English Solved Past Paper 2nd year 2014 Karachi Board

Section “A” (Multiple Choice Questions)

Q.1 Choose the correct answer for each from the given options:
(i) In ‘Lines from Endymion’, by the phrase:
* die
* fail
* live
* finish

(ii) The man who becomes ‘the Prisoner of Zenda is:
* Rupert of Hentzau
* Rudolf Rassendyll
* Madame de Mauban
* Kind Rudolf Elphberg

(iii) Marie Celeste was a/an:
* carriage
* ship
* airplane
* cart

(iv) The word ‘monotheist’ means a person believing in:
* idols
* one God
* may gods
* materialism

(v) Rupert of Hentzau was mad after:
* Flavia
* Madam de Mauban
* Helga
* Rose

(vi) The thing, that gave the gentleman a courage of live, was the Korean girl’s:
* friendly brown eyes
* pretty face
* smile
* Rose

(vii) The man ‘who has mature and farsighted political insight in Ruritania’ is:
* Black Michael
* Rudolf Elphberg
* Rudolf Rassendyll
* Colonel Sapt

(viii) ‘Thanks to the most gallant gentleman that lives, the King is alive’. This was stated to Rassendyll by:
* Fritz
* Sapt
* Madam de Mauban
* a farm girl

(ix) Rassendyll says to Michael, ‘I was playing with a mongrel dog’. Mongeral means a:
* bulldog
* barking dog
* bitting dog
* dog of mixed breed

(x) How intelligent you are, he exclaimed (Indirected version will be) he stated that:
* are you intelligent
* if you were intelligent
* you are very intelligent
* you have been intelligent

(xi) In the eyes of Thomas Capion’s man, his life is a:
* child’s play
* recreational trip
* holy journey
* voyage

(xii) The poem ‘Say Not the Struggle Naught Availeth’ is about:
* fruits of struggle
* pessimism about struggle
* struggle for honour
* not to surrender

(xiii) Mrs. Oakentubb is driving at a speed of:
* sixty miles an hour
* fifty miles an hour
* seventy miles an hour
* thirty miles an hour

(xiv) According to Liaquat Ali Khan, freedom from the British rule for the Muslims means only change of:
* masters
* subjects
* life style
* economic conditions

(xv) In Act ill of the Silver Box’, M,’. James jones was given a light sentence as:
* he was a poor man
* it was his first offence
* he was drunk
* he was hungry

(xvi) In ‘the Devoted Friend’, Hans was proud of his friendship with:
* Hugh, the Miller
* the water rat
* the doctor
* the green linnet

(xvii) Sir James Jeans finds this universe terrifying as it appears:
* so hot
* so cold
* so vast
* indifferent to life like our own

(xviii) Samson was made prisoner by the:
* Philistines
* Germans
* Greeks
* Turks

(xix) The ‘Book of Fate’ is kept hidden by:
* Nature
* gods
* Angels
* Heaven

(xx) ‘Highland girl’ was singing a:
* happy song
* lonely song
* melancholy song
* folk song

SECTION “B” (Short-Answer Questions)

Note: Answer any Ten questions from this section. All questions carry equal marks.

Q.2(i) Give two main reasons given by Liaquat Ali Khan in ‘Pakistan and the Modern World’ about the demand of the Muslims for a free state.

Ans. Differences between the Hindus and the Muslims of India:
(a) The Muslims are monothesis, whereas the Hindus are polythists.
(b) The Muslims believe in Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) and in Christ and the prophets of the Bible while the Hindus do not.
(c) The Hindus believe in caste system while the Muslims in equality.
(d) The Muslims believe in the right of private ownership for everyone. The Hindus have no such law,

(ii) What is ‘Albert Einstein’s opinion about ‘war’ and ‘democracy’.

Ans. According to Einstein’s opinion war is a hateful thing. He opposes such practice and after seeing the consequences of war, Jaeputs such an attitude in a very low category. In personal capacity, Einstein is ready to be in pieces rather than to go to war front with the aim of destination of the entire humanity as the result of the war.
Albert Einstein’s is a strong well wisher of democracy. According to him leadership is necessary in a state, and the citizens must have full freedom in the selection of their own leaders.

(iii) Describe the last scene of a man’s life as described by William Shakespeare.

Ans. In the poem, “The seven Ages of Man the significance for the last stage of man is just equal to that of a child because the person again becomes like a child without teeth, with weak eye-sight and the life seems to him colourless and without any taste of life. All capabilities come to an end.

(iv) What qualities of ‘Ulysses’ and his Mariners are highlighed in the poem?

Ans. Ulysses admits that he and his mariners are not as strong as they were in the past. However they are equally bold in temper. Though time and destiny have made them weak yet they are strong willed to struggle, seek and find not to give up. They are ready for some new adventure.

