Pak Study Solved Past Paper 2nd year 2011 Karachi Board (Private)


1. choose the correct answer for each from the given options:

(1) Simon Commission came to the sub-continent in A.D.:
(A) 1920
(B) 1927
(C) 1930
(D) 1940

(2) Pakistan became a member of the U.N.O. in A.D.:
(A) 1947
(B) 1948
(C) 1949
(D) 1950

(3) Masjid Mahabat Khan is situated at:
(A) Multan
(B) Peshawar
(C) Lahore
(D) Islamabad

(4) Bangladesh came into being in A.D.:
(A) 1971
(B) 1972
(C) 1973
(D) 1974

(5) Shah-jo-Resalo is the poetic collection of:
(A) Waris Shah
(B) Bulleh Shah
(C) Hashim Shah
(D) Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai

(6) The first president of Pakistan was:
(A) Quaid-e-Azam
(B) Iskander Mirza
(C) Ghulam Mohd.
(D) Ayub Khan

(7) The biggest mosque of Pakistan is:
(A) Jamia Masjid Thatta
(B) Faisal Masjid Islamabad
(C) Badshahi Masjid Lahore
(D) Memon Masjid Karachi

(8) The main causes of rainfall in Pakistan are:
(A) Western Winds
(B) Siberian Winds
(C) Monsoon Winds
(D) Mediterranean Winds

(9) Islam spread in the sub-continent through:
(A) Military
(B) Sufis & Saints
(C) Emperors
(D) Teachers

(10) M.A.Q. College became a University in A.D.:
(A) 1919
(B) 1920
(C) 1921
(D) 1922

(11) The first woman speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan is: .
(A) Dr. Fehmida Mirza
(B) Begum liaquat Ali Khan
(C) Benazir Bhutto
(D) Fatima Bhutto

(12) The Karakoram highway was built with the help of:
(A) China
(B) U.S.A.
(C) Turkey
(D) Iran

(13) The word Pakistan was coined by:
(A) Ch. Rehmat Ali
(B) liaquat Ali Khan
(C) Quaid-e-Azam
(D) Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

(14) Khyber Pass links Pakistan with:
(A) China
(B) India
(C) Afghanistan
(D) Iran

(15) The biggest natural lake in Pakistan is:
(A) Saif-ul-Muluk
(B) Manchar
(C) Lalusar
(D) Sat Para

(16) The fourteen points of Quaid-e-Azam were given in A.D :
(A) 1920
(B) 1925
(C) 1929
(D) 1930

(17) The total territory of Pakistan in sq. Km is:
(A) 596096
(B) 796096
(C) 769096
(D) 896096

(18) Allama Iqbal was born at:
(A) Lahore
(B) Sailkot
(C) Karachi
(D) Delhi

(19) The Indus Basin Treaty was signed in A.D.:
(A) 1959
(B) 1960
(C) 1972
(D) 1975

(20) Badshahi Mosque Lahore was built in 1673 A.D. by:
(A) Humayun
(B) Jehangir
(C) Akber
(D) Aurangzeb


2.(i) State the importance of Resolution of 1940 in the creation of Pakistan.
ANSWER: Please see Q. 2(i) of 2012 Regular

(ii) Describe the ideology of Pakistan.
The creation of Pakistan was unique in the sense that it was based on the ideological commitments in the light of the religion Islam. The term ‘ideology’ means science of ideas. It contains those ideas that a nation strives to accomplish in order to bring stability to its nationhood. Pakistani ideology is based on the ideals of Islamic system and it was a reaction to the Hindu and British “exploitati9n of the Muslims. Pakistani ideology is based on the fact that the Muslims are a separate nation, having their own civilization, their own customs, their own culture, their own religion and a totally different way of life from Hindus. Pakistan ideology” was based on the “Two Nation Theory’, which meant that Muslims and Hindus are two separate nations and both nations are quite different from each other.

(iii) Write the importance languages in Pakistan.
ANSWER:Please see Q. 2(vi) of 2013 Regular

(iv) What were the causes of the War of Independence 1857?
•Expansion of British.
•Doctrine of Lapse.
•Exclusion of Indians from important posts.
•Landowners deprived of their lands and excessive taxation on them and peasants.
•Abolition of sati.
•Conversion to Christianity and teaching of it in schools.
•Differences in salaries of local and British soldiers;
•Military reforms outraged religious feelings of locals.
•Greased cartridge.

(v) State the problems faced by Pakistan immediately after its creation.
ANSWER:Please see Q. 2(viii) of 2013 Private

(vi) What are the major imports and exports of Pakistan?
Major Exports of Pakistan:
Over 80% of Pakistani exports are cotton products. Cotton apparel & household furnishings
• Cotton cloth & fabrics (threads, cordage)
• Other textiles-apparel & household furnishings
• Textile floor coverings including rugs
• Non-textile apparel & household furnishings
• Major Imports of Pakistan:
• Civilian aircraft
• Generators & accessories
• Computer accessories
• Engines
• Turbines for military aircraft

(vii) Write any five of the fourteen points of Quaid-e-Azam?ANSWER:Please see Q. 2(i) of 2013 Private

(viii) Why is strong Economy of Pakistan vital for its stability
According to IMF, Pakistan’s economy is stabilizing however; it remains vulnerable to shocks and is risky for investors. In their analysis on threats to recovery of Pakistani economy. The current political uncertainty which is being fuelled by an overzealous judiciary and an ignorant media is something which we are unable to realize is hampering the economic stability and return to growth.
Key points of the IMF report are:
• Inflation has dropped from 25% to less than 13%
• Current Account deficit has dropped from 8% of GOP to less than 3% of GDP
• Pakistan’s CDS (Credit Default Swap) has dropped from 9% to less than 7.5%. it may also be noted that Pakistan has successfully matured its Euro Bond in 2010 and no default has ever taken place.
• On the matter of foreign direct itwestment (FOI), they have halved to just $1.77 billion while in comparison a country like Vietnam received more than $10 billion in 2010.
• Their report is also cognizant that portfolio investment has improved which means that foreign investors view the capital markets of Pakistan as a better option to invest than going through the FDI.


3. Pakistan is a country rich with cultural heritage. Explain the statement by giving examples from culturally rich regions.
In the development of any nation. Its cultural heritage and its glorious past playa vital role and serves as a source of inspiration and pride for its people. Our country Pakistan is accordingly proud of its cultural heritaqs,
Culture may be defined as behavior peculiar to human

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