English Solved Past Paper 9th Class 2015 Karachi Board


1. Choose the correct answer for each from the given options:

  1. Choose the correct article:
    I am N. E. Cian:
    * a
    * an
    * the
    * None of these
  2. Pick out correct Preposition:
    You should go to China road:
    to * through * from * by
  3. Choose the correct Interrogative form:
    Nida take tea:
    * Do Nida took tea?
    * Does Nida take tea?
    * Did Nida take tea?
    * Does Nida took tea?
  4. Select the correct Indirect Narration:
    The scholar said, “Obey the orders of Allah?
    * The scholar advised to obey the orders of Allah.
    * The scholar said that obey the orders of Allah.
    * The scholar order to obey the orders of Allah.
    * The scholar advised that one should obey the orders of    Allah.
  5. Choose the correct Past Continuous tense
    * Hina helps the poor:
    * Hina helped the poor
    * Hina is helping the poor.
    * Hina was helping the poor.
  6. Choose the correct Passive Voice:
    They are watching a puppet show:
    * A puppet show are being watch by us.
    * A puppet show is being watched by them.
    * A puppet show was being watched by them.
    * A puppet show had been watched by them.
  7. Select the correct Active Voice form:
    Let the apples be cut:
    * You cut the apples.
    * Cut the apples.
    * You should cut the apples.
    * You may cut the apples.
  8. Choose the correct meaning of the phrase:
    “To wind up”
    * To blow wind
    * To run away
    * To finish
    * To discount
  9. The Poem” Daffodils” is written by:
    * Williams Wordsworth.
    * Mrs. Elsa Kazi
    * Charles Mackey
    * Henry Leigh Hunt
  10. Choose the correct Direct Narration:
    He asked me where I lived:
    * He said to me, “Where do I live?”
    * He said to me, “Where do you live”?
    * He said to me, “Where was you living?”
    * He said to me, “Where did you live”?
  11. Choose the correct interrogative form:
    You do your work honestly:
    * Will you do work honestly?
    * Do you do your work honestly?
    * Can you do your work honestly?
    * Are you working honestly?
  12. Choose the correct Indirect Narration:
    The Commander said to the soldier, “Fire at once”.
    * The Commander said to the soldier you should fire at once.
    * The Commander ordered the soldier to fire immediately.
    * The Commander requested the soldier that to fire at once.
    * The Commander advised that the soldier you must fire.
  13. Pick out the correct passive voice:
    Who patched the blanket?:
    * By whom the blanket was patched?
    * By whom the blanket patched?
    * The blanket was patched by whom?
    * The blanket is.patched by whom?
  14. Choose the correct punctuated sentence:
    she said to Imran I am an m a:
    * She said to Imran I am an m a
    * She said to Imran, “I am an M.A.”
    * She said to Imran, I am M.A.
    * She said to Imran, “I am an m a”
  15. Choose the correct answer:
    Major Bhatti was born in …..:
    * London
    * Tehran
    * Hong Kong
    * Pakistan


2.(a)Answer any 8 of the following questions in Three to Four sentences each:

(i) On what principles did the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) find an Islamic society in Madinah?

In Madina the Prophet (P.B.U.H.) founded an Islamic society, based on three principles
(a) All power belongs to God.
(b) Muhammad ( peace be upon him) is his Prophet.
(c)AII Muslins are brother to one another. 

(ii) What do you know about the poetry of Shah Abdul Latif?

  The poetry of Shah Latif is very simple and full of melody. When we listen to it, even if we do not understand it, we are moved by its melody

(iii) What is the main purpose of a Barrage? Write three sentences on Guddu Barrage.

The main purpose of a Barrage is to control the flow of water in the flood season and store it so that the canals can get water during the whole year.
(a) Guddu Barrage is built on the river Indus
(b) It is 1355 metre long and a flood of 1.2 million cusec can pass through it.
(c) It has three canals and the irrigates an area of 2.7 million acres. 

(iv) What is the most important time for doing any work?

 The most important time for doing any work is the present time

(v) Write few responsibilities of a good citizen.

A good citizen is loyal and patriotic to his country He works honestly and sincerely. He pays his taxes fully and regularly.

(vi) What did Allama Iqbal say about Islam in his Allahabad address?

Allama Iqbal in his Allahabad address said that Muslims who follow Islam are a separate entity. Their religion, culture, language and traditions are totally different from other groups in India. Hence the Muslim demand to create a Muslim India within India was not without justice.

(vii) What do you know about Major Aziz Bhatti?

Major Aziz Bhatti was a devoted and patriotic hero of this country. He laid down his life for the defense of the country, fighting for six days and nights without rest

(viii) How can we get rid of malaria?

We can get rid of malaria by spraying D.D.T. and Kerosene oil over stagnant water

(ix) What do you know about Quaid-e-Azam’s early life? 

