English Solved Past Paper 9th Class 2013 Karachi Board


1. Choose the correct answer for each from the given options:

(i) Choose the correct Interrogative Form:
She goes to school regularly.
* Does she goes to school regularly?
* Did she go to school regularly?
* Do she goes to school regularly? .
* Does she go to school regularly?

(ii) Choose the appropriate Preposition:
Parents look …… me.
* before
* up
* over
* after

(iii) Choose the correct Passive Voice:
He is writing a letter.
* A letter is being written by him.
* A letter was being written by him.
* A letter is written by him.
* A letter will be written by him.

(iv) Choose the correct Direct Narration:
The teacher said that earth moves round the sun.
* The Teacher said, “The earth moved round the sun.”
* The teacher said, “The earth moves round the sun.”
* The teacher said, “The earth is moving round the sun.”
* The teacher said, “The earth will move round the sun.”

(V) Choose the correct meaning of the phrase:
“To wind up”
* to count
* to start
* to continue
* to close

(vi) Choose the correct Past lndefinite Tense:
She will drink orange juice.
* She was drinking orange juice.
* She drank orange juice.
* She had drunk orange juice.
* She is drinking orange juice.

(vii) Choose the correctly Punctuated Sentence:
father said to amjad why don t you speak the truth.
* Father said to Amjad, “Why don’t you speak the truth?”
* Father said to Amjad, Why don’t you speak the truth?
* Father said to amjad, why don’t you speak the truth.”
* father said to amjad, “Why do you not speak the truth?”

(viii)The Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) migrated to Madina in:
* 571 A.D.
* 620 A.D.
* 622 A.D.
* 730 A.D.

(ix) Shah Abdul Latifs ancestors migrated to Sindh from:
* Iran
* Iraq
* Hirat
* Kabul

(x) The Poem “Children” is composed by:
* Henry Longfellow
* Charles Mackay
* Robert Frost
* William Wordsworth

(xi) Choose the correct Article:
………. Indus falls into the Arabian Sea.
* a
* an
* The
* None of these

(xii) Choose the correct Active Voice:
The truth should always be spoken by us.
* We shall always speak the truth.
* We should speak the truth
* We should always speak the truth.
* We have spoken the truth.

(xiii) Choose the correct Negative Form:
They enjoyed the match.
* They do not enjoy match
* They do not enjoyed the match
* They did not enjoy the match.
* They have not enjoyed the match.

(xiv) Choose the correct Indirect Narration:
She said to me, “I have completed my homework.”
She told me that I have completed my home work.
She told me that she had completed my home work.
She told me that she has completed my home work.
She told me that she had completed her home work.

(xv) Choose the correct Passive Voice
Mother taught me.
* I am taught by mother.
* I will be taught by mother.
* I can be taught by mother.
* I was taught by mother.


2.(a) Answer any 8 of the following questions in three to four sentences each:

(i) What has the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) left for our guidance.


The Holy Prophet (S.A.W) has left the Holy Book of Allah, ‘The Holy Quran’ for our guidance. We must try to understand what it teaching and put it into practice in our lives for success.

(ii) What does “Bhit” mean? Why Shah Abdul Latif is called “Bhittai”?


‘Bhit’ means a mound of sand in Sindhi language. Shah Latif is called Bhitai because he lived on this mound after his mind turned towards religion.

(iii) What objects are kept in the museum of Moen-jo-Daro and what is its best find?


The objects kept in the museum of Moen-jo-daro are a metal states of a dancing girl, metal tools, the head of a bull seals, toys, jewellery and painted pottery.

(iv) When did Hellen Keller visit Pakistan and what was her message to the deaf, dumb and blind children.


(iv) Helen Keller visited Pakistan in 1956, to encourage the blind, deaf and dumb students. She told them that they could do everything in life.

(v) Why did Allama Iqbal demand a separate state for the Muslims of South Asia?


Allama Iqbal demanded a separate state for Muslims because Hindus and Muslims were two separate nations. Their religion, culture, language and everything were different and it was not possible for these two nations to live together.

(vi) Who was Bi-Aman? Why is she remembered till today?


Bi Aman was the mother of two great brothers Maulana Mohammad Ali and Maulana Shaukat Ali. She encouraged her sons, who were under arrest, by the British, not to give up their cause for Muslims and not to ask pardon from the British rulers .

(vii) What message did the Quaid-e-Azam give to the “All Pakistan Educational Conference” held on 27th November, 1947?