(v) Why does the gentlemen leave the waiting room before murdering Mrs. Oakentubb 

Ans. It seems that the man forgives the lady and leaves the room leaving her alive but he.does not take his belongings along. On this the lady thinks he has gone and mocks him to be fooled by keeping her finger on her nose, The man enters the very moment to take his belongings and finds her so; he kills her.

(vi) Why does the Magistrate fail to give fair trial to Jones?

Ans. In a fit of drunken state Jack Barthwick the son of Member of Parliament steals the purse of a woman and in a similar drunken state the poor Jones husband of the Barthwick’s charwoman steals/picks up the silver cigarette box. They committed similar kind of crimes. Jack Barthwick was set free for he was the son of a M.P whereas the poverty stricken Jones was punished and his innocent wife lost her job. Thus there had been a double standard of justice as depicted by John Galsworthy in his play “The Silver Box.”

(vii) What did Samson say in his speech to the Philistine nobility?

Ans. Samson addressed the Philistine nobility and said that i have shown you full of my physical strength without any hope. Now I am going to show you some more amazing feast you have never beheld’. Saying this he pulled the pillars and the roof fell on them all along with Samson.

(viii) Give the substance of the poem, “Say Not the Struggle Naught Availeth”.

For Ans. see Q.2(iv) of the Solved Paper 2015

(ix) ‘And such too is the grandeur of the dooms
We have imagined for the mighty dead’
Explain the above couplet by John Keats.

Ans. These lines have been taken from the poem “Lines from Endymion” by John Keats. The lines means: Those who leave the world to the final fate and never return back, we have a good glance and source of pleasure for us. We recall them and please ourselves.

(x) How does Rassendyll behave as the King when he takes pqrt in the procession before coronation?

Ans. Rudolf Rassendyll reached to Strelsau with Colonel Sapt and Fritz Von Tarlenheim by a train. Marshall Strakenez, the commander-in-chief of the Ruritanian army and Chancellor of the Kingdom Ruritania wellcomed. Rudolf Rassendyll as the king at the platform of Strelsau. A group of the officers of the royal.court was also present there to welcome him as the king. Rudolf Rassendyll as the king of Ruritania arrived at the cathedrial with the procession of nobleman, women, officers and soldiers. In the church he first time met with Princess Flavia as well as Black Michael. He performed very well as the king before coronation and nobody could be able to realize about the disguise king.

(xi) ‘Besides being’ a villain, Rupert has a touch of heroism. Discuss.

Ans. Rupert Hentzau is one of the six resolute and unscruplous persons in the service of the Duke of strelsau. He is the most daring and dangerous and the only one to remain alive at the end of the story. Going through the novel, we find a number of small events relating to the character of Rupert of Hentzau. Once he injured the Rassendyll by suddenly attacking him with a dagger. In short Rupert has all the qualities of heroism, But he has a villain of the novel.

(OR) What is the ‘ball’? Who proposes to arrange? Give its importance.

Ans. The “ball” is a formal couple dance gathering with a hearty meal. Rudolf Rassendyll proposes to arrange it as he comes to know about public whispering for the King and Princess Falvia’s distance. This ball makes people sure that the King and Princess Flavia are not away from each other and going to marry soon.

(xii) In Bertrand Russell’s view, what was the mistake made by the West, resulting in its fall?

Ans. In Bertrand Russell’s view, the mistake made by the West, resulting in its fall is that the west totally fell into mechanism and industrialization which led them to barbarism and insularism. There was no moral values and civilization.

(xiii) Change the following into indirect narration:
Father told Mary, ‘Have you not finished your lesson yet?’ ‘No’, she replied, ‘This lesson is so difficult, I tried to learn it yesterday but failed’.

Ans. Father asked Marry if she had finished her lesson then. She replied with negation and said that lesson was very difficult, she had tried to learn that the last day but had failed.

(xiv) Use any Five idioms in your sentences.

To burry tile hatchet, With flying colors, An apple of discord, A red letter day, Crocodile Tears, From hand to mouth, Harping on one’s string, White elephant


SECTION “C” (Detailed Questions & Answers)

Q.3 Write an essay on One of the following:

 Inflation-a-Cause of Crimes

Inflation refers to a continuous general increase tn the price of goods and services. Rise in price is called inflation.

During recent years the rise has shooted abnormally and has endangered the stability and there are various factors that contribute to the rise in the prices. Some are natural factors like unfavourable weather conditions that effect the food production and lead to the shortage of commodities in the market. With more money chasing fewer goods, the prices take to the wings. Besides the natural problems there are man made problems like hoarding which contribute to the rapid increase in prices. The trade in community with senses a shortage of certain commodities especially the essential commodities, they resort to large scale hoarding. Another most important reason is the deficit budgeting in order to cover the gap, Pakistan has been printing more paper currency because foreign. aids and taxes can not cover up the deficits steps to check inflation.

