English Solved Past Paper 9th Class 2012 Karachi Board


1. Choose the correct answer for each from the given options:

(i) Choose the correct Interrogative Form:
She writes neatly.
* Did she write neatly?
* Will she write neatly?
* Does she write neatly?
* Is she write neatly?

(ii) Choose the correct Passive Voice:
Love your country.
* Let your country be love.
* Let your country be loved.
* Let your country love.
* Let your country loved.

(iii) Choose the correct Active Voice:
Cricket is being played by me.
* I was playing cricket.
* I will be playing cricket.
* I have played cricket.
* I am playing cricket.

(iv) Choose the correct Negative Form
We enjoyed the party.
* We did not enjoy the party
* We will not enjoy the party.
* We do not enjoy the party.
* We have not enjoyed the party.

(v) Choose the correct form of Indirect Narration:
He said to me, “I have done my duty”.
He told me that I.had done his duty.
He told me that he had done his duty.
He said to me that she had done her duty.
He said to me that you had done your duty.

(vi) Choose the correct form of the Direct Narration:
She asked me if I wasted my time.
* She said to me,”Do your waste your time.”
* She said to me.”I wasted my time.”
* She said to me.”Did you waste your time.”
* She said to me.”You wasted your time.”

(vii) choose the correct Assertive form:
He did not steal my watch.
* He will steal my watch.
* He steals my watch.
* He stole my watch.
* He has stolen my watch.

(viii) Choose the correct answer Past Perfect Tense:
I drank orange juice.
* I will drink orange juice.
* I had drunk orange juice.
* I have drunk orange juice.
* I am drinking orange juice

(ix) Choose the correct Preposition:
He is fit———this job.
* of
* for
* on
* at

(x) Choose the correct Article for the sentences:
His brother is———honest man.
* the
* a
* an
* none of these

(xi) Choose the correct Present Continuous Tense:
 The girls playing in the ground
* The girls are playing in the garden
* The girls will be playing in the ground.
* The girls were playing in the ground.
* The girls have been playing in the ground.

(xii) The poem “Children” is written by:
* Elsa Kazi
* William Wordsworth
* Henry Long fellow
* Robert Frost

(xiii) Hellen Keller visited Pakistan in the year A.D.
* 1965
* 1958
* 1956
* 1957

(xiv) The Holy Prophet (S.A.W) performed Hajj in the year of Hijri:
* 9th
* 10th
* 11th
* 12th

Complete the given phrase:
As happy as——-:
* king
* a clown
* a bird
*a monkey


2.(a)Answer any Eight of the following questions in three or four sentences each:

(i) Why is Miss. Fatima Jinnah called Madar-e-Millat?


Miss Fatima Jinnah was the sister of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. She helped her brother in the struggle for Pakistan. Miss Fatima Jinnah is called Madar-e- Millat due to her services to the nation.

(ii) What do flies and dust carry?


Flies and dust carry hundreds of germs and they are the enemies of health the disease of typhoid and other disease are caused by flies.

(iii) What lesson do we learn from the martydom of Major Aziz Bhatti?


The lesson we learnt from the martyrdom of major Aziz Bhatti, is that we should always be ready to sacrifice our lives for the sake of our country.

(iv) What did the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) guve Hazrat Ghifaria?


The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) presented a necklace to Hazrat Ghifaria for her great services as nurse in the battle of Khyber.

(v) Why did the king say that the Millar was wrong?


The king said that he was wrong because the king was sad though he was so wealthy and the Miller, being so poor, was happy. Therefore the ring enjoyed him for being so contented.

(vi). What according to the poetess is the highest aim of life?


According to the poetess, the highest aim of life is to face hardships for others with patience. This poem teaches the lesson of sacrifice to us. This is the only way to full fill the noble dream of life.

(vii)” Who wrote the poem “The Daffodils”? What is the message of this poem?


“William Words Worth” wrote the poem “The Daffodils”

(viii) What were the three principles on which the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) founded an Islamic Society in Madina?


In Madina, the Prophet (P.B.U.H) founded an Islamic, society. It was based on three principles which are:
(1) All power belongs to God.
(2) Mohammed (P.B.U.H)is his prophet, and
(3) All Muslims are brother to one another.

(ix) What does Nursing mean? Who is the founder of modern nursing?


Nursing means taking care and looking after the sick and injured with love and sympathy.

(x) Write central idea of the poem “The Miller of the Dee”.