Quaid-e-Azam was born on 25th December 1876 in Karachi. He took his early education in Karachi and matriculated from Sindh-Madrasah at the age of 16. He was very good in studies, behaviour and character.

Name three ladies who took active part in awakening the Muslims in Sindh

In Sindh the work of awakening Muslims was done by
(a)Lady Nusrat Haroon
(b) Lady Sughra Hidayatullah and
(c) Begum Khairunnisa Haroon

(b) Answer any Four of the following questions in three to four sentences

(i) How can the Neem tree prevent the burning heat of the sun from troubling us?

The NeemTree bears the burning heat of the sun on its green leave, spread all around. It is a symbol of sacrifice by bearing the troubling sun on its body and providing cool shade.

(ii) Write the central idea of the poem “The Miller of the Dee.”

Central Idea of “Miller of the Dee” is that, happiness can be sought through contentment by the example of the Miller who is satisfied with what he earns. He envies nobody and nobody envies him.

(iii) How can the children be like the ballads and the poems?

Children are like the ballads and the poems because just as ballads and poems inspire our feelings and give us happiness so also children do so by their innocent smiles, laughter’s and sounds

(iv) When Abou Ben Adham saw the angel in the room, what was the angel doing?

The angel was writing something in his ‘Book of Gold’ in the moonlight spread in his room.

(v) What happens to the poet when he lies on his couch?

The poet recollects the beautiful scene of Daffodil flowers and feels very happy. He comes into a very jolly mood.

(vi) Why did the poet not wait to enjoy the beauty of the woods? 

The poet did nor wants to enjoy the beauty of the wood because he had to go a long way and had to keep promises.


NOTE: Answer all questions.
3. Write an essay of 120 to 150 words on anyone of the following topics:

i. An Exiting Cricket Match
ii, Merits of a Mobile Phone
iii. A picnic on Hawksbay
iv. Science in the service of man 

i. An Exiting Cricket Match

The most exciting cricket match of World Cup 2015was the Semi final match between New Zealand and South Africa.

The last 10 minutes of this match were very thrilling. Fortunes fluctuated from one side to the other. South Africa after winning the toss had batted first and scored 281 runs for 5 wickets in 43 over. The rain came down and stopped the play.

Then it was decided by Duck-Worth and Leuois Method that if New Zealand scores 298 runs in 43 overs they will win.

In .the last 10 minutes the match was very exciting. South Africa bowled well and put their full efforts to restrict New Zealand. To achieve the target. Vittory and Grant Elliot were the last pair. They had to score 12 runs off the last over, suddenly Elliot skied a ball, but the catch was not caught due to a hard collide between Farhan Behardien and J.P Duminy. Behardien was aiming correctly and was about to catch the ball when J.P Duminy came running to catch the ball and both dashed with each other and the ball ·fell to the ground. Vittory scored a boundary in the last over, 6 runs were needed for win and South Africa put all their efforts to restrict New Zealand from this. Now 2 balls were left and 5 runs were needed. Then Elliot scored a six on the 2nd last ball and achieved the target. It was a very spectacular finish and at last New Zealand won the match, one ball earlier.

ii. Merits of a Mobile Phone:

Mobile phone is a useful invention and has many merits. A simple mobile phone enables to talk with relatives and friends when we are out of home. It provides the facility of sending messages and other information at a low cost than that on talking. The cellular network also gives different information and important news, at a low payment. The most important merit of a cell phone is that whenever a person is in trouble of has an emergency, he can contact with his relatives for help. He can also inform police for help.

The modern mobile phone, gives the facility of taking picture, and gathering other information. This is useful in detecting crimes.

The above are all the merits of a mobile phone. But if used with bad intentions a mobile phone is a very harmful invention. Criminals and terrorists use mobile phone for their bad acts. Every invention of science has its merits it used for welfare and peace. But if used for creating trouble it is a curse.

iii. A picnic on Hawksbay:

One day we decided to go for a picnic at the seaside. Myself and three friends of mine, started at 3 p.m. and went to Hawks Bay. A cool breeze was blowing. We started walking leisurely along the seashore. The cool, fresh air was very pleasant. After a very long walk, we sat down on the sand. We ordered some snacks from the nearby small hotel. We enjoyed the eatables in the fresh atmosphere. One of us started telling jokes. We did not know how time passed on so quickly. It was sunset, by then. We decided to return. While coming home we had nice tea at a good hotel and came home, very happy, I will remember this picnic for days.

iv. Science in the service of man:

We are living in the most advanced age of science. It is called space age. In the present world torn with nationalism and divided into blocks, science is the only common denominator. Where ever we go, we carry the torch of science in our hands in order to light our path. Science, thus, may be called religion of modern world.