Pakistan government has been making a great effort to check this inflation, The rate of interest has been increased in order to encourage saving and withdrawal of currency. the government is making efforts to increase industrial output so that the level of consumption is levelled with that of output. But unfortunately the government has not met with success in getting rid of inflation.

The rise in the prices of petrol has also effected the prices in Pakistan.

Role of Internet in our Life

Internet is a network of computer systems that have been connected to each other through satellites, telephone lines and optical cables. These computers can have access to a large volume of precious and useful information. This latest scientific technology has converted the world into a global village.

Internet operations began in 1986 when the U.S. Department of Defence connected some computers through optical cable networks. Later some American Universities also entered the Internet arena. And now the internet: is popular all over the world-wide countries. Our modern life without internet is hard to imagine.

Internet has given the most exciting mode of communication to all
through the E-mail. We can send an E-mail (the short form of Electronic Mailing System) to all the comers of the world. Further, Internet can be used to collect information from various storage areas of the servers, called the websites. This information could relate to business, entertainment, friendship and leisure. Internet is also used for carrying out business operations and that set of operations is known as Electronic Commerce (E-Com).

All the major newspapers, magazines and journals of the world are available on Internet. Even our “Dawn” newspaper is available on this information superhighway. Therefore, possibilities of internet are endless. The student can enhance his knowledge about the world in a matter of few hours while he is hooked on the Internet.

Modern business people at work are most likely to come into contact with very early morning or can take an online class in maths. The internet has made possible to connect with other people, as well as business. No area of our lives’ are left with computer and the internet. No doubt it is the technology of the future. Internet services are available with ease and at very low prices.

Students can create and maintain their own websites but for that, they would have to learn internet programming. They can learn internet operations and try to collect only the useful information. Low cost with large volumes of information plus high speed of access and good quality of entertainment are the list of advantages of internet. Its disadvantages are faulty telephone networks, useless information for student and wastage of time while going through various websites.

Responsibilities of a Good Citizen

Man by nature prefers to live in society. Some are doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers, writers, architectures, constructors and policemen. All are citizen of a state. They are legally entitled the enjoy all the civil rights of the state. They will be counted as good citizen if they are useful to the society and are responsible for making life more and more comfortable. They are all in services to each other.

Democracy provides full opportunities to all the persons so to enjoy political as well as civic rights. Political rights include free voting and freedom of expression and to live according to their choice of religion. Civic rights enable an individual to live in a civilized manner. A good citizen keeps balance between political and civic rights. Law and justice of the country help him in doing so. One’s right implies another duties and vice versa.

A good citizen, commonly speaking respects law and pay his all taxes to the government. He knows that his own good is linked with the good of others. He has full awareness about the fact that these taxes facilitate the working and performance of the stable government. A good citizen is an honest man and never involved himself .in any kind of malpractices. He does not offer in any kind of bribe in any shape for the accomplishment of any kind of illegal work. He never tries to influence any government official by any means to impair his official duty. He is loyal to his country. He is patriotic with his country a such an extent that he is ready to shed even the last drop of his blood for the welfare and safety of his country.

A good citizen always convinces others to follow a civilized life. All this activities are found to be in the progress and favour of the country. He works hard with profound determination, having a true objective in his mind for the progress of his country. A good citizen is a good neighbour and takes care for the beauty and decency of the city. He respects in the true sense about the feelings of the others. He is liked by everyone because of his good manners and behaviour. He also teaches to every-person to be polite and to be nice with everybody.

An Interesting Tourney by Road or by Train

We had an interesting by road from Lahore to Islamabad through Grand Trunk (G.T) road and from Islamabad to the kind valley of Murree. We had it last year in December vacation. It was already a cold weather but we had a craze to enjoy snow-falling. We started from Lahore Pir Wadhai bus stop. We had our own hired bus for a family trip to Murree via Islamabad. It was an awesome start. We glanced different fields, peasants works in fields, we had a vision of women too working in fields. After about two hours we stopped at a hotel where we enjoyed some hot coffee. We stayed there for about a half an hour and continue our journey. After some while we entered a hilly areas and beheld beautiful hills and mountains. We reached Islamabad in the evening and got a hotel reserved. The next morning we visited different places in Islamabad by our tired bus. We enjoyed and returned to the hotel by the night. The very next morning we set off for Murree by road. We beheld beautiful and wondering vallies, hills and mountains. We saw the people of different vallies working different work. We were, at one place, to see a man getting the soft-drinks cooled in the influxing water out of a rock. We had some fruits and dry fruits of the local areas and enjoyed them. We spent two days at Murree and left for home.

we enjoyed the journey and recall so till now. The memory refreshes us even today.

