam Broke’ that people were not confirmed about the incident surely but they were following each other and made the situation panic. Nobody bothered to reach the reason or evidence to get the truth.

xi) Describe the incident that inspired Wordswort to write ‘The Solitary Reaper’.
The girl was singing a song while she was wrapping t e crop. It becomes a complete source of nature for the poet. Her attractive sound impressed the poet so much that he could not remain silent and composed a poem. Her natural sound became the source of joy for the poet who compares the song with the melodies sounds of nightingale and cuckoo. Even after the song was over and the poet approached to hs work he, in his imagination enjoyed the song. It remains a source of joy for the poet in his remaining life.

xii) According to Liaquat Ali Khan, ,what ar the main demands of freedom?
Liaquat Ali Khan pointed out that Muslims and Hindus are totally different creatures Muslims are monotheist, believer of all the prophets, they believe on equality; there is law of inheritance and economic institutions. On the other hand Hindus are polytheist, believe in a caste system and they believe In unearned accumulation of wealth.

xiii) ‘Black Michael is a detestable character.’ Comment.
Black Michael was a conspirator and he even didn’t care a fig of his brother and trapped him. He only wanted to be crowned and marry Princess Flavia. He deceived Mauban who truly loved him and sacrificed him. He even offered bribe to Rassendyll to leave Ruritania because he was the only person who had stopped his way to become a king.

xiv) Change the narration of the following:
(a) The patient said, ‘Good. morning, doctor. Can you spare me a few minutes?’ .
The patient greeted the doctor and asked if he could spare him a few minutes.
(b) The teacher said to the students, ‘Tomorrow is a holiday’
The teacher told the students that next day was a holiday.

xv) Use any Five idiomatic structure in you sentences: to carry out: It was not immediately clear how many assailants carried out the kidnapping. to bring out: The bands are bringing out a new CD in autumn season. to look into: The Israeli military said they are looking into the report.
to cut a sorry figure: Not passing in the exam is like to cut a sorry figure in front of the family and school.
to break the ice: When you break the ice, you get over any initial embarrassment or shyness when you meet someone for the first time and start conversing.
to win laurels: One must win laurels in his life.
under a cloud: If someone is suspected of having done something wrong, they are under a cloud. \
by leaps and bounds: Science is making progress by leaps and bounds.
to make out: If someone is extremely successful in a venture, they make out like a bandit


Write an essay on any One of the following;
(i) Facebook and Students
See on Page # 26.

(ii) Energy Crises
See on Page # 27.

(iii) Hike in Street Crimes

There has been an alarming rise in street crimes and the metropolis is once again in grip of a new wave of such crimes, resulting in the sense of insecurity amongst the city dwellers. As a whole, the year 2013 has also seen no respite in street crimes in the metropolitan, once called the city of lights. Even with the change in the government, the grievances faced by the people have not lessened. Rather new dimensions have been added to it.

Street crimes have unfortunately become a regular feature in Karachi. Armed robbery, snatchinq valuable stuffs, vehicles, assault and mugging are a part -and parcel of the metropolitan life. These criminals come well armed and well prepared to execute crimes by overpowering their victims with fear and weapons. As a result the victims, normally blue-collar citizens, are deprived of their hard eamed money and valuables

Despite the rise in street crimes, the citizens avoid registering their complaints with the police. Mostly because they are at their wits end with the attitude of law enforcers regarding complainants and complaints both. Victims are also less likely to report a crime to police in order to avoid lengthy and undue involvement with the police.

Despite all the prevention schemes, street crimes are fast becoming a major concem for citizens of Karachi and other big cities The solution lies not only in stem action against these criminals but also in educating the youth against these crimes and providing them with adequate social status and job opportunities

Residents of some areas say that people have made arrangements on their own in the neighborhoods to avoid any street crimes and dacoities. They have made speed breakers and put barriers in our areas to avoid any criminal activity in the area

The recent street battles between armed gangs in Lyari and its surrounding areas have also created havoc in. the city. Fear has gripped the business centers of the Saddar and its surroundings due to the battles. Shopkeepers say they are forced to close their markets on almost daily basis because of uncertain law and order situation in the area.

It seems that police and Rangers are on the mercy of the criminal gangs who are using rockets and hand grenades in the area in the presence of law enforcers. Meanwhile, no Home ministry and Sindh government official was available for comment on the issue

The crimes are also taking toll on the mental health of the city dwellers. Health experts say that street crimes are the main cause of increase in psycho patients besides the incidents of suicide and divorce in Karachi. With the increase in street crimes, the sense of insecurity among all the classes of society has also risen. The ratio of psycho patients at hospitals testifies this claim. According to statistics, there had been overall 82 per cent increase in psycho patients over these years in the city as compared to previous number of patients.

The inefficient police department needs an urgent overhauling to ensure security of life and property of citizens. The government should take firm and sustainable steps to end criminal gangs operating in Karachi with a complete impunity and end the growing feeling on insecurity amongst the masses.

4. ‘Colonel Sapt is the real protector of the House of  Elphbergs’. Justify the statement.
Ans: See on Page # 29.

OR Describe some of the appealing -qualities of Princess Flavia.
Ans: See on Page #31.

5. Read the given passage and answer the questions that follows:

The life of a Man is a long march through the night, surrounded by invisible foes, tortured by weariness and pain, towards goal that few can hope to reach, and where none may tarry long. One by one, as they march, our comrades vanish from our sight, seized by the silent orders of omnipotent Death. Very brief is time in which we can help them, in which their happiness or misery is decided. Be it ours to shed sunshine on their path, to light their sorrows by the balm of sympathy, to give them the pure joy of a never-tiring affection, to strengthen failing courage, to instil faith in hours of despair. Let us remember that they are fellow-sufferers in the same darkness, actors in the same tragedy with ourselves.

i) How do you define the life of man?
The life of a Man is a long march through the night, surrounded by invisible foes, tortured by weariness and pain, towards goal that few can hope to reach, and where none may tarry long.

ii) What happens to our comrades during their long march of life?
Our comrades during their long march of life vanish from our sight, seized by the silent orders of omnipotent Death.

iii) How can we help our fellow beings?
We can help our fellow beings is time in which their happiness/or misery is decided.

iv) Should we judge our fellow sufferers?
Yes we should judge our fellow sufferers i~ the same darkness and misery.

v) Give a suitable title to the passage.
A suitable title to the passage can be ‘Ways of life’.

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