The aim of science is to reduce human pains and sufferings. Machines have saved human labour and – time. The most wonderful invention of science is computer, the machine brain

Electricity works like Aladdin’s lamp. It is the most important source of energy. It light our homes and cities, it turns the wheel of industries. It provides us with fun and amusements. Business center, hospitals and offices all are in debt to electricity. It provides compact and ease during extreme weathers.

The various easy, cheap and quick means of communication like Radio, Wireless Telephone, T.V. Cables, Ships and Aeroplane, have brought the distant corners of world closer. We can thus say that world has shrunken.

Science has achieved miracles in the field of medicine particularly surgery like plastic and neuron surgery. Now, even internal organs heart, lungs, kidneys can be operated and replaced.

Nuclear energy has brought about radical changes in the field of agriculture, industries and treatment of dangerous diseases. Science has added to human comforts and happiness

Science is a fairy as well as fury. Its invention is being greatly misused. The worst misuse of science is in wars. Was has become more cruel & destructive. The next three-fold warfare – mechanical, chemical and biological shall spell end of the world.

Science has replaced human labour. The machines have become our master instead of being our servants. We are completely at their mercy. More human lives have been lost in mechanical accidents than all – we sum total of lives lost in the total battles and wars fought on the surface of globe (UNO Report).

In conclusion, we must not misuse scientific inventions. Science has made us more materialistic. Only change of mental attitudes and restoration of religion can save the world.

4. Write an application to the Headmaster I Headmistress to allow your class to visit MoerhJo-Daro


The Headmaster / Headmistress,
A.B.C. School,
Respected Sir I Madam,

             Most respectfully, we the students of class IX request you to the historical ruins of Moen-jo-Daro. This visit will also provide a good picnic we hope that you will think about it and give us the good news of accepting our request.

A reasonable contribution necessary for this visit can be done easily

Thanking you,

Yours obediently,
Students of Class IX

13th April, 2015.

OR Write a letter to younger sister who failed in her examination, advising her to be serious in her studies.

Examination Hall,
13th April, 2015

My dear sister,

             I hope you are well. I got the news that you failed in your examination. This is horrible. I am wondering how this happened. Probably you had not been serious in studies and wasted time in other activities.

Dear sister, I advise you not to lose heart and be serious now in your studies.

I hope you will act upon my advice.

Your loving brother,

5.  Translate any five of the following sentences into Enalish 

Translate any five of the following sentences into Enalish

Translate any five of the following sentences into Enalish

(i) It is quarter to nine by my watch.
(ii) What is the job of your father?
(iii) The gardener has been watering the plants for half an hour.
(iv) Moen-jo-Daro is the oldest city in the world.
(v) Allama Iqbal was a great poet, beyond doubt.
(vi) Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah died on 11th September, 1948.
(vii) We all love Pakistan

6. Read the following passage and answer the question given at the end:

There is a meeting place in every village known as “Otaq”. The villagers meet there in the evening or in their leisure hours, talk about the weather, the crops and village affairs and enjoy the folk songs, sung to the tune of the Ghaghar and the Tamboora.

(i) What is the meeting place in every village?

(i) ‘Otaq’ is the meeting place in every village.

(ii) Where do the villagers meet in the evening?

(ii) The villagers meet at ‘Otaq’ in the evening.

(iii) What do the villagers do In “Otaq”?

(iii) The villagers talk about weather, crops and affairs of village, in Otaq.

(iv) On what tune they sing songs?

(iv) They sing songs on the tune of the musical instruments Ghagha and Tamboora.

(v) From which lesson of your text-book, Is this paragraph taken? 

(v) This paragraph is taken from the lesson, ‘A Letter about the village life in Pakistan’.


Write a note on any One of the following:

(i) Begum Ra’anaLiaquat Ali Khan
(ii) Florence Nightingale
(iii) Moen-Jo-Daro 

(i) Begum Ra’ana Liaquat Ali Khan:

She was not only the wife of Liaquat Ali Khan but also his secretary and typist working without salary, for Muslim League. She arranged parties, where Muslim women could meet the wife and daughter of the viceroy,-so as to explain to them their point of view about the demand for Pakistan. She also organized the Women’s Voluntary Service and later the Women’s National Guards which had 2400 girls, in which, she herself held the rank of Brigadier.

(ii) Florence Nightingale:

Florence Nightingale was a great nurse born in Italy in 1820 she was also the founder of modern nursing. She belonged to a rich and noble family, she had adopted the profession of nursing with the aim of serving the suffering humanity, and that became her aim of life. She took the training of nursing in Germany. She served very sincerely at the military hospital in Crimea, in the Crimean war between England and Russia in 1854

(iii) Moen-Jo-Daro:

Moen-jo-Daro was a very ancient city, 4500 years lod. Its ruins are found at a distance of 27 kilometers from Larkana on the right bank of river Indus. The objects found and the bricks, and ruins of the building, show that it was a civilized city. The city was well planned and the people who lived there wee skilled craftsmen & good traders.

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