Central idea of “The Miller of the Dee” is happiness can be sought through contentment like the Miller who is satisfied with what he earns from his mill. He envies nobody and nobody envies him and lives a carefree life.


NOTE: Answer all questions.


(i) The Personality I like Most:

A national hero is a person who has done some great work of historical importance for the nation.
Our national hero and my favourite personality can rightly be Dr. Mohammed Iqbal, the man who for the first time presented the idea of a separate Muslim state for the Muslims of the undivided India. He was born in Sialkot on 9th November 1877. He received his early education in Sialkot and later, passed M.A. from Punjab University. He received a Law degree from England and PhD from Munich University. He was a great poet and his poetry is actually a preaching of Islam. He inspired the Muslim youth by his poetry and awakened the Muslims from their sleep of ignorance and carelessness.
He presented the demand for a separate homeland for Muslims. He worked for this cause throughout his life. It is he who urged Quaid-e-Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah to come back to India from England and work for the cause of Muslims.
After a long struggle, Pakistan came into existence but Dr. Iqbal did not live to see the creation of a Muslim state, his dream to come true. His poetry is guidance for a successful and zealous life as a Muslim.

(ii) Importance of Discipline in Life:

Discipline is a metal or moral training whose fruit comes out in the form of good conduct. A man of discipline will follow the rules of conduct prescribed by the group or society to which he belongs. An undisciplined man, on the other hand, disregards the prescribed code of conduct and behaves in an objectionable way. A student who whistles in his classroom violates the established custom of listening quality to his teachers, and therefore, is guilty of indiscipline. Society expects us to behave in a particular way and if we do not do so, we are called indiscipline. In, essence, therefore, discipline is ‘obedience to rule’. A student disobeying his teachers and a soldier violating the rules of the army, both are called “undisciplined” .
The strength or weakness of a nation can be judged by the presence or absence of discipline in the normal life of its people. Free people lead a disciplined life, while slaves are wanting in discipline.

(iii) Blessing of Science:

We are living in the most advanced age of science. It is called space age. In the present world torn with nationalism and divided into blocks, science is the only common denominator. Where ever we go, we carry the torch of science in our hands in order to light our path Science, thus may be called religion of modem world.
The aim of science is to reduce human pains and sufferings. Machines have saved human labour and – time. The most wonderful invention of science is computer, the machine brain.
Electricity works like Aladdin’s lamp. It is the most important source of energy. It light our homes and cities, it turns the wheel of industries. It provides us with fun and amusements. Business center, hospitals and offices all are in debt to electricity. It provides compact and ease during extreme weathers.
The various easy, cheap and quick means of communication like Radio, Wireless Telephone, T.V. Cables, Ships and Aeroplane, have brought the distant corners of world closer. We can thus say that world has shrunken. Science has achieved miracles in the field of medicine particularly surgery like plastic and neuron surgery. Now, even internal organs heart, lungs, kidneys can be operated and replaced.
Nuclear energy has brought about radical changes in the field of agriculture, industries and treatment of dangerous diseases. Science has added to human comforts and happiness.
Science is a fairy as well as fury. Its invention is being greatly misused. The worst misuse of science is in wars. Was has become more cruel & destructive. The next three-fold warfare – mechanical, chemical and biological shall spell end of the world.
.science has replaced human labour. The machines have become our master instead of being our servants. We are completely at their mercy. More human lives have been lost in mechanical accidents than all – we sum total of lives lost in the total battles and wars fought on the surface of globe (UNO Report).
In concluslcn, we must not misuse scientific inventions. Science has made us more materialistic. Only change of mental attitudes and restoration of religion can save the world.

(iv) Merits and Demerits of T.V:

Television is now common in big cities. Every second house has a television in it.
There are certain advantages and disadvantages of watching the different programs. T.V. is itself not a good or bad thing, but the way we use it make it good or bad for us.
As regards advantages, T.V. can be used as an educational and informative thing. It telecasts educational programmes of Allama Iqbal Open University, Science teaching and experiments and other programmes giving knowledge. The T.V keeps as aware of the news of our country and the world. It telecasts sports programmes, live matches and discussions. So there is a lot to learn from television.
As regards entertainment the P.T.V. telecasts good dramas and music programmes.
One cannot go on learning and learning without entertainment, But the disadvantage comes when young people sit late in the night watching obscene programmes through the dish antenna. Some people watch bad movies through VCR and videocassettes. This is wrong. This spoils the character, thoughts and health.
The parents need to have on eye on the activities and interests of their teen-age children. We must keep a balance between learning and good entertainment. This is very essential for our good future.

