Pakistan Studies Solved Past Paper 2nd year 2013 Karachi Board


i) Asbab-e-Bagawat-e-Hind is written by:
* Abul Kalam Azad
* Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
* Ghandhi
* Allama Iqbal

ii) In A.D. 1930, Allama Iqbal presented his presidential address at:
* Dhaka
* Allahabad
* Lahore
* Delhi

iii) The Pakistan resolution was passed on 23rd March in the year A.D.:
* 1973
* 1940
* 1947
* 1949

iv) The name of Pakistan was proposed py:
* Chaudhary Rehrnat Ali ./
* Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
* Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah
* AIIama Iqbal

v) The first president.of Pakistan was:
* Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah
* Ayub Khan
* Iskandar Mirza 
* Liaquat Ali Khan

The nationai anthem of Pakistan is the creation of:
* Allama Iqbal
* Faiz Ahmed Faiz
* Hafeez Jalandhri ./
* Josh Malihabadi

The silk road connects Paxlstan with:
* Russia
* China ./
* India
* Iran

Masjid Wazir Khan is situated at:
* Karachi
* Multan
* Lahore
* Faisalabad

Pakistan’s first nuclear explosion took place in the year A.D.:
* 1970
* 1974
* 1990
* 1998

The highest mountain peak of Pakistan is:
* Nanga Parbat
* Godwin Austin (K2) ./
* Tirichmir
* Peer Panjal

The name of the poetic collection of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai is:
* Shah-jo-Kitab
* Shah.jQ..R.Salo
* Shah-jo-Dars
* Shah-jo-Majmuo

xii) The constitutional name of Pakistan is:
* Peoples Republic of Pakistan
* Democratic State of Pakistan
* Islamic State of Pakistan
* Islamic Republic of Pakistan -I’

xiii) The First Five Year Plan was launched in the year A.D.:
* 1947
* 1955
* 1960
* 1965

xiv) The number of castes in Hindu society is:
* 3
* 4
* 6
* 7

xv) After the arrival of Muslims in South Asia, this new art was created:
* Irani Art
* Indo-Islamic Art
* Gandhara Art
* Indus Valley Art

xvi) The real name of Hazrat Lal Shahbaz Qalandar was:
* Hazrat Usman Marvandi
* Hazrat Ali Hijveri
* Mian Mohammad bakhsh
* Hazrat Baha-ud-din

xvii) The Pakistan Resolution was seconded by:
* Maulvi A.K Fazlul Haque
* Chaudhary Khallq-uz-Zaman
* Khawaja Nazim-ud-din
* Chaudhary Rehmat Ali

xviii) Maul!!na Mohaml1)ad Ali Jauhar was ttJe founder of the:
* Khilafat Movement
* Hijrat Movement
* Khaksar Tehreek
* Pan islamic Movement

xix) The second Islamic Summit conference was held in February 1974 at:
* Karachi
* PE-shawar
* Lahore
* Quetta

xx) Gawadar Port is skua ed in this province:
* Sindh
* Punjab
* Balochistan
* Khyber Pukhtoon Khwa


2.i) What do you know Short the Sindhi language?
See on Page # 73 .

ii) Write any five important features of Pakistani culture.
Pakistani society is story multilingual and multicultural .
Pakistani culture is highlighted by its grandeur, simplicity. firm
convictions and noble deeds an idea. It is primarily based un the
Islamic way of llfe. The main ct a-acterisncs of Pakistani culture are as
Religious Uniformity
Literature and poetry
Film and Telion
Male One ~ted Society
Mixed Culture
Literature and r’oetry
Film and Tel ~ !.ion
So ial Cur rns
Male One ~ted Society
Arts and Architecture
Handicraftsand Craftsmanship
Islamic Rituals and Religious Festivals
Ulema, Mushaikh and Sufi Poet

iii) Explain the relations of Pakistan with China.
Both Pakistan and China are the neighbours and trustworthy friends due to which Pak-China friendship has become exemplary. As the foreign policy of Pakistan is based on the peaceful living with the neighboring countries, she has very friendly, pleasing, peaceful and helpful relations with China. Pakistan, immediate after the freedom of China, Pakistan accepted it.
China has given full support to Pakistan on the Kashmir Issue. China has supported morally and militarily Pakistan during the two wars with India. Pakistan has played very’ crucial role in bringing America and China together. Whatever the mea§ufeswhich have been taken by China in support of Pakistan inside and outside of United Nations Organization,should have given weightage.

iv) What is the importance of Objectiv,e Resolution 1949 in the constitutional history of Pakistan,
See on Page # 63.

v) Describe the importance of the Ileographical location of Pakistan.
Ans: See on Page # 61

vi) What is the importance of Agriculture in the economy of Pakistan?
Ans: See on Page # 62.

vii) What are the important Natural resources of Pakistan?
Ans: See on Page # 61.

viii) Describe any five differences between in Rural and Urban society of Pakistan.
Ans: The rural and urban communities are much different from each  other on the following grounds

Rural and Urban society

Rural and Urban society

Rural and Urban society

Rural and Urban society


3. Describe the important political eats from 1940 to 1947 in the Pakistan movement.
Ans: See on Page # 76.

4. Write a comprehensive note on the aims and objectives for the establishment of Pakistan.
Ans: See on Page # 64.

5. Discuss the fundamental principles of the Foreign policy of Pakidan. .
Ans: See on Page # 70

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