At the education conference Quaid-e-Azam said that education does not merely mean academic education and even that of a very poor type. We have to mobilize our people and build up the character of our future generations.

(viii) How do we get malaria and how can we get rid of it?


We get malaria by the bite of a certain kind of mosquito, We can get rid of malaria by killing them in their development stages. This is done by spraying kerosene oil and D.D.T on stagnant water.

(ix) What is “Nishan-e-Haider”? Why was Major Aziz Bhatti awarded the Nishan-e-Haider?


Major Aziz Bhatti was awarded Nishan-e-Haider for the sacrifice of his life in the defence of our country. He fought for six days and six nights against India in the 1965 war.

(x) What is our duty to our country?


Our duty to our coun ry i to be patriotic and perform our duties sincerely. We s ould pay our taxes, fully and honestly.

(b) Answer any Four of the following. questions in three to four sentences.

(i) How does the neem tree prevent the burning heat of the sun from troubling us?


Neem tree protect us from the burning heat of sun by bearing all the heat on its green branches. Its cool shade gives a pleasing comfort to the tired travelers.

(ii) Who wrote the poem, “The Daffodils”? With what does the poet compare the daffodils?


The poem “Daffodils” was written by William Wordsworth who was an English poet and loved the beauties of nature. The poet compared the daffodils with the stars in the galaxy because both were spread in countless rows and were shining beautifully.

(iii) The poet calls the children living and all the rest dead. Why does he say so?


The poet Henry Longfellow calls the children living because children are full of energy, cheerful thoughts joyful and happy. Others like him, the old are worried arid miserable. There is no happiness for them, they are as if dead.

(iv) Why can the poet not wait to enjoy the beauty of the woods?


The poet cannot wait to enjoy the beauty of the woods because he has to go a long way and he has promises to keep.

(v) What is the message of the poem, “The Miller of the Dee”?


The message of this poem is that, happiness can be sought through contentment and having no jealousies with anybody and sincere work.

(vi) What did Abou Ben Adham see in his room? Why was his name on the top of the list?


Abou Ben Adhem saw an angel in his room” He was writing something in a book of gold. His name was on the top of the list because he loved his fellowmen sincerely.


NOTE: Answer all questions.

The Ambition of My Life:

My aim is to become a soldier and serve the country. I hear about our soldiers defending our country at the time of war. I feel like going to the borders to fight for my mother-land. The time of death is fixed and never comes before. 50 there should be no fear of dying. Moreover, a soldier lives with honour and fame and his death is with dignity. I will work hard to get a good position in the examinations, so that I may easily. be selected as a candidate. I will try to keep my health and body, fit to be able be selected easily.
When I become a soldier I will fulfill my duties willingly and with zeal. On the boarders, obedience discipline and intention to serve the country is the motto of every soldier, & I too will perform my duties in the best possible-way. I believe that life laid for the country will not only give honour but a reward of peaceful life in the next world. That is my aim in life.

 Pakistan Day Celebration Your School

The Pakistan Day is a very important day for the nation. It is the day of 23rd March, 1940, when the Pakistan Resolution was passed. Every year this day of 23rd March is celebrated with great enthusiasm and national feeling.
The day starts with prayers in mosques for the progress and solidarity of Pakistan. 31 gunshots are fired at the capital Islamabad and 21 gunshots are fired at the provincial capitals.
March pasts and Rallies are held in the provincial capitals. In schools and colleges the national flag is hoisted and sports held. Sports and other competitions are also held in the various localities of the city and the villages for young men. Prizes are distributed. Speeches are given to stress the importance of the day at all institutions. People resolve to serve the nation with their heart and soul.

 An Exciting Cricket Match

Cricket is a game, which has thrills in it. One-day match is very interesting. We had a one-day cricket match with the government school No.2. We batted first and scored 175 runs. shahid had a knock of 60 runs with five boundaries. Then the opposite team cam to bat. They scored 50 runs without loss. Our bowlers because tired and we were loosing hopes. We prayed to God. After a bowling change when Jalal came on the took two wickets in two balls. There were excitements. On the third ball Rafi took a brilliant catch. Jalal had taken a hat trick. Only three over were left. But their downfall had begun and in only two over the rest of the players were out. There was excitement up to the last ball.