4. Write an application to Headmaster/Headmistress of your school requesting him/her to issue you transfer certificate.


The Headmaster/Headmistress,
A.B.C. School,
Respected Sir/Madam,
Most respectfully I beg to state that I am a student of class IX in your school.
My father is a government servant and he has been transferred to Hyderabad. As such I have to go there and continue my education in Hyderabad.
Please issue me a Transfer Certificate for this purpose and oblige.

Thanking you,

Your obediently,

Dated: ————-

Student of class IX

Write a letter to your friend telling him about your hobby.


Examination Hall,
Dated: ————–.

Dear friend,
I wrote you about a fore night back but I did not receive your reply. My examination is almost over and I will be free in a few days. I want to tell you about my hobby in this letter.
My hobby is gardening. I like gardening because it is a healthy and useful hobby. I have a small garden at the back of my house, where I have some vegetables and flower plants. It gives me great pleasure to tend the plants, water them and see the flowers blossom.
Gardening has many advantages. It gives a good exercise, fresh vegetables and beautiful flowers all at home. I have seen that in your free time you usually waste time here and there. It is better to haxe a hobby and utilize the free time usefully. Try to have some good hobby. There are many hobbies of interest, like photography, stamp collection swimming, reading good books and off course gardening Choose any in which you find interest. I hope you will soon choose a hobby and write to me about it.

Yours sincerely,

5. Translate any 5 of the following sentences into Enalish



(i) Did you write this story?
(ii) English is my favourite subject.
(iii) Obey your teacher.
(iv) She will go to Lahore after the examination.
(v) It has been raining since morning.
(vi) He has finished his work.
(vii) Birds are flying in the air.

6. Read the following passage and answer the questions given below:

Hundreds of years ago, before sugar cane was grown, men used honey to make their food sweet. They used to get this honey from the nets of wild bees. Now, men keep bees in hives, so it is easier for them to get it. The most important been is called the queen bee. All the eggs in the hive are laid by her. The honey is gathered from flower by the worker bees. They carry it to the hive and put it into little wax cups called cellars.

(i) How did men get honey?
(ii} What is the most important bee called?
(iii) How is the honey gathered?
(iv) What is the work of worker bees?
(v) Write the second and third forms of the verb:
‘Keep’ and ‘Get’


(i) Men got honey from the nets of wild bees, in old days.
(ii) The most important bee is called ‘Queen Bee’.
(iii) Honey is gathered from flowers by the worker bees.
(iv) The work of worker bees is to gather honey from flowers and carry to hive where they put it into little wax cups.
(v) 1st form 2nd form 3rd form
keep        kept       kept
Get           got       got

OR Write a note an anyone of the following:

(i) Otaq
(ii) Allama Iqbal
(iii) Shah Abdul Latif


(i) Otaq

The Otaq is the meeting place for men in the village of Sindh People sit here in the evening to discuss about crops, weather and other village affairs. They also enjoy folk songs sing to the tune of instruments like Ghaghar and Tamboora. Villagers also discuss any disputes among them and try to solve them peacefully.

(ii) Allama Iqbal

Allama Iqbal, the poet of the East was also a great philosopher. He was the one who gave the idea of a separate Muslim state for the Muslims of India. Born in Sialkot on 9th November 1877, he passed M.A. from Punjab University, received a law degree from London and Ph.D from Munich University. He worked for the unity of Muslims of the Subcontinent. He was the president of the Punjab branch of All-India Muslim League. He said that the solution to the problems of Muslims was the creation of a new Muslim state. Quaid-e-Azam was persuaded by him to work for Pakistan.

(iii) Shah Abdul Latif

Shah Abdul Latif was a great saint of Bhit shah, in Sindh. He was born in a small village Hala Haveli. Shah Latif was very sensitive and had great love for knowledge. He started writing poetry in his boyhood. He used to sit on the bank of a calm and quiet natural lake. He composed verses in the praise of God. He also loved music and his musical skill was so much that he improved the difficult music of that time. He also invented an instrument called “Tamooro”. Shah Latif believed in the-brotherhood and equality of men. His message is the message of love. His ‘Urs’ is celebrated very year at Bhit Village.

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