(OR) … What moral lesson do we get from the poem, ‘The Man of Life Upright’?

Ans. The Man of Life upright’
This is a fine poem written in very simple words. It describes the directness and simplicity of the honest man. This poem has great art of such apparently simple poetry which elucidates a great deal of noble qualities of a straight forward man in a few simple words all beautifully chosen. What it says in its last line but one

“The earth his sober inn”

is a superb way of describing earth as an “inn”. Hot a house because for he pious “man of life upright” the life on earth is not permanent but a temporary place of stay a before an eternal life in “Hereafter”.

In this poem, Thomas Campion pays a high tribute to the dignity of a noble fellow who leads an honourable life. What the message? The poet says is that a noble fellow is never ambitious, nor he is disappointed by sorrows. So on one side this poem teaches its readers a lesson of honest life while on the other it explains the way to lead such a life. Through this poem, the poet beautifully expresses his confidence in God and wishes his readers to have the same. To make this world Eden, we do not require the people having desire to increase their bank balance. We need those who keep noble thoughts and who believe to help other practically.

The circumstances that Thomas Campion was a physician with a successful practice did not prevent. him from being equally successful in the strangely remote fields of poetry, music and literature criticism. The poem under review is a good example of Campion’s command over the art of lyrics.

Q.4 Who played the role of the prisoner in the novel and how was he rescured?

Ans. Role of the Prisoner of Zenda and Rescue:
Rudolf Elphberg, the real King of Ruritania was actually the prisoner of Zenda. As one day before he enjoyed a hearty meal offered by his wicked, half brother, Black Michael, the Duke of strelsua even a drugged win. The King, in the love of his brother enjoyed the meal and drank much win. He fell fainted after drinking the drugged win. However on his failure to be crowed in coronation, Black Michael had the King Elphberg the drugged win. However on his failure to be rowed in coronation, Black Michael had the King Elphberg imprisoned in the castle of zenda.
On the hand an English young man of 29 who came to Rurirtania to attended the coronation, disguised himself as the king after the real.king fell fainted. He was Rassendyll and had a meal with Elphberg but did not taste the drugged win. He was crowned in the coronation ceremony. When he, Rassendyll, came to know about conspirancy of the Duke Michael, he continued to be the king until the real king was rescued.
He made his utmost efforts to rescue Elphberg and fought the men of Black Michael. He then took the help of Madam de Mauban and rescued the real kingdom the castle of Zenda, keeping in mind that if Black Michael or his men knew about the rescue plan, the real king might be murdered.

(OR) Black Michael was a clever consiprator but a coward. Discuss.

Ans. He is the cousin and the half brother of the King. As a shrewd and cunning man he holds a disloyal character.
(a) A Selfish Man:
He is a selfish man. He wants to get the throne and to marry princess flavia.

(b) A Cruel and Enemy:
He is a cruel enemy. He mixes a drug in the wine which is use of by the King and thus he is taken as a prisoner. He keeps the king in the Palace in prison, which is surrounded by a ditch full of water.

(c) Villain of Novel:
He is the villain of the Novel, who wants to get the throne at any cost. He makes disturbances at every step of the king. He is a man of mean nature. He makes several plots to kill the acting King, at Summer House, at the Palace of Princess Flavia and at many other places. He goes to the extent of offering bribe to Rassendyll to leave the country.

(d) Mixture of All Vices:
If one looks for a villain, he can find it in Black Michael. He is a mixture of all vices. He is selfish, deceitful, cruel, a man having no principle, who is bent upon removing his enemy by foul means. Due to his designs, he is disliked by the people.

(e) Faces Tragic Death:
At the end of the story, he is killed by one of his friends, Rupert, inside the Castle as a result of differences. Thus the vice is punished and virture prevails.

Q.5 Read the following passage and answer the questions that follows:
“People moan about poverty as a great evil and it seems to be an accepted belief that if people had plenty of money, they would be happy and useful and get more out of life. As a rule, there is more genuine satisfaction in life and more obtained from life in humble cottages of the poor men than in the palaces of the rich. I always pity the sons and daughters of the rich men who are attened by servants and have governesses at a late stage; at the same time i am glad to think that they do not know what they have missed.”

(i) Where, according to the author, is more genuine satisfaction

Ans. There is more genuine satisfaction in life and more obtained from life in human cottages of the poor men than in the palaces of the rich.

(ii) Why does he pity the sons and daughters of the rich?

Ans. He always pities the sons and daughters of the rich men who are attended by servants and have governesses at a late stage.

(iii) Do you think that poverty is a great evil?

Ans. According to the passage poverty is for blessing because it keeps all the family members attached to each other even at the last stage of one’s life.

(iv) Give a suitable title to the passage.

Ans. Poverty is blessing.

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