A visit to a Seaside

One day we decided to go for a picnic at the seaside. Myself and three friends of mine, started at 3 p.m. and went to Hawks Bay. A cool breeze was blowing. We started walking leisurely along the seashore. The cool, fresh air was very pleasant. After a very long walk, we sat down on the sand. We ordered some snacks from the nearby small hotel. We enjoyed the eatables in the fresh atmosphere. One of us started telling jokes. We did not know how time passed on so quickly. It was sunset, by then. We decided to return. While coming home we had nice tea at a good hotel and came home, very happy, I will remember this picnic for days.

4. Write a letter congratulating him/her Annual Examination. to your friend on the success in the


Examination Hall,
18th April, 2013.

Dear friend,
I am very happy that you passed Matric examination in ‘A’ Grade. I congratulate you heartily on your brilliant success. It is a great event for you and me too. I am proud that my friend is such a brilliant person.
Convey my good wishes to your parents also. We hope to meet soon.
With best wishes for future.

Yours sincerely,

OR Write an application to the Headmaster/Headmistress of your school requesting him/her to issue you the Transfer Certificate.


The Headmaster/Headmistress,
A.B.C. School,
Respected Sir/Madam,
Most respectfully I beg to state that I am a student of class IX in your school.
My father is a government servant and he has been transferred to Hyderabad. As such I have to go there and continue my education in Hyderabad.
Please issue me a Transfer Certificate for this purpose and oblige.

Thanking you,

Your obediently,

Dated: ————-

Student of class IX

5. Translate any Five of the following sentences into English:



(i) Necessity is the mother of invention.
(ii) I have completed my work.
(iii) They have been playing cricket since morning.
(iv) Will Ahmed buy a new car?
(v) When we reached the station, the train had left.
(vi) Honesty is the best policy.
(vii) Obey your parents and teachers.

6. Read the following passage and answer the questions given at the end:

Tracts of land from which coal is obtained are called coal fields. These so-called fields are not on the surface of the earth like fields of rice and wheat, but are at some depth below it. They consist of layers of beds which run under the ground. When a layer of this kind has been opened, the opening is called a mine, and hence coal is classed as a mineral. Pakistan possesses many coal fields but much fewer and smaller than those of English in proportion to the size of the country. The coal too is of inferior quality. It is without gas and leaves a much larger amount of ash when it is burnt.

(i) What are coal fields?
(ii) Where is coal found?
(iii) What is a mine? Why is coal termed as mineral?
(iv) How are coal field in Pakistan compared with those found in England?
(v) Write down the Antonyms of ‘inferior’ and ‘under’.


(i) A coal field is a tract of land under the surface of earth where coal is found.
(ii) The coal is found in layers of bed deep in earth. They may be less deep also.
(iii) A mine is a place where a mineral is found. Coal is termed as mineral because it is situated in layers below the earth. When opened the opening is called a mine. Coal is also found in such mines.
(iv) Coal fields in Pakistan smaller in size than those in England. Moreover, the coal found here is of inferior quality, with much ash when burnt.

(v) Word       Antonym

Inferior       of low standard
Under           below

OR Write a short note on any One of the following:

(i) The Guddu Barrage
(ii) Nursing
(iii) The Last Sermon of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W)


(i) The Guddu Barrage

Guddu Barrage is built on the river Indus. It irrigates an area of 2.7 million acres of land. Due to this the grain output has been raised by half a million ton. Also the road distance between Lahore and Quetta is reduced. This long barrage which is 1355 metre long not only stores water to be sent for irrigation by canals by also controls flow of water in fold time.

(ii) Nursing:

Nursing is a noble profession. A nurse looks after the sick and wounded persons with love and sympathy. Islam regards nursing as very important. Many Muslim, ladles were active nurses on the battle field and in hospitals, like Hazrat Ghifaria and Hazrat Rufaida. In Pakistan there are many training institutes for nurse. After the training, they work in hospitals, clinics and nursing homes.

(iii) The Last Sermon of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W):

Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammed (peace be upon him) gave a historical address on his last Hajj Sermon. In this sermon he repeated the message of Islam and gave the Muslims a guideline for their lives.
:He said that God created us from a male and a female. He made our tribes and nations just to be known from one from the other. In the eyes of Allah the most righteous in the most honorable. As such a white man is not superior to a Black man and an Arab is not superior to a non-Arab. He crushed the false claims of greatness based on blood and wealth. The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) further said that all the Muslims are brothers to each other and that the holy book of Allah ‘Quran’ is our guide for all